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Caring for New Teammates

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1 Caring for New Teammates
The Beginning of New Teammates’ Professional Development Journey

2 What is Caring for New Teammates?
It is a new, comprehensive onboarding program for new teammates of Carolinas HealthCare System. It is designed to be educational and informational, providing new teammates with an understanding of Carolinas HealthCare System programs, services and culture. It will assist all teammates, by empowering them with knowledge and information that makes it easier to become part of our best place to work culture and part of One Team.

3 Caring for New Teammates
Strategic Objectives: To help new teammates feel engaged and welcomed from the start. To provide new teammates with the tools and information needed to feel fulfilled and productive on their first day. To give new teammates a sense of pride in joining Carolinas HealthCare System. To assist new teammates as they become acclimated to the culture of Carolinas HealthCare System and grow to understand we are a best place to work. To provide leaders with resources to help guide and assist new teammates through their first 90 days. To ensure that all teammates understand that we are One System, One Team, One Belief and One Mission.

4 Caring for New Teammates
Program Goals: Establish and maintain engagement of new teammates throughout their first 90 days and beyond. Set attainable expectations for new teammates. Celebrate new teammates and demonstrate the Carolinas HealthCare System commitment to our people. Develop positive relationships between new teammates and their leaders, as well as with current teammates across the System. Solidify and demonstrate the belief that we are One.

5 Caring for New Teammates – Online Portal
New tool for onboarding — an online portal for new teammates to go to after they receive their offer letter. Once new teammates receive their offer letters, they will be directed to visit - an online portal for new teammates to access vital information about Carolinas HealthCare System and pre-orientation paperwork. The portal is available to new teammates throughout their first 90 days.

6 Caring for New Teammates – New Teammate Welcome Pack
Similar to the previous New Teammate Welcome Pack, but streamlined for better understanding; incorporates Caring for New Teammates and engagement language. New Teammates are given the Welcome Pack when they take their health assessment. The New Teammate Welcome Pack contains information and paperwork such as tax forms and benefits documentation.

7 Caring for New Teammates – New Teammate Toolkit
Similar to the previous New Teammate Toolkit, but streamlined for better understanding, incorporates the Caring for New Teammates and engagement language, and aligns to the New Teammate Orientation experience. The New Teammate Toolkit is received on New Teammate Orientation day and can serve as a guidebook throughout the new teammate’s first 90 days.

8 Caring for New Teammates – Leader Toolkit
New component to guide people managers during onboarding; each manager will receive the toolkit. The Leader Toolkit is a resource for managers to provide guidance and assistance to new teammates. The Leader Toolkit provides suggestions and ideas for leaders to set expectations, celebrate new teammates and encourage positive relationships between new and current teammates.

9 Caring for New Teammates – Other Updates
Talent Acquisition offer letters and other communication related to new teammates (Secure for IS with new teammate ID) have been updated to ensure a warm welcome for new teammates. A flyer will be introduced as an alternative to the Welcome Pack to encourage the onboarding portal use. Scripts will be provided to Talent Acquisition and Teammate Health to use as a guide when speaking to new teammates about the portal and orientation.

10 Caring for New Teammates – Things to Remember
Caring for New Teammates is part of our commitment to our people. Onboarding and orientation are educational and informational — these events plant the seeds of trust between new teammates, current teammates, leaders and the System as a whole. Onboarding and orientation are designed to help new teammates feel engaged with Carolinas HealthCare System from the beginning of their professional development journey. This program brings consistency to the messages and information from Talent Acquisition and Workforce Relations to leaders and new teammates.

11 Talent Acquisition Portal Flyer pdf

12 IS Secure E-Mail Date: 6.14.13 Project: Teammate/Manager E-mails
Carolinas HealthCare System IS Secure System-generated the manager receives and then needs to give to the new teammate. This first is telling the manager to go to the secure system to obtain their new teammate’s user info. NOTE IS said this first couldn’t be modified but if possible in the future the language is as follows: Subject: Secure Message –New Teammate User Information Congratulations on hiring a new teammate! Our goal for every new teammate is to give them all the information and support they need to become fully engaged and highly successful. Your role as a manager is critical in their journey through our New Teammate Orientation and Onboarding Program. You have received this as a notification that has created a secure message for you, containing vital information for your new teammate, including their Teammate ID, username and password.

13 IS Secure E-Mail To access this secure e-mail:
Visit the following link: https://secur Type MSHIVE01 for your username, and then your password. Access your Inbox to view your message. Problems accessing the message? If you are unable to open the link, please make sure that your firewall or your company security settings are not blocking the link. If you are unsure of your password, please reset it at https://secur by clicking on the "Click HERE to reset your password" link. Additional Help: Questions relating to the content of the should be directed to the sender or sending organization Questions relating to reading the secure message can be sent to On behalf of Carolinas HealthCare System, thank you for helping us continue to identify, attract and retain the most talented and passionate professionals. Your efforts, as they begin their journey with us, will greatly impact their individual success, and our ability as a System to provide the highest quality patient care.

14 Talent Acquisition Offer E-Mail
Date: 6.14/13 Project: Teammate/Manager s Talent Acquisition s Offer Letter Offer Letter – once verbal offer is accepted the Talent Acquisition consultant updates status in ATS, offer letter (sent via ) goes to new hire and cc to manager Subject Line: Your Carolinas HealthCare System Offer Letter and New Teammate Information Dear Applicant’s First Name, Welcome to Carolinas HealthCare System! I am delighted to confirm your acceptance of employment for the position of ______, in the _______ Department at Facility; contingent on a successful completion a pre-employment health assessment. (See details below). This is a non-exempt position and your starting pay will be $5.00 per hour. (This is a salaried exempt position and your starting pay will be $20, annually.)

15 Talent Acquisition Offer E-Mail
At Carolinas HealthCare System, there is no greater resource than our people. Our goal is to make sure you have all the information and tools you need to get off to a great start and to make the most of your professional journey with us. This is exactly why we created Caring for New Teammates – a comprehensive orientation and onboarding program for new teammates. You are about to begin an amazing and rewarding career experience. We will be there to guide and assist you along every step of the onboarding process – through your first 90 days and beyond. Please read the following pages carefully. Thank you again for joining the Carolinas HealthCare System Team. Your journey begins right here and now – let us get started.

16 TH Portal Flyer Word Document
Date: 6/14/13 Project: Teammate Health Flyer vs Welcome Pack Portal Flyer - [Front Side] In lieu of the hard copy welcome pack, this flyer can be handed out at the new teammate’s health assessment. A script has been provided for Teammate Health to use when they give this flyer to a new teammate. Dear New Teammate, Hello and congratulations! I am pleased to welcome you to Carolinas HealthCare System. You are about to embark on a remarkable professional development journey. Please know - the support of Carolinas HealthCare System and your fellow teammates will be with you every step of the way. This care is the true spirit behind our comprehensive New Teammate Onboarding program. We know our people are our greatest resources, and we want you to have everything you need to make the most of your talents with us.

17 TH Portal Flyer Word Document
It all begins with your New Teammate Orientation, a day-long experience designed to introduce you to our mission, vision, Core Values and more. In your offer letter, you were given access to our New Teammate Onboarding Portal ( This website gives you important information you need to best prepare for your first days at Carolinas HealthCare System. It is very important that you visit the portal, and complete each of the following steps, prior to your New Teammate Orientation: Complete Pre-Orientation Tasks (found within the Your First Steps section online, and on the back of this page, for your easy reference) Complete and return ALL forms at Orientation Call the night before your Orientation to confirm logistics Welcome again to the start of your rewarding professional journey at Carolinas HealthCare System. We look forward to seeing you at New Teammate Orientation.  Debra Plousha Moore Chief Human Resources Officer/Executive Vice President

18 Talent Acquisition Script for Portal
Date: 6/14/13 Project: Talent Acquisition Consultant /Teammate Health Script Note: For verbal conversations on the portal this script is for Talent Acquisition Consultants (TAC). Script for Talent Acquisition Consultant CONSULTANT: We are pleased that you are bringing your talents and skills to Carolinas HealthCare System! To make your transition as smooth as possible, we have a New Teammate portal that can be accessed at You will find information about working here, as well as what forms you will need to complete before you attend New Teammate Orientation. CONSULTANT: This portal is your one stop for information about your first 90 days with Carolinas HealthCare System. You will find a timeline of major milestones throughout your first 90 days, with detailed instructions about what you need to complete at each stage. CONSULTANT: This website provides you with information about your New Teammate Orientation Day, such as driving and parking instructions, Orientation location, and an overview of your first day.

19 Talent Acquisition Script for Portal
CONSULTANT: When you visit the portal, you will need to go to the Your First Steps tab, and click on the Forms link, which will take you to the area of the portal where you will find the required paperwork you will need to fill out prior to New Teammate Orientation. You should have received this same paperwork in your Welcome Pack but, in case you need another copy, you can access it on the portal. You will need to complete all the tasks and paperwork and bring completed forms to your Orientation. CONSULTANT: Please spend some time on to discover important and vital information that will help you and/or your family to understand all that Carolinas HealthCare System has to offer you as a teammate. You will find information that will not only pertain to Orientation and your first 90 days with Carolinas HealthCare System, but you will also find information about Your Health and Wellness; Compensation and Benefits; Careers and Professional Development – what we refer to as Carolinas HealthCare System Total Rewards. CONSULTANT: Because the online portal, does contain information that will guide you through your first 90 days, we recommend that you bookmark the page on your computer so you can easily find the site.

20 Talent Acquisition “Cheat Sheet”
Date: 6/14/13 Project: Onboarding Launch Communications Talent Acquisition “Cheat Sheet” – purpose is for consultants to use as talking points in the interview process. To discourage consultants from “handing this out,” do not have it “designed.” Carolinas HealthCare System – One System, Countless Opportunities Carolinas HealthCare System is among the nation's leading and most innovative healthcare organizations. Through an amazing network of over 900 care locations - hospitals and specialized clinical care facilities - we impact millions of lives each year. Carolinas HealthCare System provides exceptional quality care for families across the Carolinas and beyond. We also offer opportunities for career growth, professional development and personal fulfillment. We succeed because of our people - thousands of talented healthcare professionals working as One Team, sharing One Mission, guided by One Belief and providing care as One System. Carolinas HealthCare System Regardless of role or location, our talents combine to deliver the highest quality care. We are unified around our shared belief in our Core Values: Caring, Commitment, Integrity, and Teamwork.

21 Talent Acquisition “Cheat Sheet”
Carolinas HealthCare System: One Unique Culture Our teammates work and thrive in a unique culture of caring. It starts with the quality care we provide patients, but extends to all those around us. We take great Pride in working for Carolinas HealthCare System, and encourage and empower teammates to engage with each other and with the communities we serve. We also want our new teammates to have everything needed to make the most of their talents with us, right from the start. Caring for New Teammates, our comprehensive New Teammate Onboarding program, will make it as easy as possible for you to become a fully-engaged team member. Once you accept an offer of employment we provide the following tools to help you get started : New Teammate Onboarding Portal – this specially designed website will be provided in your offer letter and available immediately. This online portal is filled with useful information for you and your family to review as you prepare for your first days and weeks with us. New Teammate Welcome Pack – provided at your health assessment, prior to New Teammate Orientation. This pack contains easy-to-use information and forms to prepare you for your Orientation session.

22 Caring for New Teammates
Thank you for being a part of each new teammate’s career development journey!

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