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A LITTLE ABOUT ME _____________________________. S HANNON /M S.M OIST I grew up in Winnipeg and moved out here in high school I have a BSc from the University.

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1 A LITTLE ABOUT ME _____________________________

2 S HANNON /M S.M OIST I grew up in Winnipeg and moved out here in high school I have a BSc from the University of Alberta and a BEd from SFU I’m currently in my second semester of my MLIS degree, so now I’m a teacher and a student

3 I am a huge nerd I love reading, travelling, pomegranates, The Walking Dead, and (downhill) bike rides I have 2 cats and a dog who are all much too cute for their own good and very distracting


5 H OW TO MAKE THIS SEMESTER AWESOME _____________________________

6 F IRST OF ALL … someone is paying for you to be here, so appreciate that and take advantage of the opportunity!

7 R EALLY EASY WAYS TO DO WELL … come to class be on time pay attention in class review regularly do your homework ask for help if you need it be proactive!

8 A DVICE FROM PREVIOUS STUDENTS “Do the Hebden questions. They actually help.” “Ask Shannon for help when you need it, not right before the test.” “If you come to class and do the homework, there’s literally no way you can’t do well in this class.” “Make sure you come to class and if you can’t, tell Shannon.” “Ms.Moist wants to help you but she can’t if you don’t ask.” “Make sure you understand the basic concepts. The big ideas are a lot harder if you don’t.”

9 M ORE ADVICE FROM PREVIOUS STUDENTS “Don’t miss a single class. There’s lots of material to cover and getting caught up after the class has moved on is very difficult.” “Make full use of class time given to work on homework.” “Go through the notes at least once when you go home.” “Do lots of practice questions. The concepts can be difficult and repetition will help solidify base ideas.” “Don’t be lazy, come to class.” “Come to class, listen, and take notes.” “Try to understand all the little concepts because in tests they are combined into more complex questions.”


11 B EING PROACTIVE I’m here to do everything I can to help you succeed but, ultimately, YOU are responsible for YOUR success Be your own advocate! Stay on top of things – we’ll be moving through material pretty quickly so try not to fall behind! Make Google and the library your friend There are tons of resources out there!

12 R EALLY EASY WAYS TO ANNOY ME … cheating – we’ll talk about this more later but don’t do it talking while I’m teaching I’m not a fan of doing it but I will move disruptive students answering your cell phone in class – seriously, never do this

13 falling prey to the “exception” school of thought… If I ask everyone to be quiet, I mean you If I ask you not to write on a certain hand out, I mean you If I ask everyone to clean up after themselves, I mean you If I say I will take off late marks, I mean I will take late marks off of YOUR work if it is late basically, there are few exceptions in the class and I decide them (not you!)

14 C LASSROOM STUFF I get here pretty early BUT usually have things to prep, etc in the AM – when the classroom door is open, you’re free to come in When I’m at my desk, please hold any questions (unless it’s really urgent) If you borrow any supplies, please write your name and the supply on the board Return the supply DIRECTLY TO ME (I will erase your name off the board) Please be sure to return supplies – they’re limited and once they’re gone, they’re gone :o(

15 C LASSROOM S TUFF Extra notes and handouts can be found in the labeled boxes on the side of the class I print enough for the class so please don’t take extras if you need an extra (or can’t find one in the box), print one off the website When you come in, check the back table for new notes/worksheets/handouts Hand in work to be marked into the box at the back

16 C LASSROOM S TUFF Pick up marked work periodically from the appropriate boxes (side of class). Please treat the classroom with respect – I don’t really want to clean up after you so…trash in the trash, paper in the recycling, push chairs in when you leave, etc When collecting marked work or finding a worksheet/notes you are missing, put everything BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! Please do not leave papers all over the counter

17 C LASSROOM S TUFF Sometimes, we’ll be done class early, sometimes we won’t Class is 2.5 hours long and I can use that entire time If I give you time in class to work on assignments, I expect you to use it I will let you know when we’re done class so there’s no need for you to ask!

18 C LASS W EBSITES AND E MAIL Chemistry Physics 12 Foundations of Mathematics 11 Pre-Calculus 11 My email:

19 E MAIL If you email me, I will respond That means, if you don’t get a response, I didn’t get the email and you need to contact me in another way If you don’t have access to email, you can always call the school

20 H OMEWORK, P ROBLEM S ETS, & L ABS The course load will sometimes seem heavy in these courses but I try very hard to keep it reasonable to the material The homework and quizzes I assign are not to fill/waste time (or to torture you), they’re to help you learn the material and to help ME see how you’re progressing They also help you identify any problem areas you might have and get extra help

21 H OMEWORK, L ABS, & P ROBLEM S ETS I fully encourage you to get to know your classmates and to use each other for help I also think it’s great if you want to work together on homework and assignments BUT if you are working as a group and get disruptive, I will ask you to separate copying homework/assignments from someone else completely negates the reason for doing them I give them to you to help you practice skills and concepts that you need to learn the material

22 I F YOU ’ RE LATE If you’re late and the door is closed… Please wait outside quietly (in view of the window) Quietly means: don’t knock! I will see you and let you in at a convenient time If you’re in the class, don’t worry about the people outside; I will see them and let them in

23 I F YOU ’ RE LATE ( CONT ’ D )… If you’re late for/miss a group quiz, you will write that quiz alone (even if other people are late or absent, too!)

24 I F YOU MISS A CLASS ( OR CLASSES )… be responsible for yourself! let me know (just shoot me an email) check the website pick up any missed handouts from the HO box talk to a friend in the class come back to class prepared and ready to continue if you have questions, please talk to me outside of class time about missed work

25 I F YOU MISS A CLASS ( CONT ’ D )… Coming to see me after missing a class/classes without having been to the website and expecting me to catch you up on what you missed is not acceptable The website is a tool, so use it!

26 I F YOU MISS A QUIZ / TEST Email me Come speak to me so we can fill out a “missed quiz/test” form I will usually set one or two times per week where students can make up missed quizzes/test If you don’t show up for a rescheduled quiz/test and don’t contact me, you may not be able to write it at all

27 Q UIZZES & T ESTS Don’t ask me what’s on the quiz/test! I will tell you the section and maybe some rough guidelines but beyond that, I’ll just pretend these questions don’t happen Also, don’t ask how many questions there will be (or what type of questions) Come see me when you start struggling with a concept, not the morning before a test or quiz!

28 Q UIZZES & T ESTS (C ONT ’ D ) I will let you know at least one class in advance of any quizzes/tests coming up (usually at least a week for tests) concept and “partner” quizzes can be without warning I obviously will not stop you but I very much prefer that there are no bathroom breaks during quizzes & tests

29 Q UIZZES & T ESTS (C ONT ’ D ) scrap paper and formula sheets are available for tests please DON’T WRITE on the formula sheets (you’ll have your own copy for that)  if you have a formula sheet with writing on it, please give it to me all scrap paper should be handed in with quizzes/tests if you use your own loose leaf as scrap paper, I will check it for writing during the quiz/test

30 Q UIZZES & T ESTS (C ONT ’ D ) Bonus Qs (usually only Physics) These are completely up to my discretion – please don’t argue them with me Any marks from bonus questions will be added to your mark to a maximum of 100% on TESTS; on quizzes, your mark can be >100%. Chem bonus Qs are done in class before tests Quizzes and tests should NEVER leave the room (or be photographed!) before, during, and after (when you’re looking at marked quizzes/tests

31 Q UIZZES & T ESTS (C ONT ’ D ) CIRCLE multiple choice answers clearly If your answer is not clear, it cannot be marked Put a box around final answers in written questions – makes it easier to mark Show ALL your work for full marks! We’ll go over in detail what I mean by this

32 Q UIZZES & T ESTS ( CONT ’ D ) If you finish a quiz/test early and you feel that you can’t sit quietly (that means NO TALKING) until everyone finishes, you’re free to leave the class BUT… make sure you’re back in the class by the quiz/test deadline (because we’ll usually be starting notes right away) DON’T hang out in the hallway! Go to the student lounge or library

33 C HEATING I hate cheating but I know it will happen – there are way more of you than there are of me and I can’t have my eyes everywhere at once That said, I will do everything I can to prevent cheating And you can help me with this! If you see anyone cheating, please come speak with me about it – cheating is most unfair to those NOT cheating and I want to do what I can to prevent this

34 C HEATING – HOW TO AVOID IT Everyone will use a divider on tables for quizzes & tests Maximum of 2 students/table I will sometimes randomly move students – this does NOT mean I think you’re cheating! Do NOT talk to anyone but me during a quiz or a test! If you have a question or need a supply, put your hand up and I will come help you.

35 C HEATING – HOW TO AVOID IT Keep your quiz/test flat on your desk, with any extra pages folded under So don’t hold it up to look it over, etc Keep your eyes forward – if it looks like cheating, I have to assume it’s cheating. Don’t make me assume that! If you’d like to use an electric dictionary, please speak to me before any quiz or test

36 R EASONS CHEATING IS RIDICULOUS It’s a temporary fix - tempting, I guess, but won’t help you in the long run… You will, eventually, get caught If you get caught by me, you will receive a 0 (quizzes) or be given a new (very difficult) version (tests) If you get caught in post-secondary, you can be expelled (permanently); at a minimum, you are usually suspended for a year “Academic dishonesty” also goes on your transcript forever – which isn’t a good thing

37 E MAILS Outside of speaking to me in class, email is the best way to reach me We have a professional relationship, so emails should be professional. This means: always include greetings (it’s just polite!) be very clear with questions (so I can be sure to answer them clearly) be concise – if you have lots of involved questions, it’s best to make time to see me before/after class don’t give me timelines to respond to you by

38 H ERE ARE SOME AWESOME EMAILS Hi Shannon, I have a doctor's appointment today so I will not attend the class. Can you post on the website or send me the remainder of the notes via email? Thanks. Hi Shannon, I had a quick question from our notes for work, energy and power. I was doing some as practice and was on page 8 doing the first question on that page. I was wondering for part a of the question.. (what is the velocity of the rollercoaster car at the top of the loop) why the equations in [ Epi = Ekf +Epf ] I dont understand why the Ekf is there? Thanks!

39 Hello Ms. Moist, I am unable to attend class tomorrow as I am still getting over the flu. I will catch up in my work that is due online, in class, and notes. If I have any questions come Tuesday, and depending on what works with your schedule, may I come early or after class to ask them? Please let me know, Thank you

40 H ERE ARE SOME EMAILS THAT AREN ’ T SO AWESOME … I cant stay after class, we had this conversation before, when I asked to borrow your notes. I have other things outside of this class that are dependent on me. If it's important please leave me a voice message or email and ill get back to you. Hi Ms. Moist, I was suppose to write a Chem test after class but I didn't. I had to leave for some reason. I had to sell a phone on Craigslist and that guy messaged me and asked to meet him right away. And you were also talking to *****. So I just left and couldn't tell you. Sorry for that.

41 P HYSICS In Physics, you’ll be able to use “cheat sheets” on TESTS (not quizzes) I will give you cue cards to use as cheat sheets – if you don’t have a cue card from me, you can’t use a cheat sheet If you’re unhappy with a test mark, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come speak to me There is an option of writing extra questions to boost your mark to a MAXIMUM of 73% Make sure to speak to me the day marked tests are handed back so we can set a date and time

42 C HEMISTRY If you’re unhappy with a test mark, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come speak to me There is an option of writing extra questions to boost your mark to a MAXIMUM of 73% Make sure to speak to me the day marked tests are handed back so we can set a date and time

43 M ATH I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to… keep up with your work in this class! come to EVERY in-class lesson don’t do your online lessons at the last minute! If you fall behind in math, it can be very challenging to catch up It’s a way better idea to just stay on top of things!

44 M ATH (C ONT ’ D ) If you’re worried about this being a hybrid course… “At first, I was worried about the hybrid course but it was easier than I thought it would be and I’m proud of myself for finishing” “I was disappointed and a little nervous but I actually preferred it because it lets you work on things at home.” “Don’t be scared, you’ll be glad you took this class like me.” “I was worried and afraid of how my learning would be affected but once it started, it was great because it gave me a chance to take my time.”

45 M ATH (C ONT ’ D ) Here’s some advice from students from previous semesters “If you do the homework and ask questions, you’ll be fine.” “I’ve never done well in math so I was scared but Shannon helps if you ask and the videos really helped.” “If you’re struggling, ask Shannon for help – she can’t read your mind.”

46 M ATH ( CONT ’ D ) Be PROACTIVE ! don’t do all your work on one day – if you spread it out over a few days (and do a bit each day), it will help you learn AND retain the information Get a “strong start” Stay on top of your work! Get help if you need it! Complete all assignments/worksheets/practice problems

47 M ATH ( CONT ’ D ) If you get a test mark you’re unhappy with, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to come speak to me you can do corrections on your test at a date and time appointed by me you MUST have all WSs and quizzes done (no NHIs) you must bring your completed review package on the “corrections” day A ½ mark will be added to your test score for each correct correction you make

48 M ATH (C ONT ’ D ) There is an option of writing extra questions to boost your mark to a MAXIMUM of 86% The test corrections will be done the Thursday after the test Students who missed 0-2 classes, had an average of 79% last semester; those who missed more than 2 classes had an average of 68%; attendance is important!

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