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Building confidence through simple techniques = +.

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1 Building confidence through simple techniques = +

2 What is the #1 weakness you think you have as a referee?

3 Motivation & Confidence  Self-confidence will increase your motivation, and vice versa  What is your motivation for showing up to referee?  How can we improve our confidence?

4 Enjoy Soccer? I hope so!

5 Knowledge of the Game  Laws of the game- do you know them?  Advice to Referees  Guide to Procedures  All books @ : Click Resource Center> Downloads >Download Files >Instruction Resources >Books

6 Fitness  You shouldn’t be officiating to get in shape.  Selling a call (to yourself and others) is far easier when you are in the proper position  Make training something you look forward to; not a task

7 Presentation  Do you look the part?  You’re being judged from the minute you show up to the fields, whether you like it or not!

8 Credibility? It’s all about your presentation!

9 Coaches: Not always the bad guys!  Time/Place to approach. Be smart.  If you work with them, they’ll work with you  But when they are bad, remember: Ask, Tell, Dismiss.

10 Parents: I promise…they’re not all bad  Do not allow spectators to distract you from the match  Understand that parents may have a major financial interest in their child’s playing time  NEVER CONFRONT A SPECTATOR OR PARENT DURING A GAME

11 Focus…oh hey they scored a goal over there!  Wandering minds are normal. But we can train ourselves to have better focus  Simple techniques can keep your head in the game: player numbers; formations; foul counts; etc.

12 Keep it Simple: Call Fouls!  Don’t treat a u12 game as if it were a World Cup match  Kids are brutally honest. An eight year old will not be diving in your game. But as for biting…

13 Paperwork: get used to it  Fill it out as a team. Ensure that you have goal-scorers and misconduct properly recorded  Know Law 12. The improper misconduct code could mean the wrong punishment for the player!  Don’t let your game become contestable due to sloppy record-keeping

14 Success requires failure But Ref…I got all ball!!!

15 “Man, I really messed that up.”  We all screw up.  Avoid making habits out of your mistakes by acknowledging them and understanding why it was incorrect

16 Smile!

17 Managing stress in the moment  Taking a deep breath is one of the most useful clichés you will ever encouter. Do it!  Learn to time your breathing

18 Enjoy the game!  Never Rage Quit: don’t allow yourself to become burned out  Remember that it is always about the players  Find a mentor. don’t have one?

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