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Welcome To Video Culture.

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1 Welcome To Video Culture

2 Carrie Underwood Before He Cheats

3 Cheating To Cheat -- 'Cheating' is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others.

4 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
Before He Cheats lyrics Songwriters: Tompkins, Chris; Kear, Josh Right now he's probably slow dancing With a bleached-blond tramp And she's probably getting frisky Right now, he's probably buying Her some fruity little drink 'Cause she can't shoot whiskey

5 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
Right now, he's probably up behind her With a pool stick Showing her how to shoot a combo And he don't know

6 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive Carved my name into his leather seat I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights Slashed a hole in all 4 tires And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats

7 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
Right now, she's probably up singing some White-trash version of Shania karaoke Right now, she's probably saying, "I'm drunk" And he's a thinking that he's gonna get lucky

8 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
Right now, he's probably dabbing on 3 dollars Worth of that bathroom Polo Oh and he don't know

9 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
That I dug my key into the side Of his pretty little souped-up 4 wheel drive Carved my name into his leather seat I took a Louisville slugger to both head lights Slashed a hole in all 4 tires And maybe next time he'll think before he cheats

10 Before He Cheats (lyrics)
I might've saved a little trouble for the next girl 'Cause the next time that he cheats Oh, you know it won't be on me! No, not on me © THAT LITTLE HOUSE MUSIC; SONY/ATV TUNES D/B/A CROSS KEYS PUB; MIGHTY UNDERDOG MUSIC



13 Welcome To Video Culture

14 This Week’s Topic:

15 M a n n e r s

16 Examples of Western manners
When you are eating, is it acceptable to put your elbows on the table?   Only between courses.  While you are eating.   Never

17 During the meal you need to visit the restroom. What do you do?
Say to everyone, "I've gotta go to the toilet.“ Say, "Excuse me for a moment, I'll be right back.“ Say nothing -- just leave. Sit quietly and hold it until the meal is over.

18 When you are not eating, where do you keep your hands?
 On your lap or resting on the table.  In your pockets.  Keep 'em busy. Drum a little tune with your fingers.

19 Is it good manners to read the newspaper at the table?
Only if you're willing to share the sports section. Yes -- as long as you keep it neatly folded. No. Reading or watching TV during dinner is a social no-no.

20 At dinner, when should you start eating?
  As soon as you are served.  When everyone has been served.  When the host or parent begins to eat.

21 Manners Demonstration What did you see?
Materials: Prepare a bowl of rice, chopsticks, banana, crackers, wet wipes,. Display the bowl with chopsticks vertical. Open a pack of crackers, eat them grossly, then throw the rapping on the floor. Peel and eat the banana, then throw the peel on someone’s desk.

22 Some Manners To Know Keep to the right, up and down stairs, in the halls, and on escalators Do not litter Do not spit If you take it in, bring it out Form a line when going somewhere or doing something with others Usually, if it is not safe, it is not good manners

23 Business Card Business

24 Manners Who should hold the door? Boy Girl Lady Gentleman Man Woman

25 Manners Mailman Mailperson or Mail carrier Chairman Chairperson
Mankind Humankind Masculine Feminine

26 Manners Feminism is the belief that women should have equal political, social, sexual, intellectual and economic rights to men. Men, you can still hold the door for women, but don’t be surprised if they hold the door for you!

27 Women, say the following:
Men, you can still hold the door for us, but don’t be surprised if we hold the door for you!

28 Men, say the following: Women, I will still hold the door for you, but I won’t be surprised if you hold the door for me!

29 Integrity Integrity – integrate – integration
Integrity is the act of being whole and complete. It is not a question of being moral (good/bad, right/wrong). It is about being human.

30 Integrity Some things about me: Difficult child Very spoiled
Got in fights Graduated in the lower third of my class

31 Integrity More things about me: Took a special training course:
I found out almost everything I said was not true. But I also found out there was nothing wrong! All I have to do is catch myself, and clean up the mess.

32 Integrity Something about you and me:
There is nothing wrong here! You and I are just human! We make mistakes as a part of being human. We do not have integrity all the time because we are human. We can clean up after ourselves.

33 Integrity Because we are human, we are not perfect; It is human to not be perfect. Because we are not perfect, we are perfectly human! I am honored to teach you, because I get to teach people who are perfect.

34 Cheating To Cheat -- 'Cheating' is an act of lying, deception, fraud, trickery, imposture, or imposition. Cheating characteristically is employed to create an unfair advantage, usually in one's own interest, and often at the expense of others.

35 Cheat – How To 1.1 Pencil method(easeist method) 1.2 Fingernail Method
1.3 Buy the Teacher's Edition(works for any high school class) 1.4 Scantron Method 1.5 Cell Phone Method 1.6 Toilet Tank Method 1.7 Asian Language Method 1.8 Foot Signal Method 1.9 Hat Method 1.10 The "I'll finish it tomorrow" Method

36 Cheat – How To 1.11 Lunch Tray Method 1.12 Rubber Band Method
1.13 Calculator Method 1.14 The MP3 1.15 The MP3 Revisited 1.16 The Coke-label method 1.17 The Take-home Test 1.18 Bathroom Method 1.19 For Essay Tests 1.20 "Whoops" Technique

37 Cheat – How To 1.21 Hidden Cheat 1.22 Gum Wrapper 1.23 Band-Aid
1.24 Tattoo 1.25 Desk Cheat 1.26 Desk Cheat 2 1.27 Desk Cheat 3 1.28 Desk Cheat 4 1.29 Science class with specialized computer programs 1.30 Note card Cheat

38 Cheat – How To 1.31 Note-Belt Cheat 1.32 Water Bottle Cheat
1.33 Trash Can Cheat 1.34 Sign Language Cheat 1.35 Musical Cheat 1.36 Body Parts Cheat 1.37 Calculator Legs Cheat 1.38 Sleeve Note Cheat 1.39 The Hoodie Cheat 1.40 Older Student

39 Cheat – How To 1.41 In-Desk Cheat 1.42 Pencil-to-Desk Cheat
1.43 Locker Cheat 1.44 Wristband Cheat 1.45 Tissue Cheat 1.46 Headache Cheat 1.47 Scraps 1.48 The Dictionary Cheat 1.49 The Cover Sheet Cheat 1.50 The Mechanical Pencil Trick

40 Cheat – How To 1.51 Scratch Paper Trick 1.52 Small notes Trick
1.53 Another MP3 Method... 1.54 Another MP3 method... 1.55 The Tights Method 1.56 The Binder Method 1.57 The Paper on the Hand method 1.58 The Shoe Method 1.59 Invisible 2 1.60 Teachers Desk Method

41 Cheat – How To 1.61 Day before 1.62 Nerd cheat 1.63 Big Eraser cheat
1.64 Folder Cheat 1.65 White/Blackboard or Environment Cheat 1.66 The Dictionary Again.. 1.67 The Calculator Notes Cheat 1.68 Another Hoodie Cheat 1.69 The "Little Notes" Cheat 1.70 Nailology

42 Cheat – How To 1.71 Nail Polish 1.72 Hair Plucking method
1.73 The Ski Pass 1.74 Bracelet Method 1.75 Bookmark Cheat 1.755 Correction Tape (Don’s Contribution) 1.76 When It Comes To Getting Caught

43 Cheat – Tips When cheating prepare your tactic the night before.
After reading this article think of your own, original way to cheat. You will be less likely to get caught this way. It's best to sit next to people who finish their test early so you can do most of you cheating after they're done. For example: Noting that your granny died probably won't be effective/relevant unless you actually missed the test date and have been talking about your ill granny for a while in advance. Cheating is likely to result in your losing out on learning the things you will need to know later in life, so instead of cheating, studying your exam material is always preferable. Play it cool... don't panic, and don't get caught.

44 Cheat – Tips Some people make sheets of notes that are like cheat sheets to use to study before the test. Just by making it, you obviated the need to use it. In this way, it can help to intend to cheat but then not actually do it. If anything is suspected, be able to destroy the evidence. This means your cheat sheet, calculator/iPod memory. Again, the best time to destroy the evidence is at home, before the test occurs. This way there is nothing to get caught for. Cheating takes practice. It also takes preparation. Making your cheat sheets and fake notes will help you study anyway, so you should even do better without even using the crutch. After getting the answers by cheating, don't write them right away to detract suspicion.

45 Cheat – Tips Use your language to advantage. If you speak a second language, cheating is even easier. Write your cheat notes on your arm in a language you know no-one else will understand, or in a code or cipher. Shorthand is very useful as it minimizes time too. NOTE: it may not work in languages exams! Do all you can to avoid getting caught. The amount of time you spend trying to cheat, and the risk you take in doing so usually outweighs the amount of time and energy needed to actually study and learn the material. Don't cheat in Korea because the teachers are very observant!

46 Cheat – Tips Know the teacher. Some teachers are cheat-able and some are not. Note: if the teacher still talks about the time s/he caught someone cheating three years ago, s/he's cheat-able! Cheating dumb teachers is easy and cheating smart teachers is fun, but the greatest satisfaction comes from cheating dumb teachers who think they're smart. If you have to look up a page instructing you how to cheat, there is a 99% probability that you will get caught cheating. See the Warnings section. Watch Episode 7 of the ABC family show "Greek" for more information on cheating. There are some valuable tips there!

47 Cheat – Tips After you conduct your cheating, be it one of the previous methods or simply looking at a neighbor's test, never look at the teacher. If you do, and you catch eye contact, it is almost a dead giveaway that you just cheated. Simply avoid looking at the teacher, regardless of how much you want to. If you get caught using "The Shoe Cheat" while in math class, claim that the answers are important dates in your life. Example, if there is a 7294 on your foot, say your cousin was born on 7/02/94. Cheat sparingly. If you cheat on EVERY test, you will most likely get caught the next time you cheat. If you are smart, you will not need cheating because by writing the answers/formulas/etc, chances are you will remember it.

48 Cheat – Tips And PLEASE...don't brag about cheating right after the test or in the same class. It's stupid, it can get you a 0, or just ruin your life...HAVE FUN! DO NOT LOOK AT THE TEACHER/PROCTOR! This is a mistake that many cheaters make. Just play it cool and don't look at the teacher. Period. You wouldn't normally be looking at the teacher, and it makes teachers suspicious. Always be aware of surroundings, don't devote all of your concentration to where your cheats are, and be aware of people staring at you especially teachers.

49 Cheat – Warnings Getting caught can get you dropped, failed, or expelled. It might be better to just fail the course and do it again. ALWAYS be on the lookout for snitches. The best way not to get caught is not to cheat. So think long and hard about it before you try anything suggested here. The time you spend preparing to cheat could probably be better spent studying. Be smart, and know that if you sit front and center, you're not going to be an effective cheater. But if you have studied at home and destroyed what would otherwise be cheat sheets, you can hold your head up high and sit anywhere you like.

50 Cheat – Warnings It is best not to cheat. Study and you will not have to resort to cheating! Be aware of the consequences of cheating. In some countries, the punishment is caning. More information is available at (world corporal punishment research). For some major tests, such as GCSEs in the UK, you may get all your test results cancelled if you are caught cheating. For example, if you were found cheating in a math test, you would get all your math marks taken away and also possibly in every other test such as English, geography, etc. The worst sanction is to be banned from all the exam boards for five years - which means no A Levels or university.

51 Cheat – Warnings If you're caught cheating while taking the Junior/Leaving Cert in Ireland, you receive an automatic fail in all subjects and get banned from taking state exams for 5 years! In high school, getting caught cheating may remove you from any nomination for things such as National Honors Society etc. Exercise caution. If you must cheat, consider purposely missing a few questions. Teachers won't be as suspicious if you make a 23/28 than they would be to a student who was looking around the room and got a perfect score. Be careful. Cheating helps you on tests every now and then, but if you cheat too much, your teachers may not trust you again, and you will not learn anything for later life.

52 Cheat – Warnings Some teachers may read wikiHow and catch students cheating. be very careful and do it very fast. The more you look around and look nervous, your teacher will get suspicious. Don't cheat if your teacher actually is an expert on catching students cheating and doesn't just say so to scare you. Eventually, you will get caught. Don't look around a lot. The teacher will get suspicious!

53 How To Catch Cheaters Compare student answers. If people sitting near each other have the exact wrong answers, they may be cheating. If students are allowed to have pencil cases with them in a test, then watch out when they are 'looking for a pen or eraser' because they may just be looking for their little cheating note paper; it's unbelievable how much information they can fit on a little piece of paper. Watch for teamwork cheating including distracting questions and other techniques. Separate students as much as the physical classroom will allow. Obviously pay attention to close friends or previous cheaters.

54 How To Catch Cheaters Consider techniques like two versions of a test administered in adjacent rows. As an alternative, you can throw cheating students off by issuing a "test number" to students, so as to suggest different test versions, but retain the same test copy. It's best to limit this tactic, however, as students will eventually catch on. Make sure every student has their own school supplies to limit interaction during the test. If you hear a student ask another student before the test: "Did you study for the test?" If they said yes, that may give the student an opportunity to cheat off THAT person. If they are sitting next to each other but the student is close enough at range to see the paper, watch THAT student most of the time during the test session.

55 How To Catch Cheaters The sound of someone tearing paper should alert you. No student would need to tear paper were it not to prepare a small piece to throw to someone else Look at the students all the time while walking around. Is someone looking at you all the time, checking where you are? That's a potential cheater!

56 How To Catch Cheaters It's highly important that you follow through with your statements. If you catch a student cheating—even if it is the top student in your class—don't overlook their actions. An effective "warning" is to walk up and take the student's paper from their desk for a couple of minutes, and bring it to your desk. After a few minutes, return the paper to them. This will ensure a brief shock to the student that his or her test score might have been in jeopardy for their actions. Always walk around the room instead of sitting at the front. It makes it much more difficult for students to hide study notes on their laps or behind desks if you are pacing up and down rows of desks.

57 How To Catch Cheaters Simple plagiarism is the leading method of college level cheating. Even if cheating is a serious offence, use positive, rather than negative reinforcement to get the message across.

58 Sign In One person, one name You need to know your Student ID Number

59 Setting a Table in the West


61 Which Glass Do You Use?

62 What to Do When When to start eating: Start eating hot food when it is served. For cold foods or buffets, wait for the host to say it is time to eat, and wait until the head guest starts eating.

63 What to Do When Foods you can get by hand: 1. Bread: break slices of bread, rolls and muffins in half or into small pieces by hand before buttering. 2. Bacon: if there's fat on it, eat it with a knife and fork. If it is crisp, crumble it with a fork and eat with your fingers. 3. Finger meals: follow the cue of your host. If finger meals are offered on a platter, place them on your plate before putting them into your mouth. 4. Foods meant to be eaten by hand: corn on the cob, spareribs, lobster, clams and oysters on the half shell, chicken wings and bones (in informal situations), sandwiches, certain fruits, olives, celery, dry cakes and cookies

64 What to Do When Removing inedible items from your mouth: 1. Olive pits: drop delicately into your palm before putting them onto your plate. 2. Chicken bone: use your fork to return it to the plate. 3. Fish bones: remove with your fingers. 4. Bigger pieces: bigger bones or food you don't like you should hide by spitting it into your napkin, so that you can keep it out of sight.

65 For More Information

66 Making Toast and Jam

67 Smuckers Jams, Jellies

68 Making Toast and Jam Apron Toast Toaster Butter

69 Making Toast and Jam without a toaster
Wok Oil or butter Teaspoon

70 Next Week In Video Culture It Could Happen To You


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