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Psychology 100 Andrew D. Dewald.

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1 Psychology 100 Andrew D. Dewald

2 Foremost…..

3 Why should I care? Matt Negal: Quadriplegic Brain-Gate Technology
Link between brain and computer Control’s robotic fingers with brain. Why do I care? I have my arms! Ali Rezai

4 Why should I care? Switch on lights, Adjust the volume on a TV,
Change channels and read using only his brain. Crucially, the patient was able to do these tasks while carrying on a conversation and moving his head at the same time.


6 How does it work? Motor Cortex
100- hair thin electrodes to different regions of the motor cortex. Brain transmits electrical signals to the wires and computer translates the signals to movements of the arm. 10 Million vs. 100 Grasp vs. Pick up and Drink.

7 Why should I care? It all starts with understanding how the brain and mind works!!!! ψυχήλόγος = ? Mind Knowledge!

8 What do I call you? Dr. Dewald? Mr. Dewald? Professor Dewald? NO!
Andy is fine.

9 Office and Hours Office Hours: No idea
Office Location: Gartley Hall 7 (Basement) Cell:

10 This is psychology 100… Psychology 100, Survey of Psychology, is designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the scientific approach to human behavior, thought and action, and to provide the basic conceptual framework for studying the cognitive, emotional, and social aspects of human activity.

11 The Book Nevid, J. S. Essentials of Psychology: Concepts and Applications (2006).

12 What are we going to do? Psychology comes in many shapes and forms and enters into play in nearly every aspect of our daily lives. From sports to relationships to deciding which brand of chips to buy, psychology offers insight into how these processes work. VS

13 Grades?! Points: Warm-Up 50 points Midterm 100 points Final 100 points
Attendance 40 points Participation 10 points Total Points

14 The syllabus Open to change. You want to talk….lets talk.
What we don’t cover is NOT fair game for an exam…only what we cover in class is fair game.

15 Do I have to come to class?
Nah….. HOWEVER 4 unannounced quizzes 10 pts. Participation (can’t participate if not here!) If I’m coming…you’re coming (guilt will consume you)

16 Make up exams Good excuses welcomed. Bad excuses not. Be here!

17 Cheating DON’T CHEAT!!!!!!!!!

18 About me… Pennsylvania native

19 Previous Employment 1. I was in a band!
Financed myself for a whole year! Parents got sick of it…off to college. 2.Hardware Store Mechanic & Store Service. 3. Dairy Farmer …laugh all you want.

20 About me Hershey Inc…..

21 About Andy Went to school in Pennsylvania and London
University of North London Lebanon Valley College

22 About Andy! Not interested in anything remotely cool!

23 One more thing…. The wake-up call…….

24 For next time… Read the intro and Chapter 1.
Any questions: Ask via or call.

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