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Patent pending 2011. How to Write a Great Application Essay Sing your own song in your own true voice. 协同 配合 = 1 + 1 》 2.

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1 Patent pending 2011. How to Write a Great Application Essay Sing your own song in your own true voice. 协同 配合 = 1 + 1 》 2

2 Patent pending 2011. This Ppt was created by: Ned Boudreau, founder & president, Synergy Educational Services LLC, a college advisory firm in Shanghai. 协同 配合 = 1 + 1 》 2  Go to

3 Patent pending 2011. Ned Boudreau * Boston College: B.A. summa cum laude in Philosophy * Northeastern University: graphic arts * Harvard University: marketing * Southern New Hampshire University: M.Sc. in Development Economics 20 years in U.S. corporate sector (marketing) 2+ years in Africa * 8 years teaching in Shanghai

4 Patent pending 2011. Ned Boudreau  Authored 100+ published works  Award-winning creative director  Languages: German, French  Countries lived in: England, Sweden, Germany, Israel, Ghana (West Africa), now China

5 Patent pending 2011. Synergy Educational Services LLC Synergy is a legal entity incorporated and registered in the state ofDelaware, USA. (Delaware State File Number: 50117-41) Mission: to provide informed, appropriate advice regarding colleges in the U.S. or U.K., as well as to provide native-level editorial services. Synergy guides students through the entire college application process, and ensures that essays and personal statements are polished to a professional level.

6 Patent pending 2011. Students admitted to:  Harvard  Stanford  Columbia  Cornell  Duke  PENN  Northwestern  U of Chicago  + Rice, Vanderbilt and many other Top 100 universities and colleges

7 Patent pending 2011. 1st rule re: Application Essays  Do not go over the maximum word count Not by a single word  At the SH Educational Fair last year, I asked admissions officers this question: “What about long statements of purpose and personal essays?”

8 Patent pending 2011. Their replies:  Anyone dumb enough to write beyond the word count is too dumb for our school.  Students who cannot follow the most basic rules are not likely to obey other rules. Long essays go right into the REJECT folder.  Exceeding the word count is a type of cheating. If students cheat on word count, they’ll probably cheat on other essays or tests. I put long essays directly into the REJECT pile.  So! Rule #1 about PS or SP essays: Don’t ever go over the word count. Full stop.

9 Patent pending 2011. Rule #2: Personalize  Use the word “you” in your essay  Refer to specific Professors and their research Tell the Application Committee why you hope and intend to study with those professors  Go to the school’s website and research  We will come back to this when I show you a real SP

10 Patent pending 2011. Rule #3: Customize  Refer to the specific department and to the school This is true for letters of recommendation, too  Will show you how when we look at a real essay

11 Patent pending 2011. Tell how you will add value... ... To your program, the department, and to campus  Will show you how

12 Patent pending 2011. Above all (this is Truth #4)  Do not imitate or model your SP or essays on someone else’s. Speak/write with your own voice in your own words; tell your own story.

13 Patent pending 2011. Truth #4, continued Admissions reps will know the difference between your SP and a copied idea  They’ve heard and seen all the major “models” on the various websites and chat sites where Chinese students swap info and tips.  And don’t let your teachers copy a standard or form letter of recommendation.

14 Patent pending 2011. Special note re: Letters of Recommendation  In 2009, the school where I taught brought in an American consultant to speak about recommendation letters. She had been an Admissions Rep and Director at top U.S. schools (UConn, Yale)  She used my letters of recommendation as handouts. I write the best, most powerful rec letters in the known universe. Go to to read samples.

15 Patent pending 2011. So! On to a real SP  Note: The client’s name has been changed because he does not want to lose Face or be embarrassed.

16 Patent pending 2011. Remember: Sing your own song in your own voice. 协同 配合 = 1 + 1 》 2

17 Patent pending 2011. Before I say Good night...  I would like to say thank you to Gavin Lee, our host and the Director of the PR Club.  And special thanks to Fred Li, who helped organize this presentation.

18 Patent pending 2011. Best wishes & best success  Thank you  Questions? (changing majors?)  协同 配合 = 1 + 1 》 2  Go to

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