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Honesty  PreparationPreparation  Listening-centered activityListening-centered activity  Reading-centered activityReading-centered activity.

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2 Honesty  PreparationPreparation  Listening-centered activityListening-centered activity  Reading-centered activityReading-centered activity

3 主题词汇 Honesty dishonesty

4 honesty Outspoken Revealing Incorruptible Truthful Upright Frank Straightforward open

5 dishonesty Cheat Peek Furtive Lie Deceive Fraud Sham Mock Steal rumor

6 Listening-centered activities useful phrases Newborn baby Wrinkled or bald Mean-faced Is it the time of truth? Look sb. In he eye She ’ s a real beauty. One in a million

7 Listening 2 Is it something than that? Short of cash In the habit of Remind sb. of sth. Make promise Have no intention of doing sth. Be skilled at Profit from

8 In-class Reading

9 abdicate vt, vi -cated, -cating 1. 放弃;退(位);辞(职) to abdicate one's responsibilities 2. 放弃责任 to abdicate the office

10 code 1. 代号;代码,编码 ; 密码 The letter was written in code and I could not understand it. 2. 规范;礼法 a code of behavior 3. 行为规范 ; 法典;法规 the civil code

11 cut down on 减少 We must cut down on expense in every way.

12 Trying to get a handle on scholastic cheating is as frustrating as surveying American eating patterns.(L1) get a handle on 理解 eating pattern 饮食模式

13 But talk to their teachers, and a very different picture emerges, one that shatters the myths about who cheats and why. ( L7 ) Picture v. 描述 Shatter v. 打破,损害,摧毁

14 It is there, they say, that children must be helped to develop enough self-esteem to make occasional failure an un threatening prospect and enough of a sense of right and wrong to overcome the urge to cheat. ( L15 ) urge 1. vt. 驱策,催促;怂恿 a. He urged her to rest. b. When my old friend Brian urged me to accept a cigarette, it was more than I could bear. 当我的老朋友布赖恩怂恿我接受一支香烟时, 我实 在熬不住了。 c. He urged its importance 2.. 迫切要求;强烈的欲望 I had an urge to see him.

15 Perhaps most troubling, teachers and psychologists say, is that it is often the most gifted students, the ones who presumably could get good grades without cheating, who are the worst offenders. Offender n. A.No parking here; offenders will be fined. B.Tom became an offender against society.

16 Poll after poll shows that college students, not just high scholars, are making cheating a way of life.(L32) Many poll show that not only high school students but also college students are cheating as some thing very common.

17 "If I thought he wasn't studying, I might get concerned," she said. "But I can’t lay a guilt trip on a child for cheating--it is too tempting, too common and too much a part of human nature.'' Lay a guilt trip on 使 … 有罪感

18 "Students know there's an unbelievably low probability of two people coming up with the same approach." come up with a.She came up with a new idea for increasing sales. b.He couldn ’ t come up with an answer when I asked him why he was late.

19 精彩表达 Get a handle on Watch one ’ s weight Overweight folk Record sales Shatter the myths Take root Moral development Cut down on Overcome the urge Abdicate the responsibility Issue a pamphlet Ingenious method Tighten computer security Honor code Apply concept Serve a dual purposes

20 After-class reading Passage 1 how honest are we?

21 dilemma n. 进退两难之境;困境;进退维谷 I am in a dilemma whether to do maths or English. 我左右为难,不知是做数学还是写英语。 The doctor was in a dilemma as to whether to tell the patient the truth about his condition or not. " 医生进退两难, 不知道是否该把病人的真实病情 告诉他。 " The ideas of how to help their company get out of dilemma occupied the proscenium of his mind. 他首先想的是怎样帮助他们的公司走出困境。

22 furtive adj. 偷偷的;秘密的 a furtive glance 偷偷看一眼 The man's furtive manner gave rise to the suspicion of the theft among the policemen. " 那个男人鬼鬼祟祟的样子, 引起警察怀 疑盗窃案是他作的案。 "

23 in action adv. 在活动, 在运转 The death ray can kill the enemy at a great distance before he goes in action. I have never seen the so-called marvelous in action.

24 After-class reading Passage 2 The truth about lying

25 concede vt. -ceded, -ceding 承认(为真或正确) ; 让;让与;容许 ; (比赛) 认输 a. He conceded us the right to walk through his land. 他允许我们从他的土地上走过去。 b. The Liberal Democratic Party conceded defeat as soon as the election results were known. " 大选结果一揭晓, 自由民主党只好承认失败。 "

26 fake 1. n. 捏造者;冒牌货,赝品 The teapot looked old but was a recent fake. " 这把茶壶貌似古董, 却是一件新近制作的赝品。 " The painting looked old but was a recent fake. 这幅画看上去年代久远,实际是最近的一幅赝品。 2. adj 伪造的;捏造的 3. faked, faking 伪造;捏造 假装;装做 He faked illness. 他假装生病。

27 back up V. 备份 To make additional copies of documents or software for safekeeping, in case the original copy is accidentally damaged or destroyed. 为了安全保存对文件或软件体多做几份拷贝, 以 便万一在原拷贝件因偶然事故受损或破坏时有 备份可用

28 carry off (成功地)对付;若无其事地对付;轻易地完成 She carried off her part in the task with no difficulty. 她毫不费劲地就完成了任务中自己的一份工作。 赢得(奖品、荣誉等) The college team carried off all the prizes of the table tennis. 大学代表队囊括了全部乒乓球比赛的奖项。

29 1. carry on 继续;连续 Carry on reading! We must carry on till success in spite of the extremely difficult conditions. 尽管条件极端困难, 我们必须坚持下去, 直到成功。 激动地行动;愚蠢地行动 2. carry on with (与) … 调情;与 … 有暧昧关系 3. carry out 实现;完成;实行 carry out one‘s plan 实行自己的计划 I have carried out my work. 我已经完成了我的工作。 4. carry through 帮(某人)渡过难关; 使(某人)保持勇气 His courage will carry him through. 他的勇气会帮他渡过难关。

30 After-class reading Passage 3 Is business bluffing ethical?

31 bluff n. 断崖, 绝壁, 诈骗 adj. 绝壁的, 直率的 vt. vi 诈骗,

32 call for for 需要;要求;值得: to call for bid 招标 The occasion calls for a cool head. 这种场合需要冷静的头脑。 2. call forth 唤起;引起 ; 振作起 3. call off 取消 The meeting has been called off. 4. call on 拜访号召;呼吁 ; 邀请 I'll call on him tomorrow. 5. call up 召集;动员 ; 使人想起 (= call upon)

33 reflect on v. 思考, 反省, 怀疑, 导致, 责备 His selfish conduct reflects on him.

34 Quiz: 1.If you happen to _____ Pete, remind him that he owes me a large sum of money. A. run toB. run down C. run overD. run across 2.You look well after your holiday; you have _____ weight. A. put on B. put out C. put awayD. put up

35 3.The government has decided to _____ with its plans to develop the island. A. go byB. go after C. go offD. go ahead 4. Don’t worry. If this does not work, there are other methods we can _____. A. fall behind B. fall through C. fall outD. fall back on

36 5. The board has ____ some rules that every member of the club must follow. A. take downB. laid down C. put downD. let down 6. I found his article very confusing; he did not ______ the point. A. take to B. stick to C. see toD. live up to

37 7.He did have a lot of facts to _______ his arguments. A. bring outB. count up C. back upD. stand out 8. The captain refused to ____ the command of his ship and was killed by the Vikings. A. hand outB. hand over C. hand inD. hand down

38 9. Mr. Smith ________ the suggestion that some tapes in our lab should be replaced. A. put downB. put forward C. put awayD. put up 10. The bird flew into the air and was soon ______. A. out of sight B. at a loss C. in a hurryD. for good

39 11. The stage was bare _________ a piano, a bench, and one empty chair. A. in addition toB. except for C. besidesD. apart from 12. He doesn’t seem to be able to ________ any enthusiasm for his studies. A. work upB. figure out C. turn outD. bring on

40 13. To my surprise, at yesterday’s meeting, he again ______ the plan that had been disapproved a week before. A. brought aboutB. brought up C. brought onD. brought in 14. “Anything you say will be ______, and may be used in evidence,” the police officer told him. A. taken inB. taken down C. taken onD. taken over

41 15. A row of old houses is being __________ to make way for new apartments. A. pulled upB. pulled on C. pulled downD. pulled out 16. I will do my best to _________ your expectations. A. live up toB. live through C. live withD. live by

42 17. He is a skilled worker ________ from his job in Ford Company. A. laid downB. laid out C. laid offD. laid aside 18. Once he decided what he wanted, he would ________ it with single-mindedness. A. go out ofB. go after C. go on withD. go ahead of

43 19. They would just ________ for a chat at any odd moment. A. drop outB. drop in C. drop offD. drop away 20. The research was _________ when it was getting late. A. called forB. called off C. called onD. called up

44 21. Would you please ________ these tickets to the students in your class? A. hand outB. hand down C. hand overD. hand on 22. She said she was glad the difficulty had been _________. A. cleared upB. given in C. pulled up D. opened out

45 23. The ropes of the balloon got ____ so that he couldn’t come down again. A. twistedB. mixed up C. confusedD. messed up 24. The champion won the boxing match by a ________ in the fourth round. A. put outB. knock out C. hit outD. cut out

46 25. It is time to ________ for tea and have a rest. A. knock upB. knock down C. knock offD. knock out 26. When students are sixteen, they can _________ school if they wish. A. escapeB. leave C. go out ofD. put away

47 27. He told us to use our dictionaries to ____ anything we didn’t understand. A. look outB. look up C. look forD. look at 28. Will you ___ my essay, please, to find out whether I made any mistakes? A. look throughB. look around C. look intoD. look up to

48 29. To get my travelers’ checks I have to ________ a special check to the Bank for the total amount. A. make for B. make out C. make offD. make up 30. I could just see a car in the distance, but I couldn’t _________ what color it was. A. make outB. look out C. work outD. get out

49 Keys: 1---5: D A D D C 6---10: C C B B A 11---15: B A B B C 16---20: A C B B B 21---25: A A A B C 26---30: B B A B A

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