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Votre Mariage à Istanbul Du 14 au 16 Septembre 2012.

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1 Votre Mariage à Istanbul Du 14 au 16 Septembre 2012

2 Vos différents lieux Aéroport Antaturk Hotel Palazzo Donizetti Hotel Marmara Taksim Hotel Fuat Pasa A’JIA Hotel Restaurant Reina ou Restaurant 360°

3 Hotel Palazzo Donizetti 5* Palazzo Donizetti is a 5 star boutique Hotel, named after the musician Giuseppe Donizetti who lived in Beyoğlu,Istanbul in the times of the Ottoman Empire, opens an era for your accommodation rituals in Istanbul. Palazzo Donizetti Istanbul is a specially designed, boutique hotel near Istiklal Street, suitable for business and leisure travelers. The luxurious hotel building that was traditionally used as a guesthouse carries footsteps throughout the years, and lives today combining elegance, luxury and comfort.

4 Dîner du Vendredi 14 Septembre 2012 Dinner at 360 Restaurant –‘Amazing view of Old Istanbul Through Terrace The multi award winning 360 Istanbul is set in a penthouse perched on a 19 th century apartment overlooking the Istiklal street in Beyoglu. It commands a 360 degrees landscape view of Istanbul all the way from the up close steeple of St. Antoine’s Church and across the Bosphorus strait to the Hagia Sophia and out to the Sea of Marmara. 360 Istanbul offers a twist on the modern Turkish mezzes fused with international cuisine and wine selection to compliment it. 360 turns into Club360 on the weekends where you can enjoy your drinks while listening to the talented DJs and vocalists along with live dancers and performances.

5 Soirée de Mariage du 15 Septembre 2012 Cocktail, dîner et soirée au A’JIA HOTEL For special occasions and events, A'jia turns private dinings, weddings into sumptuous entertaining with its sense of style and Bosphorus view. A'jia hosts 350p dinners, 800p cocktails and 500p prolonged cocktais in summer. In winter, it has a capacity of 120p dinners, 200p cocktail organisations. Apart from its standard menus. A'jia also gives wedding organization consultancy to its guests relating to the concept they have in mind with special menus, music, decor arrangements. A'jia is in cooperation with private wedding agencies and organizators as well. A'jia's most powerful marketting investment lies in the guests it has gained through the unique sumptuous organizations.

6 Soirée de Mariage du 15 Septembre 2012 Cocktail, dîner et soirée au A’JIA HOTEL

7 Soirée de Mariage du 15 Septembre 2012 Cocktail, dîner et soirée au A’JIA HOTEL

8 OPTION ACTIVITES : JOUR 1 : Vendredi 14 Septembre dans l'après midi Promenade à travers le "Old Pera & Beyoglu Beyoğlu, formerly called Péra is an abstract of Istanbul. In the Ottoman times, Grand Rue de Péra (today called Istiklal Avenue) was the rather European part of then Constantinople with its grandiose embassy buildings and was where the western merchants met the eastern world. Also it was favored by the Sultan’s Christian and Jewish subjects, to date hosting the most charming synagogues and churches of the town. The architecture, still evident today is a blend of Genovese, Byzantine, Ottoman and Early Republican Turkish styles. The area boasts hubs of numerous mindsets, like the local Freemasonry Headquarters, the Grand Galata Convent of Mevlevi’s and the building of ‘Teutonia’, the German Cultural Center where Propaganda Minister Goebles visited during the war itself. If these weren’t enough to lure visitors in, the fact that among all this history the Istiklal Avenue still is the cultural and commercial center of modern Istanbul would surely do the job. The tour will start in front of the historical building of the British Consulate, called Pera House, built in 1801 with the permission of Sultan Selim III. Guests will then visit the St. Antoine Church, the largest of all Catholic Churches in town and then continue on to visiting an icon of Beyoglu's past and present, the Flower Passage, Cité de Péra occupies a stunning rococo arcade, the original of which dates to 1876. Next visit will be to walk along the Food Market which is a hustling, bustling place with beer houses and mussel vendors at their entrances. All kinds of fresh fish, fruits and vegetables can be found on this street which extends to Istiklal Caddesi. The guests will then carry on to the Péra Museum to view a sample of the best paintings by Turkish artists.

9 JOUR 2 : Samedi 15 Septembre dans la matinée Découverte de la ville (Hippodrome Square / Blue Mosque/ Topkapi Palace) First stop is the “ Hippodrome Square” in Old City, which was built by the Roman Emperor Septimus and it was the centre of Byzantium’s social life for a 1000 years and of Ottoman’s for another 400 years. It was the scene of countless political and military events during the long life of this city. Then, we will proceed to see the famous “Blue Mosque” – Sultan Ahmet Camii in Turkish. Being the only mosque built with 6 minarets, it is very famous in Turkish and Islamic worlds. Inside is decorated with very nice “Iznik” tiles which bring the name Blue Mosque and the main colour theme is blue. Built in 17th century. ‘’Topkapı Palace’’ is a must to see when you come to Turkey. This palace was the imperial residence of the Ottoman sultans and it is the most extensive and fascinating monument of Turkish civil architecture in existence. In addition to its historical and architectural interest, it houses extraordinary collections of porcelain, armour, fabrics, jewellery, miniatures, calligraphy and many other precious objects that once belonged to the sultans and their court.

10 JOUR 2 : Samedi 15 Septembre Déjeuner au restaurant Karakol dans les Jardins du Sultan Topkapi Palace Karakol restaurant is spectacularly located in the garden of the Topkapı Palace with magnificent view of the Bosphorus and the calming effect of the garden. Once used as the police station and now transformed to a fine dining restaurant promises to its guests an unforgettable dining experience. The restaurant is located at the garden of Topkapı Palace and after “city of Splendour Splendor tour” transfer is not required for Karakol Restaurant.

11 Option dîner du vendredi 14/09 : Dîner et soirée au restaurant Reina

12 OPTION n° 2 : Cocktail sur un Yacht de luxe suivi du dîner et soirée au A'JIA Hotel Cocktail sur un Yacht de luxe comprenant 6 canapés et alcools locaux Capacité maximum pour le cocktail : 80 pax Capacité max pour un éventuel diner : 65 pax

13 Croisière en Yacht de luxe sur le Bosphore OPTION n° 3 : Cocktail, dîner et soirée sur un bateau traditionnel KEYIF STYLE cocktail base 6 amuses bouches dîner et boissons locales (vins, bière, raki et soft) à volonté


15 HOTEL OPTIONNEL : Fuat Pasa Yalisi


17 HOTEL OPTIONNEL : The Marmara Taksim




21 HOTEL OPTIONNEL : hôtel CCR (Cappadocia Cave Resorts & SPA) Cappadocia Cave Resort & Spa is located on the top of the Cappadocia which covered the all parts of Pigeon Valley after Uchisar Castle in Uchisar. Breathtaking panoramic view over the magical lunar landscape of Cappadocia; dining experiences, cozy and intimate accommodations, a very exclusive, private spa and memories to last a lifetime. Life moves forward, seasons pass, yet time stops along the historic sights of Cappadocia, a calming resort and spa retreat nestled among the Rock carved dwellings of Uchisar.

22 HOTEL OPTIONNEL : hôtel DOUBLE TREE HILTON AVANOS CAPADOCCE The DoubleTree by Hilton Avanos Capaddocia is in the sub province of Avanos in the magical atmosphere of Cappadocia is set amidst 10.000 square meters of lush gardens with views of the KIZILIRMAK RIVER and provides its guests with the service of Chocolate Chip Cookie at check in, warm, elegant and comfortable atmosphere, recognized with the sleep quality,upscale comfort, unique breakfast and customized services.

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