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Cheating and Plagiarism

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1 Cheating and Plagiarism
Please read or paraphrase the notes in bold font throughout the presentation. Side notes or explanations will be in plain font, like this. This presentation will be shown to all ORHS English classes and shared will all ORHS teachers in order to make certain that all students (and teachers) are aware of what cheating is and what plagiarism is and what the penalties are for these actions. Oak Ridge High School Definitions and Policy

2 Cheating and Plagiarism
You might want to tell students that the creator of this presentation gives credit for work she uses from her Internet sources, including the cartoons and information. [ allows teachers to use low-resolution cartoons in the classroom.] Any time you get facts or ideas from your research, you need to say where you got them.

3 It is cheating to: Copy homework Give homework to copy
Copy from another’s test/quiz Allow someone to copy from your test/quiz Consider having students read the bulleted information aloud. See if they have any input on the information.

4 It is cheating to: Text/photo a test or quiz to anyone
Receive such information Steal a test Study from a stolen test Student input

5 It is cheating to: Tell someone in a later class what’s on a test/quiz
Use or possess cheat sheets/crib notes “Check an answer” on someone else’s paper Take home work that was for in-class only Student input /thumbs/School/Boy_Cheating_On_Test.png

6 Punishment for Cheating
Read the dialog to them.

7 Plagiarism When you write a paper, you must give credit to the person from whom you got your information. “Plagiarism--failing to acknowledge our debts to others--is using others' ideas and words without clearly acknowledging the source of that information.” Information from:

8 It is plagiarism to: Copy someone else’s paper or project
Copy a paper off the Internet (or any other source) Copy any part of a paper that you did not write (without citing your source) Paraphrase any part of a paper or part of a paper that you did not write (without citing your source) Teacher reads this.

9 It is plagiarism to: Pay someone to write a paper for you, whether a friend or the Internet Put your name on someone else’s work (for free or for money) Turn the same project/paper into more than one teacher Work together and turn in the exact same project/paper (unless instructed to work in pairs/groups) Teacher reads this.

10 If you didn’t write it, it’s plagiarism!
If you copy or paraphrase something and put your name on it as if you had written it yourself, it’s plagiarism.

11 Punishments for Cheating or Plagiarism

12 Montgomery College Disciplinary action may include:
assigning a grade of zero or "F" for an exam or assignment assigning a grade of "F" for the course being withdrawn from the course, program or expelled from school All colleges and universities have policies on plagiarism and cheating, from your local colleges to your Ivy League colleges.

13 Duke University “Plagiarism is a serious offense that can result in failure of the course and suspension from the University.” citing/plagiarism.html

14 Penalties from UT Disciplinary probation.
Withholding of grades, official transcript, and/or degree. Suspension participation in athletic or extracurricular activities. Failing grade for an examination or assignment or for a course Denial of degree. Suspension from the institution for a specified period of time. Expulsion (permanent separation from the institution). Revocation of degree and withdrawal of diploma. Have a students take turns reading these.

15 lowres/aba0039l.jpg
Read the caption to them. lowres/aba0039l.jpg

16 ORHS Punishment for Cheating or Plagiarism
A zero on the work A discipline referral to your principal Punishment ranging from detentions to ISS (and beyond) Saturday detention for daily/quiz grade ISS for major grade Read these to them, slowly so they’ll sink in.

17 Read aloud.

18 Punishments for Cheating or Plagiarism
(Have students come up with an appropriate caption for this cartoon.) Here’s my entry: “And after this, Mrs. Baldwin is going to let you translate the test into twenty-five different languages.” Maybe come up with one of your own, specific to your class. (You probably want to stop at this slide. Following is a lesson on plagiarism, but I think it should be done separately, and I think it’s a bit dry. Feel free to do your own lessons on plagiarism samples and Works Cited instructions.) After the presentation, pass around the sheet for them to sign that says they watched the presentation. Check to make sure that they all signed it. (I’m going to print out my class rosters from the TAC and have them sign by their names.)

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