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Hartnell College Mission Statement

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1 Hartnell College Mission Statement
Hartnell College provides the leadership and resources to ensure that all students shall have equal access to a quality education and the opportunity to pursue and achieve their goals. We are responsive to the learning needs of our community and dedicated to a diverse educational and cultural campus environment that prepares our students for productive participation in a changing world.

2 Administrative Services Training September 11, 2013

3 Business Office Roles and Responsibilities
Document Type Contact Person Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Patrick Mendez Accounts Payable Karen Martinez Payroll Abel Del Real and Dora Sanchez Budget Revisions/Transfers Budget Revisions/Transfers - Grants Tracey Richardson Sharon Alheit Travel and Conference Patrick Mendez and Karen Martinez Cash Receipts Lorena Nunez and Tina Summers Check Requests Karen Martinez and Patrick Mendez Gifts/Donations - Foundation Terri Ugale Grants & Contracts Expenditure Transfers Wilfred Placido Expenditure Transfers – Grants Sharon Alheit and David Techaira Purchasing Joanne Ritter Petty Cash Reimbursements Purchase Orders/Requisitions Timecard Entry Dora Sanchez and Abel Del Real

4 Chart of Accounts – Anatomy of a budget string
Fund General Fund Area Occupational Education Location 00 Main Campus TOPS Construction Technology Object Academic Teaching Full-time

5 1. Chart of Accounts

6 Major Object of Expenditure
Object Code 51100 Major Object of Expenditure 1000 Academic Salaries 2000 Non-Instructional Salaries 3000 Benefits 4000 Supplies and Materials 5000 Other Operating Expenses & Services 6000 Capital Outlay 7000 Other Outgo

7 Fiscal Year (FY) 13-14 General Fund Budget
From the board item Budget Academic Salaries 13,336,301 Classified Salaries 7,899,159 Payroll Costs/Benefits 8,219,221 Supplies/Materials 612,725 Operating Expense 5,491,160 Capital Outlay 196,700 Transfers Out 831,401 Total Budget $ 36,586,667

8 Examples of Object Codes (First digit of MAJOR Object Code in bold)
51100 – Academic Teaching Full-time – Classified CSEA – STRS Teaching – Supplies – Personal Service Contract 1099 (for an individual) – Contract Services (for a business or DBA) – Travel and Conference – Mileage – Capital Equipment $200 - $ – Capital Equipment $5000 and above

9 Budget Revision vs. Budget Transfer
Budget Revision : reallocate budget between major Object Codes Ex. Transfer $2000 from (Academic Salaries) to (Equipment) ************************************************** Budget Transfer: reallocate budget from one object code to another within the same Major Object Code Ex. Transfer $2000 from (Personal Service Contracts) to (Contract Services) Example 1> You’ve budgeted for supplies but you need to make a purchase of an item that costs $200 or more (but less than $5000) You are moving $$ BETWEEN major object codes. you need inYou have $$ in your budget for contract services provided by an individual and you end up negotiating a contract with a business as opposed to an individual. You then need to move funds from – Personal Services – to Contract Services.

10 2. Budget Revision Form Sample Excel and PDF

11 Budget Revision/Transfer Form
Designate “Revision” or “Transfer” Budget Revisions go to the Board of Trustees for post approval For BUDGET only Description is what shows up in datatel; 28 characters, should provide useful info Explanation is required. Make it meaningful so that a Dean, VP or auditor understands the purpose of the transfer Why budget revisions go to board. The board approves the annual budget. Moving funds “within” budget categories is ok, but once you start moving, say, salary budget to equipment that transaction is presented to the board and

12 Procurement of Goods and Services at Hartnell College
Purchase Requisitions Purchase Orders (Mercury Commerce) Check Requests Travel Request/Reimbursement Petty Cash College Credit Card Contract for Services

Tangible Goods Food/Catering Services (not including speakers) Purchase order/requisitions must be created before placing orders for goods or services

14 Bidding Procedures Matrix
Effective May 2013, the Board of Trustees approved the “Bidding Procedures Matrix” for Hartnell College. The matrix outlines the action needed for purchases at various dollar levels. Documentation of due diligence for the required bids must be included with the purchase request, whether through Mercury Commerce or paper format.

15 3. Bidding Matrix See sample

16 Sole Source Justification
Sole Source Justification is required in the absence of competing bids for purchases of $5000 and above. Consideration of a “sole source” vendor/contractor will be considered when the following conditions are met: Only one responsible source to provide the goods or services Urgent and compelling circumstances exist Complete the “Sole Source Justification” form found on Administrative Services website and submit with contract/purchase order/purchase request under consideration. You’ll be required provide information to justify “sole source.” Sole Source Justification must be approved by VP of Admin Services

17 4. Sole Source Justification Form
See sample

18 New Vendors In order to do business with any vendor, that vendor must be set up in both the Datatel and Mercury Commerce (for purchase orders) databases. Use “VENI” in datatel to determine if the vendor is in our database or contact Purchasing. Directions and forms to submit new vendor information to Purchasing are located on the Administrative Services Website. Initiate new vendor process two weeks before submitting a purchase order or check request

19 5. New Vendor Form See sample

20 Mercury Commerce A web-based procurement system, accessible from any computer at any time Holds vendor information, shipping locations and budget codes to be included on the requisitions and POs Checks budget balances in Datatel to be sure of adequate funding for the requisitions Sends requisition, PO and receiving information to Datatel Contact Joanne Ritter to arrange access and training for Mercury Commerce

21 Purchase Approval on Mercury Commerce
Each department has a set of approval routes (standard, A/V and AIS) designed to guide the requisitions to the appropriate Approvers. Current approval logic routes all purchase requests to the Dept Head (Dean) for approval. Purchases at varying $$ levels may route to division VP and President’s Office, depending on $$ amount. The A/V and AIS routes include additional approval from those departments.

22 Mercury Commerce - Receiving

23 Mercury Commerce - Receiving

24 More Mercury Commerce Receiving…

25 Blanket Purchase Orders
Blanket POs are for recurrent purchases from the same vendor throughout the fiscal year. Example of a BPO requirement is an on-going service contract. Blanket POs are requested via a purchase requisition (not Mercury Commerce) and input into datatel by Joanne Ritter. Approval logic is the same as Mercury Commerce; approval signatures must be obtained on the Requisition Form. Requisition forms may be obtained from Purchasing or the Business Office.

26 6. E-Purchase Requisition
Currently Hartnell is using an NCR form, available at Purchasing or the Business Office until the “numbering” challenge of the E-Requsition is addressed.

27 Check Requests Dues Subscriptions Reimbursements
Conference Registrations Travel (ALL - includes hotels, airfare, car rentals, etc...) Speakers Student Stipends Note: Memberships are typically an unallowable expense; contact Controller or Grants Accounting Manager before submitting a request to pay a membership.

28 Check Requests - Reimbursements
Reimbursements are an exception to purchasing policy and will be reviewed carefully by the Controller and the Grants Accounting Manager. Under no circumstances will anyone be reimbursed for paying out of pocket for services. Don’t pay out of pocket; reimbursements are not guaranteed. Use purchase orders.

29 7. Check Request See sample

30 Conference and Travel All conference and travel expenses must be pre-approved by appropriate administrators. Use a “Travel Request” form to propose a travel/conference expenditure. Out of state travel must be pre-approved by the President/Superintendent. Prepayment of travel expenses can be charged to the Hartnell credit card upon receipt of a fully approved travel request form.

31 8. Travel Request Form See sample Some fund sources (Chancellor’s Office Grants) require travel pre-approval from the Chancellor’s Office.

32 The Travel Request Form
Prepayment of travel expenses (airfare, registration, hotel) can be charged to the Hartnell credit card upon receipt of a fully approved travel request form. Meet with Karen to review the documentation required to prepay expenses. Do NOT simply submit a Travel Request Form and expect the expenses will be pre-paid. The advance request implies a reimbursement of travel expenses, unless otherwise arranged.

33 9. Check Request for Travel Advances
See sample Attach this documentation to Travel Request along with supporting documentation and authorized signatures.

34 Travel and Conference per diems
We recommend that all Hartnell travel expenses fall within the dollar limits stated by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). These rates, often referred to as CONUS (Continental United States) rates vary by location. Some fund sources (grants) require that travel expenses not exceed those found in CONUS. We recommend that you attach the per diem rates for the city of travel to your conference request in order for your Dean/Adminstrator verify that the expenses in each area (hotel, meals, etc.) do not exceed the CONUS per diems.

35 Travel Reimbursement Approved travel request is forwarded to the business office to verify there are existing funds to which to charge the travel. AP department sends the traveler a “Travel Reimbursement” form. Traveler must save all receipts associated with the conference/travel – college does not reimburse on a “flat rate” per diem; original receipts are required. Fill out travel reimbursement form, attach original ITEMIZED (no credit card summary slips) receipts. Obtain administrative signature(s) on reimbursement.

36 Mileage Reimbursement
The College will reimburse employees for the use of their personal vehicle used for College business. California law requires that each person must have automobile liability coverage on his or her personal automobiles. The school district will not provide collision, comprehensive, etc., insurance coverage to cover damage or loss to an employee’s car.

37 More on Mileage Individuals who will be driving must have a valid California Driver's License and be able to offer proof of insurance coverage. Business Office keeps a record of this information for employees requesting mileage reimbursement. Mileage reimbursement is meant to cover only those miles incurred above and beyond the employee’s normal commute to his/her place of business.

38 10. Mileage Reimbursement Form
See sample In general, A Travel Authorization Request, is not required, unless it is deemed necessary by the program manager, e.i. grant related activities.

39 Petty Cash The Cashier’s Office maintains a Petty Cash Fund.
The petty cash fund is to reimburse employees who need to make inexpensive emergency purchases or whose accumulated mileage claims plus emergency purchases for a given month is $50.00 or less. Reimbursements may be requested on a “Petty Cash Reimbursement” form, signed by appropriate administrator.

40 Petty Cash Fund may NOT be used for the following:
Office Supplies - Hartnell has a contract with Office Depot to purchase supplies at a discount – order office supplies through Mercury Commerce. Food – Food purchases are typically unallowable using college funds except under certain conditions. No petty cash reimbursement of food unless it is a biology lab related supply.

41 11. Petty Cash Reimbursement Form
See sample

42 More Petty Cash Guidelines
Reimbursement requests should be made no later than 10 days after the end of the month in which the expenses were incurred. Petty cash reimbursements can be requested from the Cashiers Office Wednesdays between 1:00 p.m. and 5 p.m. and Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

43 Hartnell College Credit Card
The Business Office has a college credit card for use for the following: Prepaid travel and conference expenses (airfare, hotel, and registration fees that cannot be paid by check). Web-based purchases where the vendor does not accept a purchase order.

44 Use of Hartnell Credit Card
To request a purchase using the Hartnell Credit Card: Submit a check request, including budget number, with appropriate administrative approval; indicate that you are requesting use of the college credit card. Check request/use of credit card must be approved by the Vice President of Administrative Services. Karen or Patrick will then assist you in making the purchase. The credit card does not leave the business office; if you are making an on-line purchase, be prepared to log on to the website from our office – have your order ready.

45 Contract for Services Services to Hartnell with a dollar amount of $500 and above per fiscal year must be contracted using a “Professional Services Agreement.” The PSA template can be found on the Administrative Services web page and must be accompanied by a “Tracking Sheet” – also found on our website. Plan ahead – the approval process takes time. All PSAs must be signed by the President of the college after approval by the Board of Trustees and before services commence.

46 12. Tracking Sheet for Contracts
See sample

47 Payment for Contract Services
Once the Contract for Services is fully executed, payment options are as follows: For one-time services, submit the vendor invoice on a check request with appropriate signatures. For on-going services, set up a blanket purchase order. Submit vendor invoices with the BPO number on the invoice, signed by a college employee who can verify that the services were received as billed.

48 Datatel Queries Hands on Datatel Training will be available through the Faculty Research Center soon. Request for Datatel access form will be found on our Administrative Services webpage.

49 Datatel Financial Queries
Now, a demonstration of the two most used datatel budget/expense queries. GLBR R:\BUSINESS SERVICES\Training\Steps for GLBR GLBS R:\BUSINESS SERVICES\Training\Instructions GLBS

50 Expenditure Transfer Expenditure Transfers are initiated when an expense (not budget) needs to be transferred from one account to another, typically due to an error or to reallocate an expense due to changed circumstances. All expenditure transfers must be supported or “backed up” by a datatel detail report showing where the expense initially posted. You may not transfer “encumbrances” only expenses.

51 Expenditure Transfer vs. Budget Revision/Budget Transfer
Understand the difference between a Budget Revision/Transfer and an Expenditure Transfer. BR/BT is moving BUDGET from one budget line to another. You may not move budget between funds or between grant TOPS. You may move expenditures between funds and grant TOPs, if appropriate.

52 Administrative Services Management Team
Alfred Munoz, Vice President of Administrative Services Tracey Richardson, Controller Dora Sanchez, Supervisor (Payroll/AP/AR/Cashiers/Mailroom) Sharon Alheit, Grants Accounting Manager

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