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INNER BANKS ELITE PROPERTIES, LLC The Sunset over the Inner Bank of NC Come and Join us The Sailing Capitol of North Carolina.

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2 INNER BANKS ELITE PROPERTIES, LLC The Sunset over the Inner Bank of NC Come and Join us The Sailing Capitol of North Carolina

3 What are the Inner Banks? North Carolina 2

4 Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC KEY PERSONNEL E. Geary Crist Owner/Broker in Charge Mobile: 252.202.6118 Email: Josh Nobles, PLS Senior Surveyor Mobile: 252.671.3171 Email: John G. Thomas, PE Project Engineer – Thomas Engineering, PA Owner – L.R. Thomas & Sons, Inc. Mobile: 252.671.5855 Email: Wendy Lovelace Associate Broker Mobile: 540.586.3356 Email: Brenda Riddle Crist Asset Specialist Mobile: 252.562.4463 Email: FIRM ADDRESS Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC 20014 North Carolina Hwy 55 Merritt, North Carolina 28556 Email: Facsimile: 919.882.8784 3

5 The Inner Banks Elite Properties Team E. Geary Crist Geary, 64, graduated from Saint Leo University in Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree and a major in finance. An Eagle Scout, after six years in the Navy, Geary began his career in securities and for 30 years he was an analyst, a partner/owner of various firms in the Virginia Beach and Norfolk areas. At the end of his career he was senior partner and owner of Creative Investment Planning. Foreseeing the opportunities in North Carolina, in 1999 Geary began his residential/commercial real estate career in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. He was the Broker in Charge of GVA Advantis World-wide as a commercial firm in that city as well as owner of Nortech Commercial Realty. Geary brings a wealth of knowledge to the NC Inner Banks present opportunities. 4

6 Inner Banks Elite Properties Team (cont.) Josh Nobles, PLS Josh, 59. Following his schooling in North Carolina, began his 40 year career in land and development surveying. As a native of Pamlico County, North Carolina and because of his work Josh has an unprecedented knowledge of the area and for years has been considered by the real estate community professionally as one of the most knowledgeable land surveyors and developers locally. Josh brings a unique ability to the Inner Banks Elite Properties team with his surveying credentials, complete familiarity of governmental land restrictions, development background, necessary governmental contacts, and knowledge of land ownership in the Inner Banks of Beaufort and Pamlico Counties. In addition, Josh has brought not only beautiful, undervalued Inner Banks residential waterfront and commercial property opportunities to our inventory but, gorgeous property tracts along the Rappahannock River in Virginia spanning over 1000 acres. He works closely with Geary and John in maximizing the division of land tracts for their best and most economical usage, while strictly adhering to environmental and governmental guidelines. 5

7 Inner Banks Elite Properties Team (cont.) John G. Thomas, PE John, 58, graduated from North Carolina State University with a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and opened the doors of Thomas Engineering in 1983. Over the past 23 years, his company has been responsible for over 1700 projects. Thomas Engineering provides civil engineering services in the areas of stormwater management, water line extensions, sewer line extensions, sewer pump station design, and onsite wastewater systems. They strive to produce practical projects that maximize constructability while minimizing development costs and work with local municipalities' planning and engineering offices and state organizations to permit projects in a timely manner. The Thomas Engineering group is constantly looking for innovative ways to ease impacts on the environment and communities. Additionally Thomas Engineering provides land development and project management services. They meet with developers prior to property purchase to discuss project feasibility and consult on cost analyses, then compile expense takeoffs to give the client accurate estimates of all expenses that they will incur throughout the life of the project. 6

8 Inner Banks Elite Properties Team (cont.) Wendy Lovelace Wendy,38, graduated from Averett College with a B.S. degree in Environmental Science, Biology and Chemistry. After completing college Wendy began her career working in the environmental industry specializing in Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), ground water monitoring, remediation, DOD work and waste disposal. Becoming interested in the coastal area an opportunity presented itself to work with a land consulting firm where she was able to use her knowledge of the environmental arena with the selling of coastal waterfront property. This started Wendy into a successful land career that has spanned for 13 years. She holds Broker licenses in North Carolina, Virginia & Tennessee as well as her contractors license. Wendy has extensive knowledge of the North Carolina coast and has worked with several land developers from the Virginia Beach region to the Wilmington area. Wendy now owns her own firm as well as owning part of a construction company both based in the foothills of the Shenandoah mountains. Combining her environmental background, land sales & development experience, extensive knowledge of the coastal Inner & Outer Banks of North Carolina with her construction involvement, Wendy is able to provide sound service to and for her clients. 7

9 Inner Banks Elite Properties Team (cont.) Brenda Riddle Crist Brenda, 59, brings unique abilities to the Inner Banks Elite Properties Team. With a GRI designation in real estate, vast experience working with individual and group pension profit sharing, IRA and 401 K products, and a tax accounting background she plays an intregral part in differentiating Inner Banks Elite Properties from any of our competitors. At Inner Banks Elite Properties Brenda works with clients who desire hard asset land purchases transferred into any choice of their asset accounts. For our clients who wish an asset transfer, she performs the work necessary interfacing with qualified trustees to affect said transfers while continually educating said clients regarding their rights and restrictions. She also details and does necessary initial IRS reporting and to the extent necessary interfaces with client CPAs or other tax professionals. Inner Banks Elite Properties provides this ongoing unique service as part of the total purchase experience with no additional charge to our clients. 8

10 The Inner Banks of NC is virtually UNDISCOVERED & UNDERVALUED for you, the Client! 9

11 The Inner Banks of NC - A view of the Neuse River East Coast Waterfront Scarce Cape Cod Long Island Annapolis The Chesapeake Virginia All of the above either developed or prohibitively expensive Inner Banks waterways conducive to year around boating Water topography is silt vs. rock Inner Banks protected Haven Affordable vs. the high cost of the Outer Banks Boating Paradise 10

12 If you are an investor, a sailor, a bluewater fisherman or just want a tranquil life with beautiful vistas, the Inner Banks of North Carolina provides the last piece of waterfront real estate to the Atlantic Ocean. Home to 7 Sounds: The Pamlico, Albemarle, Bogue, Currituck, Croatan, Core and Roanoke Sounds. The Albemarle and Pamlico Sound area is the second largest estuarine system in the U.S. The Inner Banks encompass 22,227 square miles. 1000’s of miles of inner beaches and shorelines. 20 Atlantic Ocean Inlets that feed the Inner Banks from South Carolina to the Virginia border. Boating throughout via the federally maintained Intracoastal Waterway. A free North Carolina Ferry System. 11

13 Migration Florida owners of real estate migrate to the Inner Banks during the Spring, Summer, and Fall periods of the year to escape the heat. Northern States’ owners of real estate migrate to the Inner Banks during the winter. Inner Banks owners have boating and recreation 10-11 months annually … SOMETHING MUST BE RIGHT!! 12

14 Examples of Current Prime, Trophy Properties Our relationships afford us the opportunity to provide prime properties which are not available through standard real estate channels… Harbor Pointe Vandemere Waterfront Warsaw Pointe, Va The Rappahannock Grantsboro Commercial Property 230 acre Waterfront tract – New Bern, NC 13

15 14

16 Harbor Pointe A deepwater, waterfront tract with 487 acres. Located at the convergence of the Pamlico River, Pungo River, and Pamlico Sound. Five nautical miles from the Intracoastal Waterway and approximately 30 nautical miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Currently subdivided into 41 individual 11 acre plus waterfront lots with 250-300 linear feet per lot of deep water. Average water depth soundings are five (5) feet at water’s edge. Each lot can, in turn, be subdivided into a 10 acre and one acre plus parcel. 15



19 Example of view from Harbor Pointe 18

20 Example of view from Harbor Pointe 19

21 Example of view from Harbor Pointe 20

22 Example of elevation and view from Harbor Pointe 21

23 Example of Subdividing Harbor Pointe into 41 11-Acre Waterfront Lots 22

24 Current Harbor Pointe Lot Pricing This offering is new. Individual lot pricing below is for the current plat build out. However, this tract can be purchased in it’s entirety at a discounted price, and the configuration changed if an investor materializes. That price for the entire 487 waterfront acres is $8.1 million verses the $10.9 million for individual lot sales. Except for individual septic and wells, infrastructure will be provided at the 10.9 million price point. 23

25 Current Pricing for Harbor Pointe by Lot LOT #ACREAGEPRICELOT #ACREAGEPRICELOT #ACREAGEPRICE 111.45 $ 108,9001511.10 $ 339,9002911.10 $ 163,900 211.10 $ 185,9001611.10 $ 251,9003011.10 $ 306,900 311.10 $ 317,9001710.54 $ 373,9003112.83 $ 273,900 411.10 $ 383,9001811.16 $ 328,9003212.72 $ 218,900 511.10 $ 295,9001911.09 $ 350,9003315.85 $ 163,900 611.10 $ 317,9002011.10 $ 372,9003415.07 $ 141,900 711.05 $ 273,9002111.10 $ 405,9003511.10 $ 152,900 811.10 $ 284,9002211.10 $ 383,9003611.10 $ 196,900 911.10 $ 361,9002311.13 $ 383,9003711.10 $ 141,900 1011.10 $ 362,9002411.08 $ 383,9003811.10 $ 169,400 11UNAVAILABLE2511.10 $ 273,9003911.10 $ 158,400 1211.10 $ 372,9002611.03 $ 217,9004011.10 $ 108,900 1311.10 $ 383,9002711.61 $ 317,9004113.93 $ 108,900 1411.10 $ 317,9002811.10 $ 207,900 24

26 Harbor Pointe Subdivision Location Harbor Pointe subdivision is a peninsula on the Inner Banks at the convergence of the Pamlico River, Pungo River and Pamlico Sound, located in Beaufort County, NC. The subdivision is approximately 5 miles from the town of Aurora for gasoline, grocery and hardware products. By land, Harbor Pointe is approximately 22 miles from the town of Oriental, 60 miles to the Eastern NC medical hub of Greenville and Pitt Memorial, 35 miles to medical and town facilities of New Bern, approximately 2 hours to Rt 95 either North or South, or alternatively another 30 minutes to the triangle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill and the Raleigh Durham International Airport. Delta and U.S. Air fly out of the New Bern and Greenville airports. By water Ocracoke and the inlet for the Atlantic Ocean, across the Pamlico Sound is approximately 40 miles, to Oriental 45 miles. The Inland Coastal Waterway is minutes away from the property. 25

27 Vandemere Waterfront We have an eight acre tract of land located just off the Pamlico Sound. This gorgeous tract has been subdivided into four 2 acre lots on deep water (5-6 feet). This tract is available for $430,000 and can be divided as the investors/owners desire. One of the lots already has a substantial house pad facing the water and septic installed, a $30,000 investment. Fort Vandemere, the subdivision directly across from this tract is currently being sold @ $230-250,000 for a ¾ of an acre parcel. 26

28 27

29 View from Vandemere Property 28

30 Another view from Vandemere Property 29

31 Another view from Vandemere Property 30

32 Vandemere Waterfront Location The Vandemere Waterfront Tract is located in Pamlico County, North Carolina. By land, this tract is 20 miles from Oriental, from New Bern 30 miles, 60 miles from Greenville and approximately 2 hours to Rt 95 North or South or alternatively to Rt 264 W to The Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Triangle and The Raleigh Durham International Airport. As with the Harbor Pointe property, this tract is approximately the same distance to either the Greenville or New Bern airports. Grocery, gasoline, and hardware products are available in the town of Vandemere. Full shopping is available in Washington, New Bern, and Greenville. The by-water distances mentioned for Harbor Pointe are approximately the same for this tract. 31

33 Warsaw Pointe This gorgeous 1000 acre tract of land is on the Rappahannock River in Virginia and has been given to Inner Banks Elite Properties on an exclusive basis to sell. Neither price, nor possible subdivide options, have been determined at this time as we have just obtained this special tract of land. Access to Richmond, Charlottesville and all of the historic points in between are part of what this land is all about. 32

34 1000 Acre Warsaw Tract – Rappahannock River, VA 33

35 Grantsboro Commercial Property Inner Banks Elite Properties has a special seller’s situation for a prime commercial real estate site in Grantsboro, North Carolina. This is a 65 acre tract for $30,000 an acre. Adjacent commercial property is selling for $180,000 an acre. This site is prime for a medical facility/critical care facility, and zoned as well for restaurant(s), stores, and /or doctor’s offices. 34

36 Grantsboro Commercial – 65 Acre Tract 35

37 Grantsboro Commercial – 65 Acre Tract 36

38 Grantsboro Commercial – 65 Acre Tract ( across street ) 37

39 230 Acre NC 55 Tract – Waterfront Commercial 230 Acre tract located on NC 55, a four lane highway, some nine miles from the town of New Bern, North Carolina. This property is cleared and has a turn lane off of Rt 55 and initial paved entrance, a real value for the investor. The current owners have agreed to subdivide the tract into 20 acres of road frontage for a retail site and 210 acres behind the first 20 acres for a more serene setting located on waterfront. The 210 acre tract is a perfect setting for a senior center. 38

40 230 Acres on NC 55 near New Bern, NC 39

41 230 Acres on NC 55 near New Bern, NC 40

42 230 Acres on NC 55 near New Bern, NC 41

43 Other Current Property Representations 112 Slip Marina for Sale in Oriental, NC. 1,600 linear feet or 30 slips will go with the sale, approximately 4.85 acres with approximately 3 waterfront acres to be developed as purchaser wishes, 3,200 square foot Office complex, shop area 2,400 square feet, a fuel dock, and 1,200 additional linear feet of inside dockage for long term storage and brokerage. Additionally, currently CAMA has approved the construction of two 60 foot docks, permit is in hand. The asking price is $3.7 million, however will be subject to a surveyor's /appraiser's report of the value of the property. 42

44 Inner Banks Elite Properties differentiates itself with many of our Clients in an important way… A Property Search Company As indicated we will always have special inventory properties available to our clients, but another part of our work comes with clients and/or investors who have asked us to search for a property for them which will fulfill their needs. At present, in 2010 we have three ongoing searches in progress (1) A land setting which, with our engineering and surveying partners will be built out as an upscale Recreational Vehicle Park including state-of-the-art facilities and recreational opportunities. The site has been located and we are in the design stages. (2) A senior living facility which will have water frontage and span 230 -250 acres. Once again the tract has been discovered at optimum pricing and our group will help the investor group with the respective build-out. (3) The Pamlico Chamber of Commerce has indicated to us a tremendous need. 43

45 Why is Inner Banks Elite Properties Different ? 1. We continually educate: Funding Opportunities to purchase land 2. We are a solutions company: Asset Growth Proper Asset Allocation Family Wealth and Asset Preservation 44

46 Three differentiating services done by Inner Banks Elite Properties for its Clients: We are equipped to interface with selected, qualified trustees and do all related paperwork necessary to transfer IRA, Roth, and 401K assets and place a purchased “Hard” asset into any one of those accounts at our Client’s direction. Our team has the engineering and surveying capabilities to work with our Client’s needs for subdivision development. We obtain hard-to-find waterfront and commercial properties which are not openly listed to retail brokerage. 45

47 Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC Mission Statement: Whether it be an investment in residential land tracts, commercial real estate, a single investment in a family’s future, or simply the desire to fulfill the dream of owning deep water/ waterfront property, Inner Banks Elite Properties’ sole ongoing responsibility is to our clients’ financial well being. 46

48 Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC We, at Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC, are a different type of Real Estate Brokerage Firm. The inventory we provide and/or the search we will affect on behalf of our Clients has one determining factor in mind… OUR CLIENT Contact Info: Inner Banks Elite Properties, LLC E. Geary Crist, Owner/Broker in Charge 20014 North Carolina Hwy 55 Merritt, North Carolina 28556 Mobile: 252.202.6118 Email: 47

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