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Презентация на тему « Англоговорящая страна » Англия.

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1 Презентация на тему « Англоговорящая страна » Англия

2 England - the largest part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies the southeastern part of the larger island of Great Britain. The population of England is 52 million people. London in the capital of England. English is the official language of England. England of the map English flag English coat of arms

3 Elizabeth 2 British POUNDS

4 Traditions and celebrations of England Traditions. good, prestigious education for their children. decided to dress before dinner. Teatime. merry Christmas meeting

5 Celebrations. Christmas. Halloween. Easter. New Year. Day of spring. Gifts Day. Commonwealth (содружество) day

6 National Parks of England Hyde park Green park Regents park Richmond Park

7 Sights of England Tower of London -one of the largest medieval castles in England. Buckingham Palace -the Royal Palace and the main house of the country

8 Big Ben- clock tower Museum Madame Tussauds- Wax Museum

9 House of Parliament - the House of Lords and House of Commons. Museum of Natural History- Museum of Science

10 Thank you for your attention work by the student of 7 class 2 group Mavrina Anastasiya

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