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1 RUMS Right of Way and Utilities Management System.

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1 1 RUMS Right of Way and Utilities Management System

2 2 Authors This presentation was prepared by: Les Griggs, Right-of-Way Program Manager Virginia Dept of Transportation 1401 East Broad St., 5 th Floor Annex Richmond,,VA 23219 Brian Pierce, Senior Manager BearingPoint 1021 East Cary Street Suite 2102 Richmond, VA, 23219

3 3 RUMS Goals 1.Effectively Manage Right-of-Way / Utilities Processes 2.Improve Worker Productivity 3.Support Division Information Needs 4.Manage Residue / Surplus Property Ultimate Goal: Meet Agency’s Advertisement Schedule Meet Agency’s Advertisement Schedule

4 4 Manage Right-of-Way / Utilities Processes 1.Central Right-of-Way Management (ad schedule, inquiries, setting policy) 2.District Right-of-Way Management (same for district, manage resource requirements) 3.Project Right-of-Way Management (detailed project status, intelligent assignment of tasks) 4.Work Assignment Management (assignments, effectively communicate status)

5 5 Improve Worker Productivity 1.Right information, right place (integration, linkage, support the business) 2.Minimize wasted effort (forms population, information sharing) 3.Easy and efficient to use (familiar treeview look and feel, “power user” package)

6 6 Support Division Information Needs 1.Data Warehouse (DOT enterprise inquiry) 2.External Users (Audit, investigations, AG’s office, legislators, local govt’s, FOIAs, …) 3.Policies Division (Support of VDOT’s position for proposed legislation) 4.Environmental Division (Asbestos abatement, wetland mitigation)

7 7 Manage Residue / Surplus Property 1.Effectively sell and lease available properties 2.Advertise marketable properties over the Internet 3.Streamline approval process

8 8 RUMS in the News 1.ComputerWorld Honors (2005) 2.Commissioner’s Award for Outstanding Achievement (2005) 3.Government Technology Magazine Article (Dec 2004) 4.FHWA’s Public Roads Magazine Articles (Jan/Feb 2005) 5.Purchased by Minnesota and Maine

9 9 RUMS Software Q&A/Discussion

10 10 RUMS Contact Information VDOT RUMS Manager Les Griggs – 804-786-2917 National BearingPoint Right-of-Way Solutions Brian Pierce – 804-814-2555

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