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The North Won The War The South Won The Peace.

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1 The North Won The War The South Won The Peace



4 Atlanta Charleston

5 Richmond The South sustained about $2,011 per person in damages by the wars end.

6 President Lincoln is killed before he can begin reconstruction, and power is handed over to his Vice President.


8 President Andrew Johnson would lead the nation during Reconstruction. -Southerner -Racist -Stubborn -Former Slave Owner

9 Johnson’s Plan: 1)Slavery must be abolished. All Confederate states must O.K. 13 th Amendment 2)Southern states must make new governments loyal to federal government. (Note the absence of helping African Americans)

10 Former slave owners in south refuse to accept former slaves as their equals. Over 1500 lynchings, many of which are never brought to trial. Johnson does little to stop this.


12 Republicans in congress created the Freemen’s Bureau to help AA’s. -Helped former slaves bargain for wages -Began schools for both adults and children -Fought for Civil Rights.

13 -Johnson begins vetoing congresses plans. -Congress tried to impeach him, misses by 1 vote. -Johnson’s power broken, Republican congress takes over Reconstruction.


15 Republicans focus more on protecting AA’s: 1)14 th Amendment: States cannot deny any person equal protection, tries to stop murders. 2)Military Reconstruction Act: Sends army to oversee formation of new governments and to make sure AA’s were treated fairly. (Southerners aren’t too thrilled about either of these ideas!)

16 -Plantation owners needed workers. -Former slaves needed jobs. -Sharecropping: AA’s would work a part of a plantation and give owner a percentage of their crops as rent.


18 -U.S. Grant becomes President in 1868. -His goal is to get African-Americans to start voting. -15 th Amendment: Protects people from discrimination based on race, religion, etc.

19 -Army helps to register former slaves. -New governments are voted into office. -1/5 of government employees are black. -Southern whites strike back!


21 -Feeling excluded from government, southern whites begin acts of terrorism. - Ku Klux Klan becomes most infamous. - Lynchings begin to occur all over the south.



24 -Klansman are supposed to be the ghosts of dead Confederates. -Burning crosses are Scottish symbols of war.

25 -The Enforcement Act is past by Grant to target Klan violence. - Army used to target Klan. - Most northern whites were losing interest in Reconstruction.



28 -The Election of 1876 was so close, a special commission was called for. -Republicans claimed victory, but Democrats threatened to block the vote. -A deal was struck.

29 -Compromise of 1877: If the Republicans get the election, then the south (Democrats) get to take over Reconstruction. - Now former slave- owners ran Reconstruction.


31 - Public schools for blacks were closed. -Black codes prevented AA’s from voting. -Jim Crow Laws began segregating blacks and whites. -Army removed.

32 -AA’s tried to argue that segregation was unconstitutional. It went to the supreme court. - Plessy V. Ferguson: Said segregation was constitutionally protected.

33 -It would take 100 years for African Americans to regain their rights.

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