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Marketing Your Business August 20081(c) Jacqui Knight.

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1 Marketing Your Business August 20081(c) Jacqui Knight

2 Note These are slides I used to support a presentation I gave to small business owners (less than 3 staff) on marketing their business August 2008 (c) Jacqui Knight2

3 Key to Marketing Understand your customers’ needs and develop a plan that answers those needs August 20083(c) Jacqui Knight

4 Four main ways to grow your business: 1.Acquire more customers 2.Persuade customers to buy more often 3.Persuade customers to buy more profitable products 4.Persuade customers to buy more products (upsell) “Would you like any fries with that?” Growing Your Business August 20084(c) Jacqui Knight

5 Five times more cost-effective to get repeat business from an existing customer than it is to acquire a new customer Acquiring more customers increases customer base More revenue from larger base Growing Your Business August 20085(c) Jacqui Knight

6 Define the market Pitch your sales/marketing to correct niche market – more productive – efforts/time not wasted Segmentation/constants/similarities Know your Target Market August 20086(c) Jacqui Knight

7 Funds limited? Small business = limited marketing budget Well-rounded, sales + marketing = most effective Interaction with prospective customers/clients = valuable Market research = priceless and that’s where a marketing database comes in August 20087(c) Jacqui Knight

8 You can still run with the big players just be more creative! August 20088(c) Jacqui Knight

9 Database Design Consistency – search – duplication Abbreviations or acronyms – Mr. Mr title-less – Ltd Limited – St Street Saint Keep record of system: – training tool – you may not remember August 20089(c) Jacqui Knight

10 Database Design CAPITALS personalisation postal codes – in NZ four digits – sorting – discounts (sometimes) August 200810(c) Jacqui Knight

11 Database Design Postal or physical address? Both? What other information do you require? Never trust your spellchecker! Always get names right! – Ask your customer – respect Sean Shaughan Shaun Shawn Sian Jackie Jacky Jaci Jacqui Jacquie August 200811(c) Jacqui Knight

12 Database Design Email addresses – unforgiving Websites – domain names August 200812(c) Jacqui Knight

13 Other ideas Co-op advertising Referrals / buying incentives through existing customers Introduce yourself to the media Familiarisations/famils Position yourself as an expert in your field August 200813(c) Jacqui Knight

14 Piggyback Piggyback on an event – concert coming to town: sell tickets > free radio publicity – distribute entry forms for walkathon etc – charity appeals e.g. Braille Week, Cancer Appeal August 200814(c) Jacqui Knight

15 Google Alerts Competitors Products – butterfly, Monarch Locality - Kororareka Sponsors – Richmond Estate Wines YOURSELF August 200815(c) Jacqui Knight

16 Competition Monarch in the Milkweed Patch Symbiotic Relationship = everyone benefits Sustainable development Costa Rica Orlando August 200816(c) Jacqui Knight

17 Tracking You can throw $ at marketing, but you need to track your efforts Code ads: – different telephone numbers – different staff member – brochures – market surveys – “where did you hear about us?” August 200817(c) Jacqui Knight

18 When a marketing tactic stops working, you can identify it and replace it with a better choice/method August 200818(c) Jacqui Knight

19 Start NOW Contact ten customers or potential customers EVERY DAY five days a week August 200819(c) Jacqui Knight

20 Use to record: – compliments – complaints – suggestions – resolution and/or action taken Customer Feedback Variety of sources –email –snail mail –phone –walk-in August 200820(c) Jacqui Knight

21 Customer Feedback What did you like? What do we need to improve? Where did you hear about us? August 200821(c) Jacqui Knight

22 Business Cards Give them your contact details – keep business cards everywhere and topped up – “Sorry, I don’t have a business card with me” = poor marketing August 200822(c) Jacqui Knight

23 Contact details If they don’t have a business card, ask THEM to write down their contact details. – legible? – read it back – Privacy clause August 200823(c) Jacqui Knight

24 Letter writing Most people are not language experts – Split infinitives or past perfect tense – DO care about communication and understanding – They all like to talk about one thing – themselves! – Write like you’re having a conversation with them August 200824(c) Jacqui Knight

25 Sell the SIZZLE not the STEAK August 200825(c) Jacqui Knight

26 Be friendly Learn the best way to be personal with your audience – ‘Tom’ and/or ‘Katie’ not Mr and Mrs Cruise – Learn their language = COMFORT king – regal, formal farmer – informal, slang August 200826(c) Jacqui Knight

27 Headlines Grab attention with a hook – few seconds to ‘sell them’ – short? long? – interesting is important – KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) – Colour – Real signature August 200827(c) Jacqui Knight

28 Package Make it interesting – Lumpy – See-through – Scented? – Hand-addressed vs machine-inserted – Postage stamp rather than preprinted August 200828(c) Jacqui Knight

29 Reply device Ask for the order! – ask for a response – offer different ways to respond – encourage them to respond NOW August 200829(c) Jacqui Knight

30 Spit and Polish Are you clear? –Edit, edit, edit –KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) Replace ‘facilitate’ with ‘help’ –Let an 8-year-old read it. Make sure they understand. August 200830(c) Jacqui Knight

31 Email Signature files BCC function August 200831(c) Jacqui Knight

32 For more information contact Jacqui Knight August 2008(c) Jacqui Knight32

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