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MISSION To provide easy accessibility to the highest quality and state-of-the-art care for the prevention, treatment and on-going management of Cardiovascular.

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2 MISSION To provide easy accessibility to the highest quality and state-of-the-art care for the prevention, treatment and on-going management of Cardiovascular diseases in the region

3 VISION Shawl Cardiovascular Institute & Research Centre at Zulekha Hospital will become a centre of excellence for comprehensive cardiovascular care in the region

4 A New Standard for Cardiovascular Care In addition to the Present “ Heart Care “at Zulekha Hospital, this upcoming “Shawl Cardiovascular Institute & Research Centre” (SCIRC) at Zulekha Hospital will provide more comprehensive approach to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases A team of US based physicians will be offering all forms of cardiovascular services

5 From diagnosis to treatment and recovery, this institute will provide a continuum of progressive care through its distinguished, multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, interventional cardiologists, paediatric cardiologists, electro physiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons Our team approach, with different specialists working side-by-side will allow us to provide a high level of care; giving the ability to draw experiences from leading experts Our physicians are highly respected in their fields here in the United States and constantly seek to broaden the understanding of cardiovascular diseases through research and clinical trials A New Standard for Cardiovascular Care

6 Multi-disciplinary Team Several colleagues from Dr. Shawl’s team, both of George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC and Washington Adventist Hospital as well as elsewhere in USA, will be joining this upcoming Institute as part time Visiting Consultants Dr. Fayaz Shawl, (MD, FACP, FCCP, FSCAI, FACC) will serve as the Chairman for this Institute at Zulekha Group. Dr. Shawl is also at present, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Director-Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine at George Washington University, Washington DC, USA and Director - Interventional Cardiology, Washington Adventist Hospital For more information about Dr. Shawl, please visit his web site at

7 Multi-disciplinary Team Other Physicians, who will be joining this upcoming institute as Part-time Visiting Consultants are: 1. Dr. Issam Moussa - MD, FACP, FSCAI, FACC Associate Professor Of Clinical Medicine NYPH/ Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons Co-Director - Endovascular Services, Columbia Presbyterian University Medical Center, New York, USA 2. Dr. Mark Turco - MD, FSCAI, FACC Assistant Professor of Medicine, USU Health Sciences Director - The Center for Cardiac & Vascular Research, Washington Adventist Hospital, Maryland, USA

8 Multi-disciplinary Team 3. Dr. James Thompson - MD, FACP, FSCAI, FACC Chief - Division of Pediatric Cardiology & Director - Pediatric Cath Lab, Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children, Virginia, USA 4. Dr. Sung Lee - MD, FACC Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine George Washington University, Washington DC Chief Electrophysiologist Washington Adventist Hospital, Maryland, USA 5. Dr. Raoul Bonan - MD, FSCAI, FACC Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) Montreal Heart Institute, Montréal, Canada

9 Multi-disciplinary Team 6. Dr. Frederick Lough - MD, FACC Clinical Professor of Surgery Clinical Director - Cardiac Surgery Program George Washington University Hospital, Washington DC, USA 7. Dr. Thomas Milatano - MD, FACC Chief Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Chairman - Department of Surgery Washington Adventist Hospital, Maryland, USA 8. Dr. Anjum Qazi - MD, FACC Chairman - Cardiac Surgical Program Washington Adventist Hospital, Maryland, USA

10 Multi-disciplinary Team 9. Dr. Michael J. Cowley - MD, FACP, FSCAI, FACC Professor of Medicine and Director - Interventional Cardiology, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, USA 10. Dr. Mitchell W. Krichoff - MD, FACP, FSCAI, FAC Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) Director - Cardiovascular Device Unit, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA 11. Dr. Mohd. Amer Mahayni - MD, FACC Consultant Interventional Cardiologist Muskogee Heart Centre, USA

11 Shawl Cardiovascular Institute will include Non-Invasive Cardiology Programme Chest Pain Centre Interventional Cardiology Programme Peripheral Endovascular Interventional Programme Cardiothoracic Surgery Programme Electrophysiology Programme Pediatric Cardiology Programme Pivotal Research Centre for Innovative Technology Educational and Training Initiatives

12 Non-Invasive Cardiology Programme Echocardiography and its applications in evaluating a variety of cardiovascular problems will now be supplemented by advanced Non-Invasive diagnostic tools that will include: - Nuclear Cardiology - CT Angiography. - Vascular Laboratory for Evaluating Peripheral Vascular Diseases

13 Chest Pain Centre The Chest Pain Centre (CPC) will be located within the Emergency Department. This Chest Pain Centre will be a discrete unit focused on the care of patients presenting chest pain or other emergencies indicative of a “Heart Attack”. The Chest Pain Centre will be staffed by Board-certified physicians and specialized nurses with training in emergency cardiovascular care. Cardiology consultation services will be available round the clock every day. The Centre will have emergency personnel to provide rapid assessment and treatment, a recognized necessity for treating individuals with heart attacks.

14 Interventional Cardiology The interventional cardiology service will be a premier programme under the leadership of ‘world renowned interventional cardiologist, Dr. Fayaz Shawl, offering the latest techniques to treat most forms of cardiovascular diseases by endovascular approach. Ongoing investigational research devices such as percutaneous aortic valve replacement and percutaneous mitral valve repair for selected patients with mitral regurgitation, etc. will be implemented in collaboration with the physicians of Government Hospitals in the near future.

15 Interventional Cardiology Interventional Cardiology Programme at this Institute will also offer: All forms of coronary interventions (Including Rotational Athrectomy, Intravascular Ultrasound based interventions) as well as peripheral endovascular procedures for peripheral vascular disease including carotid arteries Percutaneous closure of patent foramen, atrial and ventricular septal defects and valvuloplasty for a variety of adult structural and congenital heart defects High Risk Supported Coronary Interventions including the newly introduced left heart IMPELLA Left Heart Assist device Percutaneous Endovascular treatment for abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

16 Cardiovascular Surgery Programme This Institute’s cardiac surgeons will perform a full range of Cardiovascular procedures - including innovative Coronary Artery Bypass surgery, other Revascularization Procedures, Thoracic Aneurysm surgery, valve repair and replacements The team of cardiac surgeons from George Washington University and Washington Adventist Hospitals will not only perform the conventional cardiac surgical procedures using the heart–lung machine and “Off Pump” techniques but also in near future will transfer their vast experience of minimally invasive surgery using the Da Vinci Robot to this institution

17 Electrophysiology Department The department of Electrophysiology will offer: EP Studies Radio-frequency Ablation Pacemakers Automatic Internal Defibrillator Implantation Biventricular Pacing Devices for congestive heart failure

18 Research and Educational initiatives Availability of Multi-centre clinical trials with innovative drugs and devices. Interested local institutes will be able to take part in these clinical trials Possibility of developing interventional fellowship training CME Satellite symposia with visiting faculty CME courses on a regular basis in association with major Government & Private institutions using Live Demonstration formats like the one planned for June 9 & 10, 2007

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