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Back to School Night Anne Scheiman 2 nd Grade Japanese Teacher.

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1 Back to School Night Anne Scheiman 2 nd Grade Japanese Teacher

2 Scheiman-sensei  Born and Raised in Tokyo, Japan  5 th year at Richmond 2 nd Grade  Undergraduate Degree at Lewis and Clark College  MAT at Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Education  Family:  Fiancée- William (Wedding on 2/1/2015)  Dog- TK

3 Communication -Home & School Connection  -News letters will go home on the third Friday of the month.  Student folders (every last Friday, finished and unfinished work)  Email –  Mrs.K and I would prefer to have meetings before school, but are available most days after school.

4 Homework  Reading HW begins Oct. 9 th (Full HW starting Oct. 16th)  Goes home every Thursday and is due back on Wednesday.  We spend a LOT of time going over homework on Thursday and Friday. Goals- 1. Quality review/practice of material covered in class 2. Positive child/adult interaction 3. Know your child’s strengths and support the areas that need improvement. 4.Teaching responsibility

5 Homework (continued….)  Oral reading material- this will need to be signed by an adult after the student reads twice. Response section will need to be filled out also.  Writing activities will vary.  If lost- request a new copy




9 Math Section  Math practice will be included. Please check your child’s work and correct this section for them. Sign this page once the corrections have been made, and it is 100% correct.


11 Tutoring  A great way for your child to receive one-on- one attention from a native Japanese speaker.  If interested, please make arrangements directly with the intern, but please let me know if your child has a tutor.  $10/30min  Please note- Tutoring is not meant for homework.

12 Catch up and Choice  “Ketchup” box  Every Friday- “Catch up/ Choice time”  Ketchup folder is emptied at the end of the month for a fresh start.  Folder that goes home.

13 Expectations  Reads  46 hiragana, combinations, variations accurately.  46 katakana, combinations, variations accurately by the end of 1 st QTR.  Kanji (about 100)  Grade level sentences fluently with comprehension.  Writes  Hiragana, katakana and kanji in correct stroke order.  Grade level sentences with correct usage of hiragana, katakana and learned kanji letters.

14 Exectations  Speaks  Clearly and with appropriate volume.  Tries to communicate in Japanese.  Makes an effort to repeat Japanese.  Listens  To Japanese ATTENTIVELY.

15 Volunteering  Volunteer list will be available outside the door after conferences.  Volunteering may include working with small groups of students, reading to the class, clerical work, etc.  Room Reps will help coordinate volunteers for classroom celebrations. (Valentine’s Day and End of year celebration)

16 THE END!!!!!!  EXIT CARDS-Any remaining questions we were not able to answer: please fill out a notecard with your name, your child’s name, your email, and your questions. We will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.  You can sign up for October CONFERENCES outside Scheiman Sensei’s classroom.  Some extra things we could use: On the whiteboard.  Thank you and we look forward to an exciting year!

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