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The Staff of TERRY FOX SECONDARY Welcomes the 2015 Grads!

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1 The Staff of TERRY FOX SECONDARY Welcomes the 2015 Grads!

2 AGENDA  Grad 2015… how to graduate  Grad Transition Plan  Post Secondary Options & Requirements  PSI (Post Secondary Institutions) Selections  Provincial Exam Scholarships  Grad 2015 Activities Timeline

3 Graduation Checklist Minimum Requirements to Graduate 80 course credits Grade 10 Courses(24 credits)Grade 11 Courses (16 credits) English 10 with provincial examEnglish 11 a Math 10 with provincial exama Math 11 Science 10 with provincial exama Science 11 Social Studies 10a Social Studies 11 with a provincial exam Physical Education 10 Planning 10 Grade 12 Courses(16 credits) Fine Art/Applied Skill & Elective Courses At least four grade 12 courses (20 credits) including Eng 12 (with provincial exam) One Fine Art or Applied Skill in grade 10, 11 or 12 AND Four elective courses in grade 10, 11 or 12 Graduation Transition Plan (4 credits) Transition Plan (education or work) Financial Plan Resume Cover Letter PSI (Post Secondary Institution Form if going on to post secondary) Healthy Living Plan DPA (150 minutes a week of physical activity) Work or Volunteer Experience: 30 hours IMPORTANT NOTE! Meeting graduation requirements doesn ’ t necessarily mean you meet admission requirements to a post secondary institution or program

4 Graduation Transition Plan 1. Resume 2. Financial plan 3. Employability Skills Friday, November 7 th –Aspects #1-#3 & DPA logging for Sept & Oct are due. You cannot buy a winter ball ticket until these are completed and marked! 4. Healthy Living Plan Friday, December 5 th – Aspect #4 of GTP & DPA logging for Nov are due. 5. 30 hours Work or Volunteer Experience 6. After School Plans Friday, February 6th – Aspects #5-#6 of GTP & DPA logging for Dec. & Jan. are due. Friday, May 1 st – ALL aspects of GTP and the DPA logging for Feb., March & April are due. You cannot buy a grad dinner/dance ticket until EVERYTHING is completed and marked!

5 Post Secondary Applications & Admission  It is YOUR responsibility to research post secondary admission requirements and to be aware of the application process & deadlines.  Don’t rely on your friends for information. Always go directly to the post secondary websites.  Make no assumptions.  Counsellors and Ms. Moorhouse are available to assist you.  Info is also available on the Career Centre website.

6 College Options in Greater Vancouver * Douglas College Langara College Vancouver Community College

7 Douglas College Coquitlam/New Westminster If you are applying to a university transfer program your registration date for courses depends on your GPA! The higher it is, the earlier your registration date! You need Eng. 12 ‘B’ to register into first year English. Applications are now being accepted! Different deadlines and entrance requirements for each program. Check carefully!

8 University Options in BC UBC SFU UVIC UNBC Research universities offering degree programs in various disciplines Competitive Entry Check acceptable course, % grade, English and Math and OTHER requirements for each university and program

9 UBC Vancouver has different programs & entrance requirements than UBC Okanagan For Major Entrance Scholarship consideration you must apply no later than Dec. 10. 2014 Final deadline to apply for admission is Jan. 31, 2015

10 UBC Vancouver/Okanagan Competitive admission average based on a total of 4 Grade 12 required and/or acceptable courses including English 12 Will not accept a Grade 12 course challenge grades into the admission average Admission based on completed courses (including online courses) completed by Jan. 31, 2015– will look at grade 11 courses as a substitute for second semester courses. Grade 11 course requirements (including a Lang. 11) Will look at grade 11 overall academic achievement English requirement Min. Math grade requirement for some programs Admission now also based on a PERSONAL PROFILE. It is part of the online application! Check for details!

11 Simon Fraser University Burnaby/Surrey/Vancouver Competitive admission average based on 4 Grade 12 required and/or acceptable courses, including English 12. Grade 11 course requirements (including a Lang. 11) English requirement including min. grade Math requirement including min. grade Beedie School of Business requires a supplementary application School of Contemporary Arts (Dance, Theatre, Music, Arts & Culture, and film programs) requires an audition or supplementary application. Early Admission Deadline to apply is Feb. 28, 2015 Final Deadline to apply is April 30, 2015

12 University of Victoria Grade 11 requirements (lang. 11 only required for Humanities) Grade 12 course requirements Admission average based on 4 Grade 12 required and/or acceptable courses, including English 12 English requirement Math requirement Lower admission avg. than SFU & UBC for most programs Phase I application deadline (based only on Grade 11 marks) is Nov. 30, 2014 Early application deadline based on GRADE 12 avg. is Feb. 28, 2015 Different admission requirements for each program. Check carefully!

13 UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA Prince George Admission average is calculated on 5 grade 12 courses – check their website for approved courses Different admission requirements for each program. Check carefully! Application deadline Feb. 28, 2015 WWW.UNBC.CA

14 University Options in BC Capilano Kwantlen UFV TRU VIU Universities offering a combination of degree, career/specialty, trades, and technology programs. Selective Entry and Open Access Entry

15 British Columbia Institute of Technology Burnaby/Richmond/Marine/Downtown/Great Northern Way Specific Intake Program (Technology) Academic – different high school course requirements for each program (some programs require some post secondary) Meeting minimum prerequisites does not guarantee you a seat in a competitive program Applications accepted until program seats are filled Continual Intake Program (Trades Foundation & Technical) Must have completed the minimum admission requirements for first available seat (will be put on a waiting list – Electrical Trades has a 2 year waitlist! Check length of waitlist by contacting BCIT.) Each program has it’s own specific admission requirements Applications accepted Nov. 1, 2014

16 Trades & Apprenticeship Programs Foundation Trades Training Programs (Level 1 training for those not yet employed in a trade) Apprenticeship Programs (for registered apprentices) Programs lead to a designated trade and to eventual completion of a full 4-year apprenticeship Piping ◦ Joinery ◦ Automotive ◦ Marine ◦ Millwright Welding ◦ Electrical ◦ Aviation ◦ Carpentry etc…

17 Apply to any Post-Secondary institution in B.C Need PEN# & Credit Card to pay for application fee (different fee for each institution) *NOTE: to apply to UVic, visit

18 POST SECONDARY INSTITUTIONS in Canada Out of Province Note: Admission requirements vary by institution and program and may be different than BC requirements. For example many Engineering, Science and Business programs require Calculus 12. Visit university website for up-to-date admission information. To apply to universities in Ontario: (no later than mid-January is recommended). Different university and program To apply to colleges in Ontario: To apply to post secondary in Alberta: To apply to all other post secondary institutions in Canada, go directly to the institution website.

19 Post Secondary Institution (PSI) Selections If you will be graduating this year and are applying to a post secondary institution YOU MUST APPLY! This ensures that your interim grades and final transcript are sent to the institutions you have applied to. (this site is also located on the Career/Counseling web page) 3 different deadlines to complete PSI: March 1, 2015 April 30, 2015 July 1, 2015 Go to:, and click on the menu option “Post Secondary Institutions Selections”.

20 Check the Career Centre website on the Terry Fox homepage regularly! INFORMATION/RAVEN ANNOUNCEMENTS Post Secondary Education Scholarships & Financial Aid Opportunities & Career Info Employment & Volunteering Trades & Apprenticeship Visit Ms. Moorhouse in the Career Centre on Monday afternoons, Tuesdays and Thursdays OR Email Ms. Moorhouse at


22 UBC Evening at Terry Fox for Students & Parents Wednesday Nov. 19 from 7pm – 9:00pm in the Terry Fox Theatre

23 Scholarship Meeting November 25 th at noon, Library Lab with Ms. Ough

24 Grad 2015 Activities Timeline Valedictorian Application Form May 1 due at noon to Mrs. Murphy Valedictorian Speeches May 15 Block D Theatre Guest Approval Forms April 24 due 3:30pm to your v.p. Commencement Message May 1 due 2:05pm via school website Grad Dinner/Dance & After Grad Tickets May 4-8 at lunch in Commons near Conference Room Grad Dinner/Dance Table Reservation May 14 & 15 at lunch near Raven’s Nest GRAD DINNER/DANCE May 30 6:00pm to midnight (Vancouver Convention Centre) AFTER GRAD May 31 Midnight to 5:00am at Terry Fox Grad Breakfast June 3 7:45am in Commons Commencement Rehearsal June 11 Block E in Terry Fox Main Gym Cap & Gown Pick-Up June 11 after the rehearsal in Small Gym COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY June ….. Orpheum Theatre or Queen Elizabeth Theatre * be there by 6 pm!

25 Legacy Project Grad Class 2015  2015: ? What will your Legacy be??  2014: K.I.V.A. Micro loans to people in developing countries  2013: Built 2 schools & 2 wells in Sierra Leone  2012: Baby Lina – Ride to Conquer Cancer  2011: Make a Wish Foundation


27 Winter Formal  Guest forms due Nov 20 th  Grade 11 and 12’s only, - PRIVILEGE vs. ‘right’  GTP items 1-3 need to be completed  Guests must meet with a Vice Principal

28 Guest Policy - Dances  Guest must be in a significant relationship with a Terry Fox student  Must follow school rules and meet with Vice Principal

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