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Overview Icel Kendrick, HSLIC Web Team March 2013.

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1 Overview Icel Kendrick, HSLIC Web Team March 2013

2 About Cascade (WCMS): Cascade Web Content Management Software is a product of Hannon Hill who was awarded the contract after the UNM RFP process Company has been in business 12 years Located in Atlanta, Georgia Server driven software – no other software is required for use – just log in and start using as is Cascade is used by 150 universities and colleges across the country including Auburn University Brandeis University Carnegie Mellon Cornell University Duke University Northwestern University Pomona College Purdue University Reed College Sarah Lawrence College University of Richmond William and Mary Etc. …… Cascade is also used by many government, technological, and healthcare entities as well as businesses and small organizations

3 Hannon Hill Knowledge Base

4 Cascade Development Workspace

5 Cascade Copy Function

6 Cascade – Create a New Asset

7 Cascade WYSIWYG Edit Screen

8 Cascade HTML Source Editor

9 Cascade Configuration Screen


11 WCMS Wide Page Region Map

12 Simple Wide Page Format

13 Region Map - Relationship to Page

14 Region Map – 3 Column Page

15 3 Column Page

16 Region Map – 2 Column Page

17 2 Column Page

18 Cascade Site Information Block

19 Cascade Site Navigation Block

20 Cascade Site Navigation Edit

21 Protect against identity theft and respect privacy! Please do not put protected Information on your site! FERPA – Student information with respect to education records FERPA HIPAA – individually identifiable patient health information HIPAA Faculty or Staff resumes or CVs should not have personal information such as children’s names, personal address or phone numbers, etc. Photographs – you must have permission to use if not taken in a public location – if in doubt ask first! (Depending on the situation get permission in writing.)

22 Example UNM WCMS Sites UNM Main Page University Communication & Marketing HSC Communications and Marketing Dental Medicine

23 Cascade Server Links: WCMS / Cascade Training - “The Sandbox” (password required - only available for a designated training period) Cascade Development Server (password required)

24 Questions? Contact Information: Icel Kendrick, HSLIC Web Team (HSC) 505-272-0651 Matt Carter, University Web Administrator (UNM – Main Campus) 505-277-3003

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