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EQ: What decisive battles were fought?

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1 EQ: What decisive battles were fought?
Bell-work How did the Emancipation Proclamation change the nature of the Civil War? EQ: What decisive battles were fought?

2 Objective and Scales: Students will be able to compare and contrast important Civil War battles including the battle of Gettysburg with 80% accuracy Where does today’s objective fit into the unit learning goal scale? Objective K and L How do you reach mastery for objective K? Page 126: Gettysburg Cornell

3 Vocabulary and VIPS Siege- an attempt to capture a place by surrounding it with military forces and cutting it off until the people inside surrender William Tecumseh Sherman-famous Union Army commander who took Atlanta Total war-all out attacks aimed at destroying an enemy’s army, its resources, and its people’s will to fight.

4 2. The Tide Turns After the Union “victory” at Antietam in 1862 the war again began to go poorly for the Union As before, the issue was poor leadership When McClellan failed to pursue Lee’s beaten army, Lincoln replaced him with General Ambrose Burnside

5 3. Confederate kicks Union tail
Hey Sideburns, you’re FIRED! Burnside knew why McClellan was fired…he was too cautious So Burnside decided on a bold move… December of 1862, he marched his army of 120,000 men directly toward Richmond Conf. Robert E. Lee collected 75,000 men at Fredericksburg, Virginia to block them Burnside pounded his troops against Lee, and the battle was costly for both sides. It turned out to be a Confederate win, six weeks after the battle Burnside was removed as commander of the Army of the Potomac by Lincoln FAIL

6 “May God have Mercy on Lee, for I will have NONE!”
4. Who’s next?! Lincoln next turned to Joseph Hooker, nicknamed “Fighting Joe.” Hooker bragged as he marched the Union army toward Richmond. In May 1863, Hooker’s army smashed the Confederates at the Battle of Chancellorsville with DOUBLE a force Another Confederate victory, but it cost them 13,460 Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson is mortally wounded in battle and dies later Considered the greatest of Lee’s victories FAIL

7 5. The Battle of Gettysburg
All the Confederate victories made Lee bolder Lee wanted to move North again, thinking a victory on Union soil could end the war In June of 1863, he marched his troops into Maryland and then Pennsylvania The Union army (now commanded by Robert Meade) pursued them July 1st, Confederate soldiers approached Gettysburg They stumble upon part of Meade’s army Shots were exchanged and more joined in, by evening the Confederates had pushed the Union forces back through Gettysburg

8 5. The Battle of Gettysburg
July 2nd, more than 85k Union soldiers faced some 75k Confederates The center of the Union army was on a hill called Cemetery Ridge The center of the Confed. army was a mile away on Seminary Ridge Fighting between the armies raged into the next day On the afternoon of July 3rd, Lee ordered an all-out attack on the center of the Union line. Gen. George Pickett (this is nuts!) would lead it with 15k soldiers As they advanced, Union artillery rained down on them and only a few hundred reached Union lines They were driven back, about 7,500 Confederates were killed in what is known as Pickett’s Charge

9 “It’s all my fault…It is I who have lost this fight…”
6. Results of Gettysburg “It’s all my fault…It is I who have lost this fight…” Lee lost 28,000 in the three-day long battle Union lost more than 23,000 Lee had lost nearly a 1/3 or his troops for the second time Deadliest American battle Union Gen. Grant lays siege on Vicksburg (last Conf. city on the Miss. R.) and drives them out after 6 weeks July 1863, was a major turning point in the war…Union now had the upper hand!!! Gettysburg Address!!

10 Summary and Progress Chart
Explain how the Union turned the tide of war after many losses. What decisive battles gave them the upper hand. Complete progress chart for K and L

11 EQ: What did Lincoln’s address say?
Bell-work 4/30/13 EQ: What did Lincoln’s address say? Some abolitionists complained that the Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to all states. Based on the map, what do you think were Lincoln’s motives in limiting the reach of the Emancipation Proclamation? A He wanted to ensure the freedom of all slaves in the South. B He wanted to hurt the southern war effort in those areas not under Union control. C He hoped to make Louisiana half slave and half free. D He wanted to give slaves a reason to escape and join the Union army.

12 Objective and Scales: Students will be able to evaluate the larger meaning of the Gettysburg address and the underlying ideas as well as the conclusion of the war with 80% accuracy. Where does today’s objective fit into the unit learning goal scale? Objective M and N How do you reach mastery for M and N? Continue notes on page 126

13 8. Gettysburg address “…that we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people by the people for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” In November of 1863, about 15k people gathered on the battlefield at Gettysburg to honor the soldiers who died there In the Gettysburg address Lincoln looked ahead to a final Union victory Given during the dedication of the cemetery for fallen Union soldiers

14 9. Closing in on the South In Ulysses S. Grant, Lincoln found the kind of commander he had long sought (He got stuff done!) In 1864, Grant was given command of the ENTIRE Union Army Grant decided to attack Richmond (5th time) no matter how many soldiers it cost him Grant’s huge army hammered at the Confederates in a series of battles in northern Virginia in the spring of 1864 Grant was unable to break through Lee’s troops, but Grant would NOT retreat…he instead continued to attack **Historical Gossip: During the Civil War, on hearing complaints that Gen. Ulysses S. Grant drank alcohol to excess Lincoln responded “Find out what Grant drinks and send a barrel of it to each of my other generals!”

15 9. Closing in on the South “We are not only fighting hostile armies, but hostile people, and must make young and old, rich and poor , feel the hard hand of war!” After 7 weeks of fighting, Grant lost about 55k men, Confederates 35k. Grant had a steady supply of supplies and troops, Lee DID NOT. Both armies clashed at Petersburg, an important RR center south of Richmond There Grant began another siege and at the same time William Tecumseh Sherman advanced toward Atlanta Like Grant, Sherman was a tough soldier and believed in total war

16 10. March to the Sea The South could not stop Sherman’s advance
Union Army marched into Atlanta, GA on September 2nd, 1864 The capture of Atlanta gave Lincoln a boost for his reelection in the election of 1864 (McClellan ran against him…ha!) After Atlanta’s fall morale in the North was high Later in November, Sherman ordered Atlanta be burned. He then marched up the Atlantic Ocean…along the way engaging total war, setting fires, seizing crops and livestock, and pulling up Southern railroad tracks He left a path of destruction up to 60 miles wide up the coast

17 11. The war’s end In March of 1865, Grant’s army still waited outside Petersburg…Lee knew it was only a matter of time before Grant captured the city Lincoln too finally saw that the end was near, in his second inaugural address he asked americans to forgive and forget On April 2nd, Grant’s troops finally broke through Conf. lines…by evening Richmond was in Union hands Lee’s army retreated to the town of Appomattox Court House There Lee surrendered on April 9th, 1865

18 11. The war’s end The terms of the surrender said the Conf. had to surrender their weapons and leave in peace As Lee rode off, some Union troops started to celebrate and Grant silenced them…. He said, “The war is over…they rebels are our countrymen again.” Overall 260,000 Confederate soldiers were killed and over 360,000 Union dead including 37,000 A.A The war had two key results: It reunited the nation and put an end to slavery

19 Progress Chart and Summary
What made Lee finally surrender…and how did Sherman show the hard hand of war Complete progress chart for M and N

20 Bell-work 5/1/13 According to these graphs, what effect did the Civil War have on the North and the South? A The Confederacy lost a majority of the key Civil War battles. B The Confederacy suffered the greatest share of the dead overall during the Civil War. C Almost every state in the South was devastated by the fighting. D The Union suffered more casualties but lost a smaller percentage of its fighting force.

21 Objective and Scales Students will be able to describe the effects of the war and Florida's contribution to the Confederate War Effort with 80% accuracy. (Florida Special Topic) Where does today’s objective fit into the unit learning goal scale? O and P How do you reach Mastery for O and P?

22 Florida and the Civil War
Page 572-Florida special topic We: Read We: Discuss Florida’s role in the Confederate war effort You: Summarize (2 paragraphs) Florida’s role in the Civil War You: Complete progress chart in full!

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