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NAVCO Outreach Campaign 2012 Year in Review Looking Ahead to 2013 4 DEC 2012.

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2 NAVCO Outreach Campaign 2012 Year in Review Looking Ahead to 2013 4 DEC 2012

3 NAVCO Programs Aviation Support :Mr. John Mills Band Support :LCDR Dwaine Whitham LT Jane Hoffman (incoming) Executive OutreachMr. Todd Martin Org Liaison National Speaker’s Bureau Speaker’s Resources 50/50 ProgramMr. Glenn Sircy Leader’s to SeaLT Matt Gill Caps for KidsMr. John Wallach Navy Week ProgramLCDR Pam Bou & Mr. Gary Ross 3 Outreach is our mission

4 What is a Navy Week? A week-long series of engagements with key influencers and organizations across all market sectors featuring Navy assets, equipment, personnel and senior leaders designed to educate Americans about the Navy’s mission and importance to national security. Corporate CEOs and other c-suite executives, mainly in corporations that operate internationally Civic Rotary, Kiwanis, Chambers of Commerce, diversity affinity groups Government Local: mayors, city councils State: governor, representatives Legislative STEM Diversity Energy Education ALL levels, students AND leaders, as well as school boards Veterans Often some of our biggest advocates and frequently involved in their community Media Community Service/ Relations Caps for Kids, SeaBees projects, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

5 2012: Where We Were Navy WeekDates PhoenixMarch 19-25 New OrleansApril 16-22 NashvilleMay 7-13 SpokaneMay 14-20 BaltimoreJune 13-19 BostonJune 29 - July 5 SacramentoJuly 16-22 Sioux FallsJuly 19-28 Navy WeekDates MilwaukeeAug. 6-12 ChicagoAug. 13-19 ToledoAug. 20-26 ClevelandAug. 27 – Sept. 2 DetroitSept. 3-9 BuffaloSept. 10-16 HoustonOct. 21-28 5

6 2012 Navy Week Measures of Performance

7 Navy Week Live Print Broadcast Online Total. Phoenix 43,857 543,242 1,156,227 693,030 2,436,356 New Orleans 45,000 1,847,071 2,127,69710,301,937 4,276,705 Nashville 60,000 503,672 956,360 970,867 2,490,899 Spokane331,301 228,873 300,800 442,616 1,303,590 Baltimore UNK15,953,923 25,347,21920,009,24261,310,384 Boston UNK 5,532,788 4,878,09210,419,23620,830,116 Sacramento 12,468 289,229 973,761 555,320 1,818,310 Sioux Falls225,147 684,380 1,145,305 273,717 2,328,549 Milwaukee UNK 1,828,301 1,441,212 820,565 4,090,078 Chicago 7,434 8,642,155 13,927,62814,295,88436,873,101 Toledo50,096 3,026,386 4,120,689 558,115 7,755,286 Cleveland UNK 3,202,819 6,620,480 2,694,87812,518,177 Detroit UNK 5,181,214 2,351,942 1,342,164 8,857,320 Buffalo13,045 3,440,229 1,262,382 1,505,536 6,221,192 Houston 70,000 768,014 305,690 932,592 2,076,296 AVG85,8353,444,820 4,461,032 4,386,513 12,349,588 YTD858,34851,672,296 66,915,48465,797,699 185,243,827 Number of people who had the opportunity to see/hear/view message

8 What is the 50/50 Program? Who: 50 senior officer, civilian and enlisted leaders What: Communicating the Navy’s key messages to an array of key influencers and organizations across the country. When: Annually Where: 50 CONUS markets (less Fleet Concentration Areas and Navy Week/Fleet Week locales) Why: Educate Americans about the Navy’s mission and importance to national security How: 2-3 days of high-level engagements w/corporate execs, civic leaders, government officials, university presidents, non-profit executive directors and media 8 Partner with NOSCs, NROTCs, NRDs & Navy League

9 Why Senior Leaders? Flag Officers and SES executives: Are uniquely positioned, and skilled, to deliver key Navy messages (message delivery is tracked in each AAR) Are a significant media draw Command audiences with key influencers at the highest level of all market sectors Are having a conversation with the country in markets which would otherwise have no Navy engagement “How the Navy Protects America” OP-ED has been published in 27 50/50 markets, providing key Navy messaging to mass audiences, direct and unfiltered.

10 50/50 Video


12 50/50 Measures of Performance 38 visits completed (2 remaining this month) 37 Admirals / SESs participated 473 events executed 77 corporate 67 civic / diversity 55 government 92 media 73 veterans 97 education 11 general public More than 9.5 million impressions earned Live – 406,991 Print – 3,958,321 Broadcast – 3,481,576 Online – 1,727,675 Economical: Typical visit is accomplished with an airline ticket and 2-3 days of per diem.

13 Civic / Diversity 39 Rotary & Kiwanis clubs Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals &100 Black Men Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association (LISTA) General Mills’ Women in Leadership Group Education Presidents of 16 colleges/universities Superintendents of six school districts Director of Kansas City STEM Alliance Media 88 media engagements 4 editorial boards 17 print interviews 41 radio interviews 26 television interviews 27 Op-Eds published, three in state-wide publications. Who Have We Engaged? Government Governors of 12 states Mayors of 24 cities Address to Mississippi State Senate and Assembly Corporate Executives of 73 top corporations Entergy Arkansas; Garmin International; BNSF Railways; The Hershey Co.; General Mills; Global Foundries; Southwest and American Airlines ; U.S. Steel Corp.; Denver Broncos; Pittsburgh Steelers; Carolina Panthers; Duke Energy; Rolls Royce North America; Louisville Slugger; Kelley Bean Co.; Proctor and Gamble; Micron Technologies, Inc.; Big Lots; GA Ports Authority; Tilson Technology; ITT Exelis; Kiewit 7 Sons, Inc.; USAA; etc… Veterans VA Leaders/patients at 29 VA hospitals. Leaders/members of 34 VFW and American Legion posts Each visit strives for engagement across all market sectors.

14 Advancing Navy cooperation with government and industry (energy emphasis). Ms. Lucchino’s visit to ABQ set the stage for DASN Hicks to speak at the Albuquerque Energy Innovation Forum. VADM Beaman discussed possibility of developing opportunities for Navy Acquisition Professionals to intern with Rolls Royce in Indianapolis. Strengthening partnerships with educators, advancing the Navy's STEM initiatives and setting conditions favorable for recruiting. NRD Denver CO: VADM Nathan's visit was crucial to long term medical recruiting operations, the most difficult mission area for our NRD. Supporting the Navy's diversity outreach initiatives. RADM Gay’s visit to Atlanta opened doors and created new opportunities for the CNRC city liaison officer with the Boys and Girls Club and the 100 Black Men of America. Effects and Outcomes

15 Navy Week Video

16 2013 Navy Week Calendar Tampa Bay San Antonio Bossier-Shreveport Boss - Shr Jackson Rockford Indianapolis Pittsburgh Rhode Island Minneapolis – St. Paul Fargo Kansas City Salt Lake City Oklahoma City Albuquerque Dallas-Fort Worth Raleigh Little Rock Rhode Island/Pittsburgh Savannah

17 2013 Navy Weeks Navy WeekDates SavannahMarch 11-19 Tampa BayApril 1-7 San AntonioApril 22-28 Bossier-ShreveportApril 29-May 5 JacksonMay 6-12 Little RockMay 20-26 RockfordMay 27-June 2 IndianapolisJune 10-16 Rhode IslandJune 24-July 5 Navy WeekDates PittsburghJune 24-July 4 Minneapolis–St. Paul July 15-21 FargoAug. 5-11 Kansas CityAug. 19-25 Salt Lake CitySept. 9-15 Oklahoma CitySept. 16-22 AlbuquerqueOct. 7-13 Dallas – Fort WorthOct. 14-21 RaleighOct. 21-27 Blue Angels Air Show N134 Diversity Priority Market

18 2013 50/50 Cities Chicago, IL Boston, MA Houston, TX Detroit, MI Phoenix, AZ Cleveland, OH Sacramento, CA Baltimore, MD Nashville, TN Milwaukee, WI Buffalo, NY New Orleans, LA Toledo, OH Spokane, WA Sioux Falls, SD Denver, CO Orlando, FL St. Louis, MO Charlotte, NC Hartford, CT Austin, TX Louisville, KY Richmond, VA Mobile, AL Charleston, WV Des Moines Omaha, NE Columbia, SC Chattanooga, TN Burlington, VT Boise, ID Grand Rapids, MI Springfield, MO Springfield, IL Madison, WI Baton Rouge, LA Eugene, OR Los Angeles, CA Philadelphia, PA Atlanta, GA Cincinnati, OH Harrisburg, PA Las Vegas, NV Albany, NY Wichita, KS Portland, ME El Paso, TX Carson City, NV Missoula, MT Cheyenne, WY Approach: Build 2013 schedule on previous year Navy Weeks, possible future Navy Weeks & focus on geography/market size.

19 Navy Outreach 2013 = Fleet Concentration = Fleet Week = Navy Week = 50/50

20 Questions? Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. -- Chinese proverb

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