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Agenda Ms. Davis GPC USACC FORM 60 Contract Requirements

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1 Agenda Ms. Davis GPC USACC FORM 60 Contract Requirements
Property Migration Ms. Greene Transportation, Meals & Lodging (USAAC Form 112) Mr. Ross Recons/DA Form 1348 DoD Emall/MILSTRIP Property Accountability (FLIP-L, Inventories)

2 Government Purchase Card (GPC)
ALL JROTC GPC Accounts are closed, can no longer use card If you have a GPC card destroy it ALL SPENDING MUST BE DONE ON DOD EMALL FOR BOTH MPA & OMA

3 Laundry/Alterations & Marksmanship Items
All Laundry/Alteration bills and marksmanship purchase requests must be submitted using USACC Form 60E with quote attached Inform vendor that it may take up to 30 days to process request Instructor responsible for getting the receipts to Bde after payment Do not ask a vendor to overcharge and list as CR Laundry/Alteration service bills can only be submitted 3 times during the school year Future goal is 100% laundry contracts Schools listed on next 2 slides will use contracted vendor for SY15, use of any other vendor will be at own expense

4 City Dry Cleaners 310 East 10th St Lumberton NC POC: Mr. Tommy Stevens Contract is Pending Award will be completed NLT 30 August 2014 East Columbus East Bladen Fairmont Lumberton Marlboro County Purnell Swett Red Springs Richmond Sr Saints Paul Scotland Co South Columbus South Robeson West Bladen West Columbus Whiteville Clinton (NC) Corinth Holder Douglas Byrd Garner Magnet Goldsboro Knightdale Harnett Central Millbrook Hoke County Wake Forest Jack Britt West Johnston Lakewood William Enloe Lee County Rosewood South View Southern Lee Triton Union Wallace Rose Hill Western Harnett Westover Charles B. Aycock Cleveland

5 Vogue Cleaners of Salisbury Inc.
106 N. Long St Salisbury, NC POC: Paul Woodson East Rowan West Rowan North Rowan South Rowan

6 Contract Requirements
Over $2,500 for transportation Over $3,000 for services & supplies Submit quote and USACC Form 112 Must be submitted 75 business days prior to start of event (ex. JCLC start 16 Jun, contract request must be submitted NLT mid-march timeframe)

7 Property Migration/Consolidation
Cadet Command G4 will initiate actions to transfer control and management of JROTC property from Installation Property Book Offices beginning 15 August 2014 MPS must complete and update HR, Signature Card (DA Form 1687), Request for Issue (DA Form 3161) and a Duty Appointment Memorandum

8 Transportation (USACC 112)
Decide mode of travel- school bus, commercial or rental vehicle, submit 112 with quote Must not exceed $2,500 Responsible for making all arrangement and confirming travel Must state on 112 how vendor will be paid (check or credit card) Services Rendered Statement and Final Invoice must be submitted within 5 days of return

9 DoD Emall Purchase all OMA and MPA items Emall ONLY
MILSTRIP Fund Codes (MPA-35, OMA-ZZ) Search for MILSTRIP Vendors DoD Emall tutorial very helpful in using Emall Goal is to make all JROTC users shoppers only

10 RECONS Will be produced 1st each month and must be returned back to SSA before 10th each month Must include signed DA Form 1348 or a signed memorandum with list of document numbers Must check your items on order at least every 15 days to confirm status

11 Property Accountability
Must perform sensitive item inventories by serial numbers every month All other inventories must be perform IAW CC SOP If items are missing, lost or damage must complete DD Form 200 (FLIP-L)immediately and forward to Bde with supporting documents New Supply Inspection

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