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"The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world."

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2 "The death of a beautiful woman is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world."
“Sound loves to revel near a summer night.” Edgar Allan Poe “The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins?” “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

3 Table of Contents ABC Time Line COD Glossary Sources Used

4 Timeline John Allan inherits a fortune after his uncle dies. Edgar Allan Poe was born on Jan. 19, 1809 in Boston. Poe receives the rank of sergeant. Poe goes to school in England. 1810 1815 1820 1825 Poe’s mother dies on December 8, Mr. and Mrs. Allan adopt Poe. Poe drops out of school because John Allan won't give him any money. Poe writes and prints his first book, "Tamerlane and other Poems". Poe can't support himself so he joins the United States Army. (1827)

5 Timeline Continued Mrs. Allan dies in 1829 and Poe applies to West Point. John Allan dies in 1834 and leaves Poe nothing in his will. Poe marries his young cousin Virginia Clemm on May 16, 1836. Poe writes "The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841. 1830 1835 1840 Poe purposely gets kicked out of West Point in 1831. Poe won a hundred dollar prize for "The Gold Bug“ in 1843. "Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque", Poe's first volume of short stories, is published in He receives no money from the publisher. Poe wins a contest for "The Manuscript Found in a Bottle".

6 Timeline Continued 1845 Poe moves back to New York City in 1844.
Poe’s Wife, Virginia Clemm dies of tuberculosis on January 30, 1847. 1845 On October 3, Poe is found half conscious and is taken to a hospital. Edgar Allan Poe dies 4 days later on October 7, 1849. Poe writes the “Raven.”

7 A B C D Allan, John and his wife “adopted” Edgar Allan Poe around the death of Poe’s mother. Boston, Massachusetts was where Edgar Allan Poe was born. Chelsea Elementary was Poe’s primary school. December 8, 1811, Edgar Allan Poe’s mother died.

8 E Earned the nickname Father of the detective story by writing the first detective story where the crime was solved using Forensic evidence. The story was Murders In the rue morgue. F G First story was Manuscript in a bottle. Gentlemans magazine was where poe worked as an editor from

9 H I J Hop-Frog was one of Poe’s short stories in which he published in 1845. Israfel was one of Poe’s poems. James P. Moss, was Poe’s friend with whom he stayed with when he was in Philadelphia.

10 KL M Kingsbury Road was the street Poe lived on in New York.
Ligeia was a poem written by poe in 1838. Manuscript in a Bottle was Poe’s first short story.

11 N O P Nantucket was a novel written by Poe.
October 3, 1849, Poe was found outside of Gunner’s Hall unconscious. Philadelphia-Poe visited and stayed with two friends in Philadelphia.(John Sartain, and James P. Moss)

12 Q R S Quaint is a good word to describe Poe.
Richmond-Poe married Virginia Clemm in Richmond in 1836. Sergeant-Poe was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army.

13 T U V Tamerlane and other Poems was Poe’s first book.
Ulalume was a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. Virginia Clemm was Edgar Allan Poe’s wife. they married on May 16, 1836.

14 W X Y West Point was the school poe attended as a cadet in 1830.
X-ing a Paragrab was one of Poe’s greatest stories of all time. “Years of love have been forgot In the hatred of a minute,” is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe.

15 Z Zonked is a good word to describe Poe.

16 Glossary Quaint- unusual
Zonked- under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

17 Cause of Death Alcohol Theory- When people are asked about Poe’s death most think of this theory. Poe engaged in drinking during Virginia Clemm’s long illness, (his wife). The theory is that Poe died of delirium because he was intoxicated. It is not likely that Poe died of alcoholism because, although he drank quite a bit, it was not enough to kill him. Disease Theory- There are several thoughts of what disease, or problem killed him, such as rabies, tuberculosis, heart disease, diabetes, brain fever, epilepsy, and brain lesions. Poe may have died from disease as he wrote in his letters to Maria Clemm, “I have been so ill — have had the cholera, or spasms quite as bad, and can now hardly hold the pen . . .” Although he later wrote, “You will see at once, by the handwriting of this letter, that I am better — much better in health and spirits.” Cooping Theory- Theory given in vast majorities of Poe biographies. Political gangs were willing to go to great extremes to ensure the success of their candidates. Election ballots were stolen, judges were bribed and potential voters for the opposition intimidated. Some gangs were known to kidnap innocent bystanders, holding them in a room, called the “coop.” These poor souls were then forced to go in and out of poll after poll, voting over and over again. Their clothing might even be changed to allow for another round. To ensure compliance, their victims were plied with liquor and beaten. Poe’s weak heart would never have withstood such abuse.

18 The Cooping Theory We believe this is how Edgar Allan Poe died. He was found wearing someone else’s clothes. He was also found near a bar and a voting center on election day. In addition, Baltimore elections were known to be very violent.

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