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Vocab & Art Smart Terms Cavalry Casualty Ironclad

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1 Unit 6: The Civil War & Reconstruction Chapter 16: The Civil War Section 2: Early Years of the War

2 Vocab & Art Smart Terms Cavalry Casualty Ironclad
Why did the South think that they could win the war? Rank the top 5 advantages the North had over the South

3 Did the North & South expect a long war?
What does this picture represent?

4 First Battle of Bull Run
Lincoln grows impatient for action. North & South finally meet in Virginia. July 21, 1861

5 General Irvin McDowell
Led 30,000 inexperienced Union troops into Virginia. Goal: Manassas Railroad Junction near Bull Run River Why was the railroad junction important?

6 General P.G.T. Beauregard
Confederate General meets McDowell’s troops at Bull Run.


8 The Union was winning the Battle of Bull Run!

9 Until they hit a stonewall…

10 General Thomas Jackson
Confederate General Saved the day for the South Earned the nickname “Stonewall” “There stands Jackson like a stonewall! Rally behind the Virginians!”

11 The North lost the Battle of Bull Run.



14 As we neared the bridge the rebels opened a very destructive fire upon us, mowing down our men like grass, and caused even greater confusion than before. Our artillery and baggage wagons became fouled with each other, completely blocking the bridge, while the bomb shells bursting on the bridge made it "rather unhealthy" to be around. As I crossed on my hands and knees, Capt. Smith who was crossing by my side at the same time was struck by a round shot at the same time and completely cut in two. After I crossed I started up the hill as fast as my legs could carry and passed through Centreville and continued on to Fairfax where we arrived about 10 o'clock halting about 15 minutes, then kept on to Washington where we arrived about 2 o'clock Monday noon more dead than alive, having been on our feet 36 hours without a mouthful to eat, and traveled a distance of 60 miles without twenty minutes halt.



17 Effect

18 McDowell, you are FIRED! Awww……

19 George McClellan, you are HIRED!

20 15 minute Art Activity In your notes, Draw a detailed picture of the First Battle of Bull Run: Be sure to include: -Bull Run River -Manassas Railroad Junction -Spectators -General McDowell (Union) vs. General Beauregard (Confederacy) -Union Advance stopped by General “Stonewall” Jackson -Union “Skedaddles” back to Washington -Mission to capture Richmond fails -Lincoln fires McDowell and hires McClellan











31 War at Sea Monitor vs. Merrimack
March, 1862 Merrimack – C.S.A Monitor - Union



34 POP QUIZ STUDY GUIDE Describe the success and failures for each part of the Union’s Anaconda Plan:

35 War in the West

36 Victories for the North
Ulysses S. Grant The Union’s best General Captured Fort Henry and Fort Donelson (TN River) Won Battle of Shiloh (April 1862)

37 “No terms except Unconditional Surrender!”

38 New Orleans Falls Union Captured New Orleans on April, 1862
With these Union victories, the North controlled the Mississippi River and split the south! David Farragut Union Commander at New Orleans

39 Union Controls the Miss. River
Now, let’s head back east . . .

40 War in the East McClellan’s Campaign
Union General of the Army of the Potomac Drill, Drill, Drill! Hesitated on the field Goal: Capture Richmond (June, 1862) Why Richmond?

41 “I had a Sergeant Driscoll, a brave man, and one of the best shots in the Brigade. When charging up Malvern Hill, a company was posted in a clump of trees, who kept up a fierce fire on us. . . Their officer seemed to be a daring, reckless boy, and I said to Driscoll, ‘if that officer is not taken down, many of us will fall . . .’ ‘Leave that to me,’ said Driscoll; so he raised his rifle and the moment the officer exposed himself again bang went Driscoll, and over went the officer, his company at once breaking away. . . I stood looking on. Driscoll turned (the officer) over on his back. He (the officer) opened his eyes for a moment, and faintly murmured ‘Father,’ and closed them forever. I will forever recollect the frantic grief of Driscoll; it was harrowing to witness. He (the officer) was his son, who had gone South before the war.” -Battlefield Tragedy, 1862

42 Who was waiting for McClellan in Richmond?
June, 1862

43 Robert E. Lee & J.E.B. Stuart
Confederate Commander Confederate Cavalry Commander Lee’s “eyes and ears”

44 June 1862 Lee stopped McClellan from taking Richmond.

45 2nd Battle of Run


47 Great victory! Now take full command and invade the North!
Why did Jefferson Davis want Lee to invade the north?


49 Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862
Lee invades Maryland Lee & Stuart combine forces with “Stonewall” Jackson against McClellan vs.



52 September 13, 1862


54 According to the records, the XII Corps, 1st division of General Alpheus Williams, was bivouacked about a mile southeast of Frederick, Maryland, on a meadow occupied the day before by Confederate General D. H. Hill's command. Around 10 a.m. on the 13th of September, 1862, Private Barton W. Mitchell of the 27th Indiana, along with Sergeant John M. Bloss, discovered an envelope containing three cigars wrapped in a piece of paper lying in the grass. The document turned out to be a copy of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's orders for the Invasion of Maryland. The dispatch was addressed to Confederate General Hill. Passed up through the chain of command, the captured order gave Union General George B. McClellan advance notice of his enemy's movements. Holding the paper, McClellan exclaimed, "Here is a paper with which, if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home."


56 What did McClellan do? He learned that Lee’s army was divided into four parts. He had a great chance to overwhelm Lee’s army one piece at a time. Overly cautious! Waited 4 days to attack. Gave Lee a chance to gather his forces.








64 Battle of Antietam September 17, 1862 Single bloodiest day of the war
6,000 Union and Confederate soldiers die 17,000 wounded Lee is outnumbered Lee sends in every soldier. McClellan hesitates. Fight ends in stalemate. Lee’s invasion is over. Lincoln begs McClellan to follow and crush Lee.


66 to be continued . . . I ordered you to follow and destroy Lee’s army!
………! McClellan, you’re FIRED! Ambrose Burnside, you’re HIRED! Ummm, okay . . . to be continued . . .


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