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Intermediate Care Services Presented by: Donna Roberts Clinical Team Lead – Intermediate Care and Rapid Response.

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1 Intermediate Care Services Presented by: Donna Roberts Clinical Team Lead – Intermediate Care and Rapid Response

2 One stop Referral / Access Number 0845 113 0761 Operational hours 08:30 – 22:00, 7 days a week -Bed based Hollybank House (21 Beds) -Bed based Richmond Hall (8 Beds) -Up to 13 ‘Spot Purchase’ beds -Frail Elderly Pathway -Rapid Response -Clinical Intervention – Query Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) / Positive DVT / Intravenous (IV) Pathways -5:00 pm – 10:00 pm additional Planned / Unplanned Community Nurse Caseload including COPD -Central Base supporting whole of Walsall Borough with 2 hour maximum response time -Number of referrals per month to Intermediate Care = 700 -IV Community Capacity: 6 Multiple dose patients and 6 Single dose patients. Intermediate Care Services

3 Mobile Technology –Laptops, Mobile phones / Blackberries Transport including minor adaptations Equipment store on site Medi-well 365 Access to short term emergency care provision Access to ‘Step Up’ ICT beds to avoid hospital admission Supportive Systems

4 HealthCouncil Team 1 x Clinical Team Lead1 x ICT Service Manager 26 x Nurses 1 x Hollybank House Manager (inc. 1 Mental Health Nurse) 1 x Deputy Manager 9 x Physiotherapists 4 x Senior Reablement Officers 7 x Occupational Therapists 42 x Reablement Officers 9 x Assistant Practitioners / 3 x Cooks Technical Support4 x Domestic Staff 4 x Administrative Team 2 x Social Workers Meet the Integrated Team

5 Based at Hollybank House: Deliver 24 / 7 care to the 21 patients Perform / implement all care planning –Kitchen Skills –Therapy / Lifestyle –Mobility –Personalisation Council Team

6 Training Led by Health (Phase I and II) Examples: –Minor Wound Care –Infection Control Awareness –Pressure Ulcer Prevention –PEG feed training –Stoma Care –Dehydration Awareness –Epilepsy Awareness

7 Current Status Average Length of Stayfor Hollybank House15 days Weekly Patient Flow at Hollybank House8

8 Next Steps for Integrated Service -Complete competency frameworks and training for Council Staff Team -Personalisation approach including documentation training for all staff team -Completion of on-going building works -Dementia Care Aspect -A fully integrated Intermediate Care Service for Walsall, for Health and Social Care -Locality Integration to support GP / patient centred approach

9 Patient Feedback for Hollybank House “I wish to bring to your attention your excellent staff at Hollybank House. They all work very hard, are very good at what they do, and are all very dedicated staff. I have enjoyed my time at Hollybank House and I have never come across such a wonderful place. Your staff work very hard with clients, to get them motivated and get them mobilising and being more independent and happy. A big thank you to Cedar and Elm unit staff. I feel the general public of the West Midlands, should be informed of the good work achieved at Hollybank House. Also the office staff, have been helpful and kind, helping me with telephone and always happy to listen to me. I enjoyed making cakes / scones with the staff as part of my activity programme.”

10 Patient Feedback for Hollybank House All staff at Hollybank have been wonderful - a nice place to be. All my family feel the same I wish to thank all the wonderful staff who have looked after me from the welcome on arrival and during my stay. Choice of food is perfect and lovely cooked. A big thank you from my family and all the visitors for your kindness. I shall always look back on my stay here with happy memories What you have done for me means a lot Alan and I wish to tell you how much we appreciate your friendliness, support and kindness whilst on Ash. It made such a difference to Alan’s recovery and helped us to cope better. Alan is still improving with lots of help from the Physio’s. A ramp was installed last week so he will now be able to get out of the house and meet a few people at the local shops. Keep up the good work. It really makes a huge difference. Best wishes to you all Just to say a big thank you to all your amazing staff A sincere thank you all for helping to return my mobility and all the help you gave me to gain my confidence back

11 Any questions? Thank you for listening

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