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Twickenham Academy, London Borough of Richmond

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1 Twickenham Academy, London Borough of Richmond

2 Together, EAL and mainstream teachers plan lessons/curriculum responsive to the needs of all learners: monolingual, bilingual and multilingual EAL and mainstream teachers lead the lessons together – both teachers deliver different parts of the lesson EAL and mainstream teachers responsible for behaviour for learning of their class EAL and mainstream teachers responsible for AFL EAL and mainstream teachers co-mark students’ work and assess them together EAL and mainstream teachers follow a Partnership Cycle routine

3 Set GoalsExperimentEvaluateDisseminateReview



6 EAL TeacherMainstream (English) Teacher Language for All literacy strategy + uses EAL teacher’s linguistic expertise to the maximum Having someone who specialises in language in the classroom Elevates the status of EAL practitioners in schools: in the classroom, EAL and mainstream teachers are seen by students as equal EAL teacher offers linguistic knowledge to students in detail – feels this furthers their comprehension Gets students to reflect on the language they use and improves their writing Another teacher brings their passions and strengths – helpful to students Planning together makes me understand the processes involved in English teaching better and improve my own practice Thought planning would be a challenge, but we planned together fun and interesting lessons! – benefits of two brains! Support of all students without singling out individual EAL students – social inclusion! Great to find another teacher’s methods and ideas Great to have a specialist in the classroom to help students improve their skills that will be key to their success in their GCSEs

7 9. Class/subject teachers should plan collaboratively with EAL support teachers or teaching assistants. There should be a focus on both language and subject content in lesson planning. Partnership Teaching certainly fulfils this!

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