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Learner Induction Presentation 2013. Welcome to RACC RACC is an Outstanding college (Ofsted, May 2010 ) with a community of approximately 10,000 learners.

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1 Learner Induction Presentation 2013

2 Welcome to RACC RACC is an Outstanding college (Ofsted, May 2010 ) with a community of approximately 10,000 learners. Please note any information you would like to keep during this presentation This presentation is also kept online on the college student intranet (an online area for learner resources)

3 Click on the Student Intranet link to get to Moodle

4 Click on Learner Services to get the learner handbook, learner induction, free learning resources and college policies and procedures

5 The Course Outline is available on the website. Here is some key information about this course: Tutor name: Tutor email: Course start and end dates: Half term dates: Learner Forum Dates: Exam details (if relevant): Curriculum leader (for specific queries which can’t be answered by your tutor):

6 Facilities Location of nearest toilets: (tutor to supply details). Refreshments: The canteen at the Clifden site offers hot meals, sandwiches, drinks and snacks. At the Parkshot site in the business school, drinks and light meals are available, and there are a number of shops and cafes nearby. There are water dispensers in key areas for your convenience.

7 Your learner handbook. Your tutor will provide you a copy of one if you don’t have one with you. You can find information about How to give feedback Code of conduct for learners Use of mobile phones Learning Resource Centres and Library Services How to access moodle and college wifi

8 The Student code of conduct Please be aware there is a code of conduct for all learners as found in your handbook which sets expectations for: – Attendance – Behaviour – Academic progress and meeting deadlines Regular and punctual attendance is very important. If you do have to miss a session, please try to let your tutor know in advance by email.

9 Health and Safety There is a notice in each classroom giving emergency exit routes and assembly points Please ensure that you look at the evacuation routes regularly as they will change as the building works proceed at Parkshot Please inform your tutor if you need help leaving the building. We are all responsible for our own and other people’s safety. Please report anything which you think may be a hazard.

10 First Aid If there is an incident where first aid is required please report this to reception immediately. First Aid boxes are kept at reception, caretaker offices, the canteen and most art studios.

11 Adult Safeguarding and Child Protection You have the right to feel safe where you learn. If you think you have been hurt or abused by another learner, member of staff or visitor, you should report this as soon as possible. Ask your tutor or reception staff to put you in touch with one of the college’s Safeguarding Officers.

12 Safeguarding Officers Parkshot, Richmond - Janet Croney, Mandy Blennerhassett or Fern-Chantele Carter Clifden, Twickenham - Jenny Lawrence or Gaynor Bray Email: Phone: 07940 567 639 See the Learner Handbook for Personal Safety Hints and Tips

13 Information, Advice and Guidance The College offers a course information service, and advice and guidance on future courses and career routes To make an appointment to see the IAG advisor, either: Email: Tel: 0208 439 or Visit the IAG office at Parkshot reception

14 Additional Learning Support If you have a disability, sensory impairment, mental health or learning difficulty, we may be able to provide: Individual support in class e.g. note-taker, reader, signer Specialist equipment and how to use it (including IT) Extra workshops e.g. dyslexia Help with English and Maths to help you succeed on your course Please note any special examination arrangements must be requested within 4 weeks of starting your course

15 Learning Support and mental health drop-in sessions We offer drop-in sessions for quick information about general learning support: Tuesdays 12:00 – 13:30, Clifden Centre Fridays 09:00 – 11:00, Parkshot Centre And drop-in sessions for quick information about learning support for mental health difficulties: Mondays (fortnightly) 15.30-17.30, Clifden Centre Please contact Jenny Lawrence for further information on or Tel: 020 8891 5907 ext.

16 RACC IT WiFi access is now available across the college using the “RACC-Guest” wireless network. Access is available to all students with a valid RACC network account To use RACC WiFi and Moodle you will need your RACC username (your student number – supplied at enrolment) and password (your date of birth in the format ddmmyyyy. e.g. 02/07/1969 - must be typed in as 02071969) You are bound by an acceptable use policy when using the college Wifi access, which is available on Moodle Data you create during your course will be deleted when your course finishes. Please backup your data regularly

17 Involving you in your learning Your tutor will help you to create an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) early on in the course. This will help you to get feedback on your progress on your course, and what you need to do to succeed. You will review and update your ILP at regular points throughout the course. On some courses you will be completing an electronic ILP

18 Equality and Diversity We value everybody at RACC, regardless of gender, age, race, marital status, language, cultural, social or religious background, and physical, sensory or intellectual difficulty, sexual orientation or HIV status. We hope that you feel part of a community at RACC. All staff and learners at the college are expected to value and celebrate the diversity brought into the college.

19 Learner Feedback If you wish to comment, compliment or make a suggestion email or fill in the college feedback form (available at reception or on our website) If you have a more serious complaint: Read our complaints policy and complete a complaints form (available at reception or on our website)

20 Other ways you can feed back: You will be asked to complete a course evaluation towards the end of your course. Your class representative will be invited to a termly Learner Forum meeting or to complete a short survey. If you have tutorial sessions, you can feed back to your tutor about your own progress, or any comments about the course or the college.

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