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Update for the Virginia Manufacturers Association The Virginia Department of Labor & Industry C. Ray Davenport Commissioner September 2014 Photo Courtesy.

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1 Update for the Virginia Manufacturers Association The Virginia Department of Labor & Industry C. Ray Davenport Commissioner September 2014 Photo Courtesy Micron Corp.

2 Our Mission To make Virginia a better place in which to work, live, and conduct business. Photo Courtesy Volvo Trucks

3 What We Do:  Registered Apprenticeship - promotes job training.  Labor Law - protects children from hazardous employment and works to insure fairness in payment of wage.  Cooperative Programs - promotes best practices for safety and health through Voluntary Consultation and SHARP activities.  Boilers and Pressure Vessels - ensures safe operation of those devices through registration and inspections.  Compliance – VOSH promotes safe and healthful workplaces through inspections, investigations and VPP activities.

4 Virginia is Business Friendly  2009 - #1 on Forbes’ list of Best States for Business.  2010 and 2011 - #2.  2013 Virginia returned to #1 on the Forbes list.  This ranking looks at six important factors for businesses: costs, labor supply, regulatory environment, current economic climate, growth prospects and quality of life.  Virginia ranks first among the states in the regulatory category because of its business-friendly government policies and strong incentive offerings.

5 Businesses in Virginia  General Dynamics – Falls Church  Norfolk Southern Corp. – Norfolk  Dollar Tree Stores – Chesapeake  Altria - Richmond  Northrup Grumman – Falls Church  Capital One Financial – McLean  Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News  Rosetta Stone – Arlington  Of regions with populations of 1.5 million or less, Richmond ranked number two across the country for the total number of Fortune 1000 companies (behind only Bridgeport, CT). 1

6 It’s Not All Big Business

7 Virginia Encourages Small Business Economic growth in the state will necessitate job growth from the state’s smallest businesses. July 2014 – Governor McAuliffe signed Executive Order #20: Advancing Equity for Small, Women, and Minority Owned Business. This administration is committed to spending greater than 42% of procurement expenditures with SWaM businesses. Memo from Maurice Jones, Secretary of Commerce and Trade August 1, 2014

8 The Economist - July 6, 2014 Small Business Friendliness MD: C- DE: C PA/NJ: D NC: C+ VA: A+

9 Reshoring Recently, there has been somewhat of a renewed interest in manufacturing in America. Walmart announced this spring that it would promise to buy $50 million more in U.S. made products over the next decade. In June, Governor McAuliffe announced that the Shandong Tranlin Paper Company, a leading Chinese pulp and paper company, will invest $2 billion over five years to establish its first U.S. advanced manufacturing operation in Chesterfield County, Virginia. This project is expected to create 2,000 new jobs by 2020.

10 Why Reshoring?  Labor costs are increasing offshore.  Price of oil and transportation costs has increased.  Foreign labor pools are limited.  Delivery time, QC and other supply chain issues.  Negative publicity from working conditions brought to light following factory fires and building collapses like the one at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh in April 2013 which left 1100 garment workers dead.

11 What is VOSH?  VOSH is the Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Program.  Virginia is among the 26 states that operate their own OSHA plans. Two territories, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands also operate their own OSHA plans.  Being business friendly doesn’t mean we don’t enforce workplace safety and health regulations.

12 When will VOSH Inspect or Investigate?  A fatality occurs at your facility  A catastrophe occurs at your facility  A First Report of Injury is received that reports an amputation or any other illness or injury that is a point of interest for VOSH  A referral is received  A complaint is received  Your company appears on a scheduled inspection list To prevent tragedies like the Rana Plaza collapse; the West, TX fertilizer plant explosion; and the Hamlet, NC chicken processing plant fire.

13 What VOSH does not do…  Motor vehicle related deaths  Transportation Federal facilities/employees (post office employees, air traffic/FAA facilities)  Military facilities  Industries covered by other regulatory authorities (mines, railroads)  Maritime activities  Workplace deaths that are a result of natural causes

14 VOSH Inspections/Investigations State FY 2014 Conducted 2,819 inspections including: 435 complaints 47 fatalities or catastrophes Issued 4,139 violations Conducted 510 general industry safety inspections Conducted 482 general industry health inspections

15 Annual Work Deaths in the US 4,628 - 2012 4,693 - 2011 4,690 - 2010 4,551 - 2009 5,214 - 2008 5,657 - 2007 5,840 - 2006 5,734 - 2005 5,764 - 2004 20 deaths in Virginia investigated by VOSH this year*

16 2012 Work Related Fatalities 4,628 Total More fatal work injuries resulted from transportation incidents than from any other event in 2012. Roadway incidents alone accounted for one out of every four fatal work injuries. (Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries)*

17 What are the Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Standards in General Industry ?

18 #10: 1910.0132 - Personal protective equipment-general requirements Hazard assessment has been completed and there is a written certification Provided, used and maintained where needed Employees have been trained and there is written certification Employer is responsible for employee supplied equipment

19 #9: 1910.0178- Powered industrial trucks Equipment designed for area it will be used in Operators are trained and competent Performance evaluations conducted every three years Certifications of training and evaluations Trucks in need of repair are taken out of service until repaired

20 #8: 1910.0219- Mechanical power- transmission apparatus Horizontal shafting Projecting shaft ends (no more than ½ diameter of shaft) Pulleys less than 7’ above the floor Sprockets and chains Keys and setscrews protected Guards are securely fixed

21 #7: 1910.0215- Abrasive wheel machinery Spindle, nut and flange projections are covered Rigid work rests adjusted to 1/8” from the wheel Wheels mounted between flanges not less than 1/3 diameter of wheel Wheels are inspected before mounting No more than ¼” between wheel periphery and tongue

22 #6: 1910.0157-Portable fire extinguishers Mounted Inspected Maintained Are employees trained if they are expected to use

23 #5: 1910.0212-General requirements for machine guarding Machines anchored to prevent walking Original guards maintained Guards fabricated where needed Just because it didn’t come with a guard doesn’t excuse you from having one

24 #4: 1910.0303- General electrical requirements Electrical equipment free of recognized hazards likely to cause serious harm or death Listed or labeled equipment used in accordance with listing labeling Live parts guarded against contact

25 #3: 1910.0134-Respiratory protection Provided by employer when necessary Written program Medical exams Fit tests Maintenance and care Provides the right protection

26 #2: 1910.1200-Hazard Communication Written Program Training Material Safety Data Sheets Chemical Inventory Labeling

27 #1- 1910.0305: Wiring methods, components, and equipment for general use Electrical Continuity of metal raceways General illumination lamps protected against accidental contact Flexible cords used only as approved Conductors entering boxes protected against abrasion

28 Virginia Unique Administrative Regulation Manual (ARM) §120 and 130 - The employer shall comply with the manufacturer’s specifications and limitations applicable to the operation, training, use, installation, inspection, testing, repair and maintenance of all machinery, vehicles, tools, materials and equipment; unless specifically superseded by a more stringent corresponding requirement in Part 1910/1926.

29 What we can do to help you?  Free Safety and Health Consultation Services  Available to small employers  Consultants will visit your site and explain what you need to do to be in compliance  You are not at an increased risk for a compliance inspection  No citations and No penalties

30 What is Virginia’s Voluntary Protection Program?  Be known as one of the “Best of the Best”  Commitment vs. Compliance  A foundation for continuous improvement  Voluntary  No Fees!  An OSHA Exemption program  VPP is the Gold Standard for Safety and Heath recognition in America  A cooperative relationship between management, employees and DOLI

31 Department of Labor & Industry It starts with Management Leadership….. It’s complete when the Employee becomes involved.

32 Valuing and caring for human resources Demonstrating a visible commitment Setting high expectations and accountability for safety Motivating proper behaviors with leaderships examples of safety excellence “Walk the Talk” Providing resources to affect change Encouraging employee involvement Management Commitment includes:

33 Safety suggestion reviews Training other employees Pre-use tool/equipment inspections Developing work instructions PPE change reviews Job Safety Analysis creation and reviews Conducting routine inspections Creating new training materials Evaluating contractor performance Providing insights to affect change And many other activities Employee Involvement can be demonstrated by:

34 Who is in Virginia’s VPP?

35 Current Virginia Statistics  First Star Worksite in 1996  (GE Salem)  60 Star Worksites  42 Active Star Worksites  26 Different companies  20 Different industries  Size from 11 to 1,100 employees


37 VPP Application Process *Employer can withdraw at ANY time Initial inquiry by employer Initial gap review by VPP Manager and Regional VPP Coordinator Select a Mentor for the site, visit other VPP sites Complete application sent to VPP Manager Employer and VOSH prepare for on-site review On-site review conducted Report submitted for review Report revised by VOSH Report submitted to DOLI Commissioner Commissioner approves

38 What are the results for a VPP site

39 Pfizer Richmond (now FAREVA) Lost Time Accident Rate History

40 Crystal Hill, VA Site Began VPP

41 It works in the public sector too Lunenburg Correctional Center

42 Safety is not an expense – it is an investment!


44 Need More Information? Visit our website at: Visit the OSHA site at: Visit the VA Dept. of Business Assistance site at: Don’t miss the 19 th Annual Virginia Occupational Safety and Health Conference, being presented in cooperation with the Virginia State Association of Occupational Health Nurses during October 8-10, 2014 at the Embassy Suites Hampton Roads Hotel, Spa & Convention Center in Hampton, Virginia.

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