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Dr. Irene Williams, Executive Director of Elementary Education Dr. Ernestine Scott, Director of Federal Programs Every Moment Counts: Preparing New Teachers.

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1 Dr. Irene Williams, Executive Director of Elementary Education Dr. Ernestine Scott, Director of Federal Programs Every Moment Counts: Preparing New Teachers for Success 1

2 RPS Snapshot RPS has 46 Schools:  24 of 28 Elementary Schools are Title I  All 8 Middle Schools are Title I  2 of the 8 High Schools are Title I  1 Military Academy serving grades 6-12  1 Center-Based Exceptional Education School 2

3 RPS Demographics 3 Student Membership 24,000 (as of 10/10) Ethnic Breakdown  African American83%  Native American<1%  Asian<1%  Hawaiian <1%  Hispanic 6.6%  White9.2%  Other <1% Elementary class size(K-3) 16:1 – 18:1 (4-5) 22:1 Middle/High class size22:1 Exceptional Ed population19% Free/Reduced Lunch Rate75%

4 Richmond Public Schools New Teacher Training 2010-11 RPS welcomed 212 new teachers – 84 had prior experience – 116 had “0” experience – 100 were Secondary – 112 were Elementary – RPS has a total of 2,125 teachers Professional Development and Orientation Opportunities are provided to assist new teachers: – New Teacher Institute – Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) Program – Mentor Teacher Program – Partnerships with Business Community 4

5 New Teacher Training – con’t New Teacher Training and Mentoring opportunities are provided to: – Promote teacher support and collaboration – Increase student achievement – Increase teacher retention in the district – Provide teachers with additional support to provide high quality effective instruction in the classroom – Empower teachers to access resources from district Instructional Specialists 5

6 New Teacher Institute 6 The New Teacher Institute is a four- day training for teachers who are new to Richmond Public Schools. The Institute provides an orientation to the school district and training to ensure the success of our new teachers. The Institute includes: In-depth training on the RPS Instructional Model Review of RPS Standards and Resources In-depth training on Secondary and Elementary content Training on Classroom Management and Bullying Training from various departments (Human Resources, Safety & Security, Nutrition Services)

7 The Richmond Teacher Residency (RTR) Program was designed to increase student achievement by recruiting, preparing and supporting outstanding teachers. The program provides:  A Year-long residency with a classroom teacher before they become independent teachers of record  Additional benefits in exchange for three-year commitment to teach in a high-need secondary school  No-cost/low cost housing for two-years  Reduced tuition fees  Fees to pursue National Board Certification  Partnership with VA Commonwealth University (VCU) faculty for training 7 Coaching and Mentoring Program – RTR

8 Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities -RTR Richmond Teacher Residency Program Intensive School-based teacher preparation Year-long residency with trained Master classroom teacher RTR Graduates receive Professional Development for three years Trained Mentor- Coach for each resident teacher High - Quality training to ensure teacher success 8

9 Cycle of Support In Achieving Long Term Improvement Teacher In-Class Coaching Feedback, Conferences and Planning with Teachers Study Groups and Grade Level Teams In-Class Modeling 9

10 Coaching and Mentoring for New Teachers: Mentor - Teacher Program Goals of the Mentor-Teacher Program for New Teachers:  Improve new teacher retention  Improve skills and teaching performance of new teachers  Support new teacher morale, communication and collegiality  Assist new teachers in making transition into full time teaching and to higher levels of student achievement 10

11 Coaching and Mentoring for New Teachers: Mentor -Teacher Program Mentor – Teacher Program  Provides training for mentor teachers assigned to teachers with “zero” experience  A blend of the traditional Mentoring Model and the New Teacher Center (Santa Cruz Mentoring) Model.  Mentor- Teachers are assigned for the school year  Experienced teachers are assigned a buddy for assistance 11

12 Coaching and Mentoring Program Classroom Supporter Increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction Data Coach Ensures student achievement data drive instructional decisions at the classroom and school level Resource Provider Expands teacher’s use of a variety of resources to improve instruction Instructional Specialist Aligns instruction with the curriculum to meet the needs of the student Learning Facilitator Designs collaborative, job- embedded professional development 12

13 Mentoring and Coaching for New Teachers Mentoring focuses on the growth and development for one’s success (guiding, facilitating, affirming) Mentoring increases competencies or skill sets Coaching focuses on improving performance and or behavior for success Coaching improves specific skills or competencies 13

14 RPS’s Coaching and Mentoring Program The District uses Coaching and Mentoring to:  Increase effective teaching strategies  Develop high quality instruction in schools that need additional support  Improve use of data to drive instructional decisions  Increase the number of NBCT and master teachers in the district.  Provide additional competencies to increase expertise of staff in moving the district forward 14

15 Coaching Provides: A Menu of Services Appetizers Administering Assessments Providing Resources Data Analysis Collegial Visits Joint Lesson Planning OrganizingEntrees Model Lessons Team teach Small group instruction Observation and classroom management Differentiating instruction 15

16 Coaching Provides: A Menu of Services Desserts Brainstorming Collaboration Networking Problem Solving Technology Support 16

17 New Teacher Coaching Keeps focus on needs and success of the teacher Performance driven and often structured Collaborative and structured to develop specific skills or competencies Integrates content areas to provide additional opportunities for teaching and learning 17

18 New Teacher Mentoring  Builds trusting and positive relationships  Empowers, motivates and inspires  Demonstrates effective communication skills  Collaborates, models, listens and supports  Encourages personal and professional growth 18

19 The Impact for RPS  100% of schools achieved state accreditation in 2010 and 84% made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP).  Academic progress continues and in many areas exceeds the state average  A middle school teacher was named Virginia Teacher of the year in 2011  An increase in the number of teachers receiving their National Board certification 19

20 20 CONTACT INFORMATION: Dr. Irene L. Williams 808-780-7814 Dr. Ernestine H. Scott 804-780-7790

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