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Internet Searching

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1 Internet Searching

2 Start N arrow Think of all the words that would always appear on the perfect page.  with ALL the words field Think of all the distracting pages that might also turn up because the search term might have multiple meanings.  WITHOUT the words field

3 Query# Matches Imagine that you're interested in the legendary lost continent of Atlantis. There have been several movies with Atlantis in the title, but you're not interested in them. You are also not interested in the space shuttle Atlantis. Try this search... WITH ALL: Atlantis continent WITHOUT: shuttle film movie Write the number of hits you get below. Here's how to search for it badly: WITH ALL: Atlantis

4 Start N arrow continued… If there is a term with synonyms (means the same thing) which may appear on the same page  WITH AT LEAST ONE field The more specific the terms you include and exclude, the more focused your search.

5 Here's another search to try: WITH ALL: Waterbury WITH AT LEAST ONE: Vermont VT WITHOUT: Connecticut CT Here's how to search for Waterbury, VT. badly: WITH: Waterbury

6 Find E xact Phrases If you know a phrase, you can locate those words that appear together in that ORDER.  with the EXACT PHRASE field Useful if you can remember a distinctive phrase in something you’ve read (or heard) and need to locate it.

7 Query# Matches You've heard of a fine public university in the lower left corner of the United States and you want to know more about it. Try this search... EXACT PHRASE: San Diego State University Write the number of hits you get below. Here's how to search for it badly: WITH ALL: San Diego State University

8 Here are some more searches to try: EXACT PHRASE: Bill 602P EXACT PHRASE: let's roll EXACT PHRASE: stamping out urban legends EXACT PHRASE: Jenny kissed me when we met

9 T rim Back the URL  If you find a page that you like, it is often inside a folder.  Sometimes you’ll get a web page with more links.  Good to use when a page is moved or missing.

10 You found this Romeo & Juliet WebQuest that you really like. Are there more like that where this one came from? Start here: tion/projects/ webquests/shakespeare/ Now trim away the last part: tion/projects/ webquests/ What do you see? Trim it again, Sam: tion/projects/ tion/

11 Look for Similar Pages If you find a page that you like type it into the Similar field and the results will be sites that LIKE the page that you found. Suppose that you've discovered Tapped In, an online community of educators, and you're wondering what else like that is out there. Using Google's similarity search will surface a number of sites that are likely to interest you.Tapped In SIMILAR TO:

12 If you like the page and want to see who else is LINKED to that page, type the address in the Linked To field LINKED TO: www.tappedin.orgHere's another search to try: SIMILAR TO: LINKED TO:

13 Start arrow Use xac t Phrases rim the URL Seek imilar Pages


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