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Possible Uses of an Internet Web Site for the Law Enforcement Agency Presented by American Crime Prevention Institute.

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1 Possible Uses of an Internet Web Site for the Law Enforcement Agency Presented by American Crime Prevention Institute

2 Background The World Wide Web (WWW) is a recent addition to the Internet Previously, there were e-mail and newsgroups The Web became popular in the mid- 1990”s

3 The Web employs an interactive multimedia format to display “pages” as information In 1992, there were 30 Internet web sites. In 1999, there were over 6.5 million Internet web sites In 1999, there were 196 million Internet users worldwide, 80 million in the U.S. By 2003, more than 500 million people will be surfing the Web.

4 In 1996, 14.1 million U.S. women and 22.7 million men were online. By 2001, about 57.7 million of each will be online. Americans with Internet access spend an average of 11 hours a week online. News sites are the most popular, then travel, weather, music and technology. 46% of Americans send or receive e-mail each day Internet users average 5 hours less of TV watching than non-users “Digital Divide” is narrowing 30% of Americans do not use the Web

5 Recommendations Law enforcement agencies or divisions should each have an Internet web site Ideally, these agencies should have their own in- house webmaster Web site management should be ongoing Law enforcement agency web sites should be informative and interactive

6 Possible Uses of a Law Enforcement Web Site Information About Anthrax Oxnard, CA PD U.S. Postal Service: Message To America rd.htm Centers for Disease Control: How to Handle Anthrax Threats 1Handle/10122001Handle.asp

7 FBI: What Should You Do! CNN: 10 Things You Should Know About Anthrax 2/anthrax.ganda Red Cross: Terrorism – Preparing for the Unexpected expected.html

8 Information About Department to Public Contact information Mission statement Command personnel information Table of organization

9 Current Information About Department Activities Press releases Annual reports Citizen Police Academy Promotions and assignments National Night Out Victim assistance services

10 Check for recovered property - Nashville Metropolitan PD Community policing overview - Eugene, OR PD Police complaint procedures Speeding vehicles and traffic information Driver’s responsibility when stopped by police

11 Crime Data Uniform crime reports (UCRs) Demographic crime data Perspectives on crime trends

12 Agency Publications Online In-house publications Neighborhood Watch newsletters

13 Emergency Information Timely information during emergencies or disasters Evacuation routes Basic emergency first aid information Health advisories Tornado and earthquake procedures

14 Recruit Information Posting of vacant positions Job descriptions Employment process

15 Alerts Fugitive alerts Wanted suspects Public disclosure of sex offender information - Longview, WA (color photos) Cold Cases – unsolved crimes

16 Reduce Paperwork with Online Forms Encourage citizen participation and interaction Bicycle registration form - Chicago PD/University of Richmond PD “Suspected Crime Form” - Albuquerque, NM PD “Silent Witness” - University of Richmond PD- anonymous

17 “The Confidential Informant” - Kansas City PD - controlled substances or violent crime “Report an Ongoing Crime or Disturbance” - Santa Monica PD “Petty Theft/Car Burglary Report” - Santa Monica PD Operation I.D. - register personal property - University of Richmond PD

18 Crime Prevention Uses Neighborhood Watch information Residential security information Residential security surveys Apartment and condo security recommendations

19 Robbery prevention tips (for business) Community fax sign-up - weekly faxed bulletin - Santa Monica PD Fraud prevention tips (for business) Construction site theft - Eugene, OR PD Elder abuse - Eugene, OR PD Crime free multi-housing program - Mesa, AZ PD Halloween safety tips

20 Babysitter safety tips Local false alarm ordinance Local CPTED ordinance - Tempe, AZ PD Holiday safety tips Motor vehicle security recommendations Cyber-safety for children - Boulder, CO PD Internet safety recommendations - Boulder, CO PD Crimestoppers

21 Bicycle safety tips Shoplifting prevention tips (for business) Business travel tips - Spokane, WA PD Domestic violence - Nashville Metropolitan PD/Spokane, WA PD Safety tips for tourists - Seattle WA PD Workplace violence information - Spokane, WA PD Managing conflict - Spokane, WA PD/Downey CA PD

22 “How to Have a No-Bust Party” - Concord, CA PD Telemarketing fraud tips - Spokane, WA PD Graffiti management program - Palo Alto, CA Pd Business fax alerts - Seattle, WA PD Public transportation safety recommendation Farm and rural crime prevention recommendations ATM safety and security recommendations Personal safety tips

23 Favorite Internet Links Law Enforcement Sites Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATP) Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Institute of Justice

24 National Crime Prevention Counsel (NCPC) National Criminal Justice Reference Service Sokane, Washington Police Department Eugene, Oregon Police Department

25 Portland.Oregon Police Department Mesa, Arizona Police Department Boulder, Colorado Police Department Peel Regional Police (Ontario, Canada)

26 Marketing of an Internet Web Site Police Cars Local Newspapers Every Department Form Promotional Giveaways Buses Billboards

27 Movie Theaters School SRO’s Neighborhood Watch Signs Reverse 911® Public utility bill

28 THANK YOU The American Crime Prevention Institute is a division of the AEGIS Protection Group, Inc.

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