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Historical Aerial Photography of Wayne County, Indiana Shaun Scholer Wayne County/City of Richmond GIS Interlocal 765-973-9385

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1 Historical Aerial Photography of Wayne County, Indiana Shaun Scholer Wayne County/City of Richmond GIS Interlocal 765-973-9385

2 Wayne County Approximately 404 Sq Miles Richmond is the major city Total Population 69,000 Borders Ohio Holds the highest elevation in Indiana

3 Objectives –digitally archive deteriorating photo prints from the surveyors office for the years 1940, 61, 69, 80, 86, 92, and 94 –Share what we scanned Introduction

4 What really happened YearSeasonScaleScanning DPIPhoto Size 1936 leaf-on6606008 x 10 in 1940 leaf-on Leaf-off 660 100200 36 x 36 in 17 x 32 in 1954 leaf-off10020017 x 32 in 1961 leaf-on40020036 x 36 in 1969 leaf-on Leaf-off 400 10020036 x 36 in 1980 leaf-on40020036 x 36 in 1986 leaf-off40020036 x 36 in 1992 leaf-off40020036 x 36 in 1994 leaf-off40020036 x 36 in 1975 & 1979

5 The Value in Aerial Photography Historical aerial photos are comprehensive views of the last century for the city of Richmond and Wayne County Use this collection of photography to increase our understanding of key features of the land including forests, watersheds, agricultural and urban areas The ability to use aerial imagery to study temporal changes of land has grown tremendously as technology and software has grown

6 Uses of aerial photography Environmental studies Determining historic land use Assessing environmental sites Documenting historical sites Tracking vegetation growth River/runoff trends

7 Example Mound Builder Indian Sites 1936 1940 1990

8 Example Cemetery Site 19962006 2008

9 Its Used –Inside Government Assessor Planning and Zoning Surveyor –Outside Government Lawyers Environmental Assessments Firms Historians Archeologists Farmers

10 The Perfect Storm of… Equipment Personnel ProductsRelationships

11 Personnel Kevin Parish, Intern Purdue University East Gunty Atkins, County GIS Coordinator Susan Beeson, Richmond GIS Coordinator Bill Brown, Wayne County Surveyor Shaun Scholer, GIS Manager

12 Product County aerial photography –Larger sheets and easier to locate photo identifiable points City aerial photography –Larger scale with more detail but more difficult to find photo identifiable points in undeveloped areas –Existing orthophotography was use in the rubber-sheeting process Street intersections Fence corner posts USDA farmland assessment photography –This is occasionally marked up with field notes

13 Equipment Design Jet 4500 HP Scanner Capabilities –42 inch –600 dpi Server Storage Space –Approximately 200 GB

14 Relationships Internal Wayne County/City of Richmond GIS Interlocal County Surveyor Richmond Engineering External Indiana Spatial Data Portal –They will host your imagery for public download. Indiana Historical Aerial Photo Index (IHAPI) –Charge for imagery they have in inventory, however may swap if you have additional photography they need Local Natural Soil Conservation Service (NRCS) –Privacy of land owner information prevents sharing of much of their photography, however some older sets of imagery that don’t contain markups may be used

15 Alternative Sources Indiana State Archives Air National Guard –They flew imagery of the airports, however I don’t have any contacts Indiana State Library –They didn’t have any historical photography and referred me to the State Archives –They do possess copies of Sanborn maps, however can't be copied

16 Earth Explorer USGS Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS) Center –Medium Resolution available for download from Earth Explorer ~15 MB b/w images ~40 MB color images TIFF format 400 dpi. Single_Frame_Records

17 Farm Service Agency FSA Aerial Imagery Catalog Listing –1992, NAPP2 –1987, NAPP1 –1983, NHAP1 –1980, FSA –1975, NRCS –1969, FSA –1961, FSA –1956, FSA

18 Making the Imagery Publicly Accessible GIS Web Server – Overlaid with GIS layers ISDP – Available for download IHAPI – Available for Viewing without GIS overlays

19 Decision Points Finding Sources for aerial photography Finding additional funding for 1936 ( NPR Matching Grant method; I’ll match your dollar for dollar ) –Surveyor –GIS Interlocal –Planning and Zoning –Information Technology Department Technical Decision –Step 1… –Determining scan settings –Rubber-sheeting (when do you stop) –Creating the cropping tile –metadata

20 Processing Steps Hard CopyScan Rubber- sheet Image Cleanup Crop

21 Scan Settings 8 bit Grayscale Resolution 200 dpi, TIF Troubles with scanning –Prepping the maps for scanning –Keeping the scanner glass clean –Calibration streaks

22 Rubber-Sheet Process Affine – 4 Point Rectification Update Georeferencing command – (Save World File)

23 Cropping Tile The image “Sweet Spot” What's Consistent What’s Easy

24 Caution when rectifying to Existing Roads The Good, the bad and the ugly

25 Final Product Contrast, brightness and shifts

26 Looking Back Inventory years of imagery Swap imagery Proceed with Processing

27 Shaun Scholer Wayne County/City of Richmond GIS Interlocal 765-973-9385

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