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Chapter 16, section 5 The Way to Victory.

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1 Chapter 16, section 5 The Way to Victory

2 Southern Victories General Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia seemed unbeatable

3 Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville
Union general, Ambrose Burnside, clashed with Lee near Virginia The Confederates were entrenched Burnside resigned and Joseph Hooker replaced him Before Hooker could launch a full attack, Lee struck at Chancelorsville Although the Rebels won the battle, they suffered many casualties, including Stonewall Jackson

4 The Battle of Gettysburg
Lincoln replaced Hooker with General George Meade. The three-day Battle of Gettysburg: 1st day- Union cavalry surprised the Rebels, but were completely outnumbered and retreated 2nd day- The Rebels launched another assault, but a counterattack saved the Union’s position 3rd day- Pickett’s Charge- About 14,000 Confederate soldiers were easy targets for Union soldiers Lee knew the loss was all his fault

5 Victory at Vicksburg With the surrender of the Confederates at Vicksburg, the Union now had complete control of the Mississippi River. Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas were sealed off from the Confederacy.

6 Lincoln at Gettysburg In a two-minute speech, Lincoln expressed what the war had come to mean. The speech helped war-weary Americans look beyond the images of the battlefield and focus on their shared ideals.

7 Final Phases of the War After his victory at Chattanooga, Lincoln named Ulysses S. Grant commander of all Union armies. Grant devised a plan to cut off Richmond from the rest of the Confederacy that turned into a nine-month siege and cost the Union thousands of lives

8 The Election of 1864 With a Union victory led by David Farragut in Mobile Bay, Lincoln gained more popularity and easily won reelection

9 Total War William Sherman’s army began the history “march to the sea” to Savannah, Georgia The army destroyed everything in their path, including farms and rail lines This is known as total war

10 Victory for the North Through 1864, Grant continued his siege of Petersburg Finally, on April 2nd 1865, Lee withdrew his troops Richmond fell the same day

11 Surrender at Appomatox
On April 9th 1865, Lee and his troops surrendered to Grant in a small Virginia village called Appomattox Court House The Confederates had to lay down their weapons and then were free to go home Grant even let them keep their horses Grant also ordered them three days worth of food Jefferson Davis was captured in Georgia on May 10th

12 Results of the War More than 600,000 deaths resulted
The nation is billions of dollars in debt Some Southerners developed bitter feelings that lasted for generations Now the federal government in strengthened and it is clearly more powerful than the states Finally, the war freed millions of African Americans

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