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Service Development Initiatives, Adult Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Division: Acute & low secure (crisis services) February 2015.

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1 Service Development Initiatives, Adult Mental Health & Learning Disabilities Division: Acute & low secure (crisis services) February 2015

2 Box Tree Farm 5 Main Street, Ratby


4 Population covered People aged 18 years or over who are registered with an LLR GP People aged 18 years or over who are not registered with a GP, but are resident within LLR

5 Criteria Acceptance criteria Service users aged 18 years or over who are suffering from significant mental health distress Referrals deemed appropriate by the Crisis Resolution Team Exclusion criteria Service users who are currently detained under the Mental Health Act Service users who are actively suicidal, or presenting at significant risk of life- threatening harm to themselves Service users with a recent history of aggression or violence towards others Service users with significant impairment of cognitive function (e.g. dementia) Reasonable adjustments will be made under the Equality Act and Green light principles, for people with a learning disability, to ensure not only equity of access, but also equity of outcome.

6 People must be able and willing to engage with their recovery in order to be accepted into the service Anyone whom presents to the CRT under the influence of either alcohol or illicit substances would not be referred at that time The service is not staffed or equipped to manage anyone who requires any form of restraint or whose history indicates that the use of instrumental aggression may lead to escalating physical aggression.

7 Proposed Referral Process CRT contact Crisis House to establish bed availability and to discuss the presentation and initial 72 hour care plan. CRT will establish with Richmond Fellowship staff transport arrangements i.e. transport to be arranged by RF staff or being transported by relative/friend. CRT to ensure that the relevant paperwork and information is sent/given to the Crisis House prior to or at the time of admission. CRT to provide copy of referral details, assessment and formulation, risk assessment and 72 hour care plan to Crisis House staff.

8 CRT will make decision to admit On completion of their assessment, the team will determine the suitability and benefits to the service user having a period of time within the Crisis House. The rationale and plan should be clear and agreed with two Richmond Fellowship staff before placement commences.

9 6 en-suite bedrooms Residents will have keys to their own room Two communal areas (one with TV and one quiet) One communal kitchen Short stay (24 hours to 7 nights) Residents: what to expect

10 What to expect: 2 A CRT qualified worker will visit Box Tree Farm daily to review the progress of the service user (with the service user) and in conjunction with Richmond Fellowship support staff.

11 Service specific outcomes Reduced levels of mental health distress for service users in crisis Increased coping strategies developed by service users and carers to support management of future crises Service users being empowered to take control of their own care Avoidance of acute hospital admissions Reduced reliance on emergency health care services as a consequence of mental distress Increased levels of service user and carer satisfaction with their experience of mental health crisis services

12 Telephone support line

13 2pm – 1.30am 7 days per week

14 Staffed by a mix of support workers, who are all trained in crisis intervention, and volunteers and will offer practical and emotional support to callers experiencing crisis Calls will be a maximum of 1 hour. If further support required, callers offered face to face support session at drop-in within the same/following day depending on time of call. Richmond Fellowship will respond to answer phone messages from 8am, 7 days a week

15 0808 numbers are free on these networks Some other mobile networks also offer free calls to numbers with the xx prefix however these are not guaranteed and users are recommended to check with their provider.

16 address When the phone line is closed, there will be an address, which will be replied to within the hour.

17 Face-to-face support

18 Ratby appointment based service (referred from helpline) 8am – 8pm 7 days per week Leicester City Thursday & Friday: 10am – 5pm Apex House, Charles Street Saturday, Sunday & Monday: 10am – 10pm The Centre Project, Granby Street

19 Changes to Crisis Resolution Team (CRT)

20 The role of the CRT

21 Referring to the crisis resolution team on (option 3) Referrers will be asked: 1.Do you wish to make a referral to the crisis team? 2.Do you feel your patient will require admission in the next 24 hours without involvement of the crisis team?

22 If the answer is no… If either question is answered as ‘No’ then the referrer will be asked to fax the community mental health team. If the patient needs to be seen urgently, the faxes will be/should be marked as ‘Urgent - to be seen within 5 working days’ Routine cases will continue to be faxed to the CMHTs as usual.

23 Contacting a clinician If you have a medical query between 9am and 5pm ring the community consultant in the first instance. If they are unavailable contact the on call consultant via switchboard. For non-medical queries about patients known to the team contact the relevant clinician. After 5pm ring the on call registrar. We are reviewing consultant caseloads to enable them to provide more telephone support to GPs.

24 Locality CMHT Fax Numbers LocalityFax number City (Referral Management Service) East Leicestershire: Melton – Rutland Market Harborough West Leicestershire North West Leicestershire Charnwood South Leicestershire

25 Community Mental Health Team Contacts City Team NameConsultantsTeam ManagerTeam Contact Details City West Dr Akhtar Dr Jhingan Dr Vann Tim Colman Braunstone Health & Social Care Centre 39 Hockley Farm Road Leicester LE3 1HN Tel: City Central Dr Tanner Dr Khokhar Tim Colman Maidstone Centre c/o St Peters Health & Social Care Centre Sparkenhoe Street Leicester LE2 0TA Tel: City East Dr Muhammad Dr Rao Dr Sharma Elaine Johnson Merlyn Vaz Health & Social Care Centre 1 Spinney Hill Road Leicester LE5 3GH Tel:

26 Community Mental Health Team Contacts East Leicestershire Team NameConsultantsTeam ManagerTeam Contact Details East Leicestershire Dr Vilanova Dr Arora Fran Bailey The Welland Centre 1 Fernie Road Market Harborough Leics LE16 7PH Tel: East Leicestershire (Melton) Dr Arora Dr Vilanova Fran Bailey Parkside Station Approach Burton Street Melton Mowbray Leics LE13 1SJ Tel: South Leicestershire Dr Pingili Dr Kestelman Dr Smith Fran Bailey The Cedars Centre Cedar Avenue Wigston Leicester LE18 1PE Tel:

27 Community Mental Health Team Contacts West Leicestershire Team NameConsultantsTeam ManagerTeam Contact Details West Leicestershire Dr Arif Dr Swamy Elaine Johnson Orchard Resource Centre Hill Street Hinckley Leics LE10 1DS Tel: North West Dr Ratan Dr Kunigiri Janine Hammersley Hawthorne Centre Broom Leys Road Coalville Leics LE67 4DE Tel: Charnwood Dr Kinnair Dr Vaze Dr Minajagi Janine Hammersley Town Hall Chambers Town Hall Passage Market Place Loughborough Leics LE11 3EB Tel:

28 Liaison & Perinatal Services ConsultantsManagerContact details Dr Lazarus Dr Solomons Marie McGranaghan Farm Lodge, c/o Bradgate Mental Health Unit Glenfield Hospital Groby Road Leicester LE3 9EJ Tel:

29 CRT targets

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