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SET-BC District Partner Conference February 18 and 19, 2008.

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1 SET-BC District Partner Conference February 18 and 19, 2008

2 SET-BC District Partners and Consultants from all over the province met for two days in Richmond.

3 Marta McAulay (Saanich) signs up for the second day Assistive Technology Showcase.

4 District Partners enjoy the continental breakfast in the morning.

5 The conference theme – Partnerships. Shari Cooper (Cariboo-Chilcotin) and Suzanne Harwood (Region 1) make a great team!

6 More great partners – Rosemary Ramsay (North Vancouver) and Shelley Thring (Arrow Lakes)

7 Voting during the interactive polls…

8 Marilyn Caldwell (Howe Sound) shares her experience with district-based planning.

9 Gail Adams (Quesnel) describes how her district used the District Collaborative Action Plan this year.

10 Scott McKay (Region 5) and Laurel Saunders (Greater Victoria) team up as partners.

11 Pat Hamilton (Prince George) and Jennifer Tong (Independent Schools) pose for the camera.

12 Carol Graham (SET-BC) and Kelly Kitchen (FNESC) share information at their Poster Session on the first day.

13 Lorraine Kamp and Pam Davis (Region 2) enjoying a coffee break.

14 The team of Marina Van Nynatten (Chilliwack) and Leesa Easterday (Bulkley Valley).

15 Pegg Davidson (Rocky Mountain) and Vicky Midtdal (Region 3) are excited about the USB Flash Drive prize!

16 Daphne Mercier (PRT) describes the plans for the second day of the conference.

17 Mike Sheane (PRT) gets ready for his session on the SET-BC website.

18 Happy partners Barbara Morris (Rocky Mountain) and Megan Kleisinger (New Westminster).

19 Marilyn Caldwell (Howe Sound) and Beth Newman (Campbell River) queue up for their partner prize.

20 Jim Oliver (Region 7) shows off Kurzweil 3000 at his poster session.

21 Karin Colwell (SET-BC) keeps everyone organized at the registration desk.

22 Louise Duplessis (FEA) and Pamela Cameron (Qualicum) strike a friendly pose.

23 Doug Bowes (Region 1) and Claire McKay (Nechako Lakes) team up…

24 …while Karen West (Comox Valley) and Dave Rathwell (Region 2) ham it up!

25 Cindi Johnson (Bridges) gears up to show what’s new in assistive technology software.

26 Sharing a laugh during a break in the activities.

27 Jane Rondow (Region 1) and Doug Van Sickle (Kootenay Lake) partner up as Henry VIII and Anne Bolyn.

28 Keith Barnard (Comox Valley) and Sue Anweiler (Van Island North) lean in for their partner portrait.

29 Two tables get together to compare discussion point during the District Planning activity on Day One.

30 Huge smiles from Nici DeCario (Coast Mountains) and Kathy Ryan (Region 3).

31 Colette Massie (Region 2) describes the AT Implementation Guide at her poster session.

32 District partners Theresa Verdiel (Powell River) and Vernon Currie (Powell River).

33 What makes Fred and Ginger great partners?

34 Lalainia Butler (Aroga) demonstrating new vision technology as part of her session on Day Two of the conference.

35 Carol Ciup (Burnaby) and Dave Platt (West Vancouver) pause to pose for their photo.

36 Marcus Slotiuk (Alberni) and Flo Wong (Region 2) seem happy to connect.

37 Graham Cook (Peace River South) and Nancy Webber (New Westminster) seem surprised to connect!

38 Kathryn D’Angelo (Richmond) explains her partnership with her district’s IT department.

39 Conference participants look on during an afternoon session.

40 John Cloutier and Nedra Post (Region 2) make final preparations for their Open Computer Lab session on Day Two.

41 Paul Kerslake (Delta) and Connie Bentley (Region 2) find each other during the Partner activity.

42 John Cloutier (Region 2) and Vicky Radley (Cowichan Valley) sign off as partners early on Day One.

43 Alice McGrath (Revelstoke) poses with her partner Susan Harrison (Region 2).

44 Scott McKay (Region 5) shows off his accessible soccer game during the poster sessions.

45 Erin O’Halloran (Dynavox) preparing to demonstrate new AAC technologies.

46 Maureen LaFleche (Qualicum) and Mike Sheane (PRT) take a moment before collecting Maureen’s prize.

47 Deirdre Way (Southeast Kootenay) connects with Linda Calliou (Region 1).

48 South meets North as Kathleen Smith (Mission) partners with Shel Harris (Region 5).

49 Conference participants mingle near the cheese table during the poster session and reception.

50 Anita Young (Coquitlam) and Marvella Preston-Bain (Greater Victoria) meet to collect their prizes.

51 Participants hard at work during a hands-on session during Day Two.

52 Maureen Wourms-Larson (Okanagan-Skaha) and Rob Plaskett (Region 4) make a great set of partners.

53 Marie Dylke (North Okanagan-Shuswap) gets together with Maggie Lindsay-Tadey (Southeast Kootenay).

54 Cheryl Knipe (Region 4) and Anne Wadsworth (PRCVI) preview the Vision Road Show during the poster sessions.

55 Lyle Goertz (Sooke) meets up with Yvonne Green (Region 2).

56 Kathryn D’Angelo (Richmond) adds her name to the AT Showcase sessions.

57 Cheryl Knipe (Region 4) and Carol Woodworth (Maple Ridge) strike a pretty partner pose.

58 Making important connections between activities.

59 Erin O’Halloran (Dynavox) gets settled before presenting during Day Two.

60 Gloria Chu (Burnaby) shares how she uses UDL principles to ensure all students in her class can participate in readers’ theatre.

61 Jo Ann Hildebrandt (Coast Mountains) and Nedra Post (Region 2) share a partner giggle.

62 Anya Bayley (Coquitlam) and Rick Cordingley (Region 3) partner up during Day One.

63 Doug Stamm (Independent Schools) partners his Olive Oyl with Bruce Fraser’s Popeye (Region 3).

64 Hard working SET-BC staff – Joey Javier (Programmer) and Karen Jou (Multimedia).

65 Starting off Day One – what makes these great partnerships?

66 Diane Dawson (Sooke) meets Kathy McCauley (Region 4).

67 Marta McAulay (Saanich) looks happy to have found her partner Jim Oliver (Region 7).

68 Susan Harrison (Region 2) gets set to introduce Lorraine Kamp (Region 2) as an AT Showcase presenter.

69 Conference participants explore the SET-BC website during a hands-on session.

70 Claire Zeijdel and Cindi Johnson (Bridges) partner up to present text-based literacy software.

71 Kelly Hansen (Sunshine Coast) stops to collect her USB Flash Drive from Elaine Ferguson (PRT).

72 Kathy McCauley (Region 4) and Ian Parkinson (vvvillage) explain the opportunities for student participation in

73 Delegation from Prince George – Scott McKay, Pat Hamilton, and Shel Harris.

74 Yvonne Green and Connie Bentley (Region 2) are excited to talk about switch access during their session on Day Two.

75 Session participants are excited to explore switch access, too!

76 Great table discussions during the activities on Day One.

77 Kerry Randle (PRT) and Karen Huckell (Surrey) find each other during the partner activity.

78 Let us tell you all about Universal Design for Learning! Gloria Chu (Burnaby) and Constance McAvoy (PRT/UDL) prepare for their session.

79 Marie Dylke (North Okanagan-Shuswap) and Carol Woodworth (Maple Ridge) explore literacy tools.

80 Elaine Holtham (Aroga) sets up some new AAC technology for her AT Showcase session.

81 Leigh Howard (Abbotsford) and Daphne Mercier (PRT) make a great set of partners.

82 Tables 8 and 9 share their thoughts during the District Planning activity.

83 Elaine Ferguson (PRT) extends thanks and appreciation for everyone’s participation in the conference.

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