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Richmond Public Schools Department of Instruction.

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1 Richmond Public Schools Department of Instruction

2 Overcome Test Barriers 50-50 Elimination Negative Questions Graphic Interpretation Plug–It–In Difficult Words “Jail” the Detail

3 Look at all the answers and eliminate any that you know are wrong.

4 Which is the largest of the oceans? A. Atlantic B. Mississippi C. Pacific D. Nile What could you eliminate? Why?

5 Which best names the shape of these dice? A. Circles B. Squares C. Cylinder D. Cubes

6 Turn the negative question into a positive one, and then eliminate the positive choices. The remaining choice will be the correct answer. Other examples: Which is not…? Which event is most unlikely to happen next? All the following is true except… Which shows the least…? - 3

7 A. B. C. D. Which of these is not a natural resource?

8 Which object is NOT curved? A.B. C. D.

9 Study Read Return Respond A. Study the graphic. B. Read the question. C. Return to the graphic for a closer look. D. Respond to the question. When you see a graphic in a problem, follow the SR3 strategy:..


11 Which of these has the greatest number of different simple machines?

12 Substitute each answer into the problem to determine the correct answer.

13 Go back to the text and plug in each answer choice to see what makes sense.

14 Don’t let difficult words in the questions prevent you from answering them. If necessary, skip the word and read the rest of the sentence. You might be able to figure out the meaning of the word using context clues.

15 A wood fire under the boiler heated water to make steam. The steam activated the engine. A.started B.matched C.created D.measured

16 Gertrude glanced out the window at the train. A. looked B. flew C. called D. dreamed

17 Look for the keywords within a question that tell you what the question is asking. Underlining or circling them may help you to determine the best answer.

18 Certain storms form over water near the equator, usually between the months of June and November. Warm, moist air rises quickly over the ocean causing a strong, whirling storm with high winds and heavy rains. This type of storm is known as a- a. tornado b. hurricane c. blizzard d. sandstorm Only two storms have swirling winds and rain. Typically in these late summer months we see a lot of hurricanes.

19 Finally, remember that sometimes two or more strategies may be used to solve a multi-step problem.

20 Slow and steady wins the race! Hard work and perseverance wins the reward! Endurance

21 Richmond Public Schools Department of Instruction

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