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Chapter 16 Civil War Section 1

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1 Chapter 16 Civil War Section 1
Confederacy capital Richmond VA Lincoln had to be careful to not lose border states Lincoln arrested supporters of secession, suspended const. Rights- habeus corpus Many people in border states joined the conf. army

2 Comparing North and South Advantages
Larger population More industry Abundant resources Banking More ships Efficient, large railroad SOUTH Strong support of white population Fighting in familiar territory Superior military leadership

3 North and South Disadvantages
North faced difficult challenge bringing South back On the offensive, invading SOUTH Smaller population Few factories Less rr tracks Belief in states rights, confederate govt. not given enough power- like colonies and Art of Confederation

4 War Aims and Strategy North bring the South back, not ending slavery
1. Blockade the south 2. Gain control of Miss. River 3. Capture Richmond South win recognition as an independent nation 1. Defend its home, holding on to territory 2. Hoping England and France would come and aid

5 American People at War West Point grads fought against each other, Lee, Sherman.. Soldiers were young about 25 some were 21 or younger Most came from farms Rebels vs. Yankees (Yanks)

6 Section 2 Early Years of War
First Battle Battle of Bull Run In Virginia Confederates won drove back Union Army Union now understood war would be long, difficult and costly Recruited more soldiers

7 War at Sea Union Naval Blockade-reduced trade by 2/3
So Confederacy built IRONCLADS Ironclad warship Monitor vs. Merrimack

8 War in the West Goal to split Confederacy by gaining control of Miss. River Grant secured Lower Tenn. River Battle of Shiloh Grant fought for 2 days, Union won casualties April 25, 1862 New Orleans falls

9 Mississippi River Valley and the Union’s strategic plan to control the river
Vicksburg, MS Union will capture and thus control the river. New Orleans captured after Shiloh Memphis captured after Shiloh

10 War in East Union failed to capture Richmond
Call for more volunteers 30,000 Second Battle of Bull Run, Confederate victory and now they were 20 miles from Washington D. C. Union found Lee’s personal messages detailing his armies locations.. Yet McClellan didn’t attack. Battle of Antietam single bloodiest day of the war dead wounded McClellan removed and Burnside took over





15 Section 3 Call for Freedom
Union main goal to preserve Union Lincoln didn’t make slavery issue, b/c border states

16 BORDER STATES Border states- had slaves but didn’t secede

17 Emancipation Proclamation
Lincoln wanted to take a stand on slavery 1863 issued the proclamation “all persons held as slaves within any state in rebellion against the US shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free.” Didn’t actually free anyone th amendment abolished slavery in US

18 African Americans in War
South refused to let AA fight in war, fear of rebellion, but at end REL allowed them to fight. War ended before any regiments were formed 200,000 fought in the war for the Union

19 African American Soldiers
1862 Law passed allowing AA to fight-Union 10% of soldiers in Union were black, died 54th Massachusetts, led by abolitionists

20 Section 4 Life During the Civil War
Camp life boring, drills, bad food, rain Reality- new weapons made injuries more fatal, medical treatment crude Confederates lacked food and supplies

21 Women and the War Teachers, office workers, salesclerks, govt. workers
Women helped armies, made blankets, ammunition, collected food

22 Spies, Nurses Dorothea Dix organized women as nurses, became the head of Union nurses Clara Barton nurse AMERICAN RED CROSS

23 Opposition to the War Democrats in North split
One group supported Lincoln Copperheads( called this by Rep.) didn’t support Lincoln Lincoln suspended habeas corpus Right to a hearing before being jailed Both North and south enacted Drafts New York riots 1863

24 War and Economy Greenbacks – northern money
Inflation in south and north Northern economy prospered though manufacturing South lacked industry Southern farms, land, RR torn up b/c the fighting took place there.

25 Section 5 Way to Victory Becoming difficult to keep soldiers 1862-63
Fredricksburg/Chancellorsville Union defeated, but Stonewall Jackson wounded and dies Battle of Gettysburg July , Rebels defeated Turning point in the war. ,000 total deaths in 3 days!!! Battle of Vicksburg 1863 Decisive win b/c it gave Union control of Miss. River

26 Gettysburg Address November 1863
Lincoln addresses country at ceremony honoring fallen soldiers at Gettysburg “these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation UNDER GOD, shall have a new birth of freedom”

27 Final Phases of War Lincoln makes Grant head of Union forces
Grant attacked on all fronts Sherman captured Atlanta Total War- everyone is affected, tearing up rr lines, crops, anything useful to the South 1865 Richmond falls

28 Second Inaugural Address
“lets us strive on to finish the work we are in, to BIND up the nations wounds” Lincoln

29 Surrender April 9, 1865 Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Courthouse Confederate soldiers lay down arms and go home Results 600,000 soldiers died, billions of dollars of damage Created bitter feelings

30 Results of war Radical Republicans plan..
13th Amendment- Slavery is abolished all over country 14th amendment- granted full citizenship to African Americans and stated the federal government will protect their rights 15th amendment- granted all black men the right to vote. NOT WOMEN (1920) Lincoln assassinated April 14, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth Andrew Johnson new President No desire to help AA, southerners swore oath to Union. “white men alone must manage the South”

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