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Barclay M. Shepard Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) Virginia Reuse Network (VRN) Sustainability Planning Efforts Durable Medical Equipment Reuse.

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1 Barclay M. Shepard Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) Virginia Reuse Network (VRN) Sustainability Planning Efforts Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Who We Are… Where We are Going… How We Will Get There!

2 Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) What is Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS)?  State AT Program since 1990  Funded by RSA, Governor designated DRS (State VR Program) to administer AT efforts for the State  Ensures that Virginian’s with disabilities & seniors with limited resources access/acquire AT  Has lead responsibility to establish reuse/reutilization programs statewide

3 Evolution of Reuse in Virginia Grassroots Efforts: Loan Closets to Formalized Programs 2006 RSA funded Model Demonstration Grant (3 years) / Virginia is one of 12 States to receive grant (VATNet) –VATS – Contract Administrator & Co-Director –Foundation for Rehabilitation Equipment & Endowment (F.R.E.E.) – Co-Director –Goodwill Industries –disAbility Resource Center VATS contracted with established programs to standardize and expand reuse efforts

4 VATNet Accomplishments 14 Reuse sites statewide “Formal” and “Virtual Network” Number of persons served (2006 - 2008): 4,569 Number of devices reused (2006 – 2008): 5,466 Dollar amount of reused AT (2006 - 2008): $2,076,379

5 Virginia’s Commitment to Reuse VATS supports AT reuse programs and services that are appropriate, effective, centralized, sustainable, and are committed to best practices/quality indicators for national AT reuse. Data Tells the Story!

6 “We’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there…” - Jerry Reed

7 Timeline for Sustainability Sept 08 Oct 08 June 09 April 09 Dec 08 Sept 09 Jan 09 Mar 09 May 09 VATNet Sustainability Planning Meeting – Charlottesville, Va Start New Job! Model Demonstration Mtg., St. Louis, MO Virginia AT Reuse Annual Mtg. Planning Comm. Aug 08 Virginia AT Reuse Annual Mtg, Richmond, Va.Annual Mtg Debrief / Feedback/ AT Council Apply for CNI Grant (and others)Request VR Funding (ARRA)Budget AT Act $ for ReuseInformation Re: Kansas Experience / Medicaid RFP for Virginia Reuse Award Grants DMAS Meeting July 09 Aug 09 Reuse Press Release & Follow-up Articles

8 “5-Legged Stool” Approach Virginia Reuse Network – Sustainability State AT $ (VATS) (Ongoing Funding) Legislative ARRA 2009 (FY 2009 & 2010) Long Term Grants (VATS with Reuse Partners) CNI Trust (FY 2010, 2011, 2012) Va. Medicaid Note: VATS RFP ($585K) Combines CNI, ARRA & State AT Monies

9 Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative (CNI) Trust Fund Board History: Senate Bill 1132, passed by the 1997 Virginia General Assembly, established the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative (CNI) Trust Fund (The Fund) to support research, education, and treatment relating to traumatic spinal cord or brain injuries resulting in loss of physical and cognitive functions. In 1998, Senate Bill 484 was passed by the General Assembly and established a funding mechanism for the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative Fund. Section 46.2-411 of the Code of Virginia authorizes the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to collect an additional fee of $30 for reinstatement of an operator’s license. The additional fee is charged to persons whose operator’s licenses were suspended or revoked upon conviction of specified dangerous driving offenses (e.g., DUI-related offenses, hit and run, reckless driving, failure to comply with conditions imposed upon license probation for driving offenses, etc.)

10 Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative (CNI) Trust Fund Board 1/30/09 RFP “contracts that support the development or expansion of new and innovative community-based rehabilitative programs / services for people with spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries or both” 4/1/09 VATS Proposal “Widening the NET: Increasing Capacity of Virginia’s Assistive Technology Reuse Program –VATS Submits RFP as the Grantee 6/5/09 CNI Trust Fund Advisory Board –Panel Evaluation –15 Proposals –Final Recommendations Presented –VATS received full funding: $416,220 over 3 years

11 Use of CNI Funds Goal 1: To build statewide reuse program capacity to better serve Virginians with spinal cord injuries and with traumatic brain injuries, including Veterans –To increase acquisition of reused DME for persons with SCI and TBI.

12 Use of CNI Funds (Continued) Goal 2: To implement an innovative, state- of-the-art DME sanitization and processing program: –Implement a standardized processing and sanitization program for reused DME at locations utilizing automated sanitization units. –Develop and initiate fee-for-service model(s) for sustainability of sanitization program.

13 American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Federal Stimulus funds through DRS' Vocational Rehabilitation Program for a reuse program to target a younger vocationally oriented population Pilot Program/Collaborative Service within VR Program: Increase cost savings and access of gently used assistive technology and durable medical equipment to VR Clients by formalizing a process in which counselors can access local/regional reuse programs as a “comparable benefit” before utilizing case service dollars in purchasing DME. Formalize the process of VR Clients or their families donating gently used AT/DME to VATNet reuse programs when their equipment is no longer needed. Market and educate VR staff about the benefits of reuse (VATNet).

14 VATS Request For Proposal (RFP) RFP Purpose (Submission Date: Sept 3, 2009): to establish grants/contracts for the provision of community-based assistive technology reutilization services for persons with disabilities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Blending of Funds: CNI, ARRA, AT Program = $585,000 New Monies Funding Priorities Develop/expand community based AT/DME reuse programs for persons with traumatic spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and Veterans with disabilities. Ability to work collaboratively with local DRS vocational rehabilitation (VR) field offices to increase reuse activities with VR program clients. Expand reuse services in unserved/underserved areas of the State. Ability to collect and report data in an accurate and timely manner. Commitment to best practices/quality indicators for national AT reuse Commitment to full participation in a statewide network of AT/DME reuse providers. Proposals Under Review

15 Barclay Shepard - Virginia Assistive Technology System Email: VATS Office: (804) 662-9990

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