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Math Buddies A Model Program for Mathematics Achievement Developed By: Dr. Carol Rezba Mathematics Educator.

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1 Math Buddies A Model Program for Mathematics Achievement Developed By: Dr. Carol Rezba Mathematics Educator

2 Can You Create A Balanced Equation Using Number Tiles?

3 Can You Create A Pattern?

4 What is Math Buddies? u Math Buddies is a program designed to provide high-quality extended academic support in mathematics to struggling learners.

5 What is Math Buddies? u Math Buddies was developed as a tutoring program. u It was also developed so that volunteers from strong business and community partnerships could easily tutor students. u These volunteers help at-risk third- and fifth-grade students achieve the Mathematics Standards of Learning.

6 What Does Research Say? u Research shows that tutoring programs that utilize volunteers, who use lessons prepared by certified teachers, have had significant success in improving the basic skills of at-risk children. –National Research Council. (2001) Adding it up: Helping children learn mathematics. Kilpatrick, et. al.

7 Initial Phase of Math Buddies u November, 2002 - August, 2003 Math Buddies Funded by the Virginia Business-Education Partnership u Involved schools in three communities - Richmond, Portsmouth, and Amherst

8 Exemplary Partnership u Universal Corporation and Maymont Elementary School u Universal Corporation made it possible for employees to leave work to tutor students during the extended day program at Maymont u Maymont’s extended day program was supported by PASS Initiative funds

9 Typical Volunteer Experience u Check-In at Main Office u Pick Up the Materials from On-Site Coordinator u Gather Their Two Math Buddies u Go to an Assigned Location

10 What Do Volunteers Do? u Volunteers instruct two third or fifth grade students in mathematics skills and concepts related to the Virginia Standards of Learning

11 What Time is It?

12 Lesson Introduction

13 What Do the Volunteers Do? u Volunteers provide instruction through “hands-on” / “minds-on” activities involving problem solving, math manipulatives, and games.

14 Materials for Volunteers u Scripted lessons are provided for the volunteers who normally work with the same two students during each lesson throughout the year. u The script includes the dialogue, questions and answers, and background information so that a few minutes to review the lesson is all that is necessary for preparation to tutor.

15 Scripted Lesson & Manipulatives

16 Materials for Volunteers u Student each have an activity book containing all the printed student lesson materials u Related math materials are organized for each lesson in expandable file folders usually stored in accessible file cabinets u Volunteers pick up their student’s books and the appropriate expandable file folder for their lesson

17 Lesson #7: Student Activity #1 Area on the Geoboard

18 Instructional Games – Making Math Fun

19 What Do the Volunteers Do? u Check their Math Buddies’ understanding of the concepts presented in the lesson using a variety of SOL Assessments. u Provide feedback on the Student’s Record Card regarding their perception of the student’s understanding of the concepts and skills. This evaluation is done by using a rating scale of 1 to 4.

20 End-of-Lesson Assessments

21 Support for Volunteers u An on-site Math Buddies Coordinator supports the volunteers’ efforts by: –Pairing volunteers with students –Arranging a weekly time and an in-school location for tutoring –Distributing the materials –Identifying a sequences of study –Answering math questions if they arise

22 How Does a Math Buddy Help? u By tutoring two students in mathematics for forty-five minutes to one-and-one-half hours per week for 20-30 weeks based upon the time allotment for the program u (Note: In some situations, a volunteer may choose to pair with another volunteer to share these responsibilities.)

23 Volunteer’s Contributions u Assisting students in mastering the mathematics concepts and skills related to the Virginia Standards of Learning u Supporting teachers and the school by increasing students’ performance on the Virginia SOL tests u Increasing the student’s enjoyment of mathematics

24 Volunteer’s Contributions u Providing valuable information about the relevance of mathematics to their life and career u Serving as a positive adult role model and mentor to youth

25 Volunteer’s Contributions u Strengthening community involvement in public education u Strengthening school/community relationships and communication

26 Volunteer’s Contributions

27 Math Buddy Partnerships u Businesses and Corporations u State Agencies u Local Sororities u Local Church Groups u Retired Teachers u High School Honor Society Students u College Student Volunteers

28 Pilot Results: Jan.– June 2003 u Results of Pilot Study Revealed Significant Gains in Mathematics for Participating Students (Borderline Students: 2 nd – 4 th quartile) u Data: Over 70% of the Math Buddies students passed their SOL math tests during ½ year pilot study

29 Sample of School Data Changes Significant Increase w/ Math Buddies u Chimborazo (Ch)– Richmond City u Maymont (Mm)- Richmond City u Machen (Mc)- Hampton City

30 % of Students Passing

31 Math Buddies Pass SOL! u Significant numbers of borderline students pass their SOL math tests u Data: Chimborazo-Over 85% in 2003, 86% in 2004, and 87% in 2005 -Math Buddies who passed their Math SOL Test!

32 Current Data u Data: Now averaging over 85% of Math Buddies passing their SOL math tests –these are students that were not expected to pass!! u Partnerships with Consistent Volunteer Support Produce the Strongest Results u Weekly Math Buddies tutoring is having significant positive impact on student achievement

33 What Tutors Say!!! u “We just can’t wait to open up the expandable folder to see what manipulatives we will work with today!” u “I just love tutoring in this program – I think I am making a difference for my math buddies -and the personal rewards are tremendous!”

34 Volunteer Today!!! u Develop a Math Buddies Partnership with your local elementary school! u Become a Volunteer and make a difference for a child struggling to achieve in mathematics. u The rewards are tremendous!!

35 DOE Approval of Math Buddies Math Buddies has been approved by the Virginia Department of Education for Models/Programs That Have Proven To Be Successful With Low Achieving Students

36 Purchasing Materials u Materials can be purchased from: Math Buddies 2301 Stemwell Blvd. Richmond, VA 23236 u Obtain further information: –Web: –Phone: 804-745-4144 –E-mail:

37 Can You Copy A Pattern Using Bears?

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