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 A Public Education Campaign Led by The Greater Richmond Chamber.

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1  A Public Education Campaign Led by The Greater Richmond Chamber

2 Low fares are AT RISK in Richmond. AirTran and JetBlue reducing # of flights. AirTran and JetBlue not a part of the “consideration set” when consumers are making purchasing decisions. Southwest is coming; will Richmond be a long-term winner of lower cost air service?

3 The arrival of AirTran (2005) and JetBlue (2006) marked a new era in air travel for Central Virginia. Low cost carriers SAVE our region’s businesses money. Businesses and business travelers often purchase last minute or walk-up fares. Low-fare airlines also change the booking rules in a community. The presence of low-fare airlines increases the appeal of a region for business and ultimately passenger traffic. Lastly, low fares also induce more people to travel TO the Richmond region for both leisure and business.

4 Fill 10 more seats on each AirTran flights to Atlanta per day to maintain AirTran’s current service levels. Create a market environment that helps maximize Southwest’s frequency & schedule. Develop attitudes that identify low cost carriers and affordable air travel as a part of the region’s quality of life.


6  In 2001, Richmond had the 3rd most expensive airfares in the country with fares 40% above the national average before the arrival of AirTran and JetBlue.  Now, it has fares nearly 5% below the national average. Don’t let Richmond become one of the country’s most expensive airports again. Keep it that way by flying on AirTran and JetBlue.

7 Airlines have strong brand loyalty. Most travelers recognize the benefit from low cost carriers on RIC ticket pricing. There is little awareness about AirTran & Southwest issue; more dialogue is critical. Travelers need to understand that they have a personal opportunity to be part of the solution.


9 One of the most important issues facing the economic well-being of Richmond today is keeping competition between airlines that serve our area. We MUST fly AirTran and JetBlue now to ensure that competition remains in the market and you will continue to benefit from lower airfares. Southwest’s plans for serving Richmond will be impacted by the support that AirTran receives now.

10 Fly AirTran and JetBlue and YOU can help ensure lower, competitive airfares for you and your family while enhancing the economic well-being of the region.

11 Channel 6 Channel 8 Channel 12 WRVA RTD: Love is Blue RTD: Airport Tapping Grant RTD: Richmond Must Win Southwest RTD: Use Low Cost Carriers or Lose Them RTD: Fly Smart




15 Fly AirTran and JetBlue! Visit for more Show Your Support: Like Save Low Fares Richmond Follow @SaveLowFares Email your Email Southwest and tell them you are excited they are coming to Richmond

16  A Public Education Campaign Led by The Greater Richmond Chamber

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