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1 Richmond SHRM New Board Member Orientation January 12, 2012

2 2 New Board Member Orientation SHRM organization Chapter Information –About Us –Member Survey Data –Org Charts –Approved Branding Review of Board Books Director Expectations SHRM’s Volunteer Leader Resource Center

3 3 New Board Member Orientation SHRM Organization Founded in 1948, SHRM currently has more than 575 affiliated professional chapters within the United States and members in more than 140 countries. Visit SHRM Online at SHRM has more than 250,000 professional and student members. Nearly 330 staff members Headquartered in Alexandria, VA Located in DC area to have influence on Capitol Hill SHRM divides its membership into five regions Each region has a Regional Team who are the liaisons between SHRM and the members in that region

4 4 New Board Member Orientation SHRM Organization SHRM serves the needs of the human resource management professional by providing the most essential and comprehensive set of resources available. In addition, the Society is committed to advancing the human resource profession and the capabilities of all human resource professionals to ensure that HR is an essential and effective partner in developing and executing organizational strategy. In other words: –Serve the HR professional (STP) –Advance the HR Profession (ATP)

5 5 New Board Member Orientation SHRM Organization The Society is committed to advance the human resource profession by: –Setting the agenda for the HR profession. –Ensuring that HR is recognized for its contributions to business success. The Society serves the needs of the human resource management professional by: Providing comprehensive information and tools to HR professionals to enable them to make informed decisions. Helping HR professionals develop their knowledge, skills and careers. Being the recognized community for exchanging ideas, developing professional relationships, and increasing HR knowledge.

6 6 SHRM Organization: Structure New Board Orientation SHRM ® Board Governance Committee* Members Special Expertise Panels Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability Employee Health, Safety & Security Employee Relations Ethics Global HR Consulting/Outsourcing Human Capital Measurement/ HR Metrics Labor Relations Organizational Development Staffing Management Technology & HR Management Total Rewards/Comp & Benefits Workplace Diversity Staff Support Membership Advisory Council Regional Councils State Councils Local Chapters

7 7 New Board Member Orientation Richmond SHRM Organization- About Us One of the largest chapters in the U.S. – Top 20 Super Mega status –1200 Members One of the oldest chapters in the U.S. –54 years of excellence One of the best chapters in the U.S. –Consistently recognized by SHRM as exemplary

8 8 Richmond SHRM’s Mission Engage our members Advance the profession Lead in the community The #1 Resource for all things HR

9 9 New Board Member Orientation Richmond SHRM - Organization DEMOGRAPHICS

10 10

11 11 55 % of members hold certification

12 12

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14 14 Government 10%

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16 16 Hr Generalist 58%

17 17 New Board Member Orientation Richmond SHRM Organization MEMBER SURVEY DATA

18 18 1.Keep up the great work! Satisfaction is high and there are no major performance gaps in terms of Richmond SHRM member offerings. Continue, however, to focus energy on learning events and programming, as this is the area with the highest perceived value but also a perceived opportunity for improvement among respondents, especially the less engaged members. 2.Another opportunity for improvement is to focus additional efforts on Richmond SHRM’s external involvement in the HR industry, including leadership with workforce development, advocacy, community involvement, development of student chapters, and visibility in local media. 3.Grow familiarity with Richmond SHRM’s mission and offerings. As such, examine membership orientation and consider the possibility of partnering engaged members with new members.

19 19 4.Consider offering chapter dues of $25. This amount seems palatable to most respondents. There may not be enough interest, however, in offering a Richmond SHRM standalone membership. 5.There is an opportunity to get non-active members more engaged in Richmond SHRM. Those who do not participate have similar needs and goals as others – yet they need to be made more aware of the offerings as well as the value and quality of events and external involvement. Look for ways to improve learning events (quality), packaging, and promotion.

20 20 6.Ask additional members to volunteer with Richmond SHRM. A fifth say that they currently volunteer with Richmond SHRM, but another quarter say they would like to. Even the members who are not active say they are interested in volunteering opportunities as well. Examine how the volunteer coordination function currently works. Look for ways to ramp up here – reinvigorate the recruitment and management of member volunteering. 7.To increase attendance at chapter meetings, consider offering them in different locations – making sure to have many in the West End – and offer both breakfast and late afternoon meetings. Also, make sure the time-commitment required for events is minimal, as lack of time is one of the primary reasons for lack of participation. Moreover, make the learning event part of the meeting hot!

21 21 8.Ensure that all members are made to feel welcome at chapter events. Currently not all of them do. Create a one-to-one plan that targets less engaged members with personal calls from the most engaged members. Make this work part of the new volunteer program. 9.There may be an opportunity to increase the usage of Richmond SHRM social networking – especially among younger members. Keep investing here, as this “participation venue” will become even more important in the future. 10.Consider offering webinars and certification. Carefully consider the price of webinars, however, as many expect them to be free with a paid membership.

22 22 New Board Member Orientation Richmond SHRM Organization ORG CHARTS

23 23 President Missie Murdock VP Community Leadership Ken Robertson Strategic Alliances Director Pam Cavedo VP Member Engagement Tom Davidson Member Services Director Teri Taylor Director of Inclusion Kerryn Sherrod VP Professional Advancement Janine Woldt Learning Events Director Julie Johnson Professional Development Director— Deborah Slayden VP Business Development Dave Winter Business Partnerships Dir Gretchen Flynn Morris Senior HR Leaders Council Dir. Ellen Vance President Elect Greg Moyer Finance Director Eric Pankey Secretary/Comm. Marilyn Stroud Public Relations Director Brian Chandler Past President Nancy Booking Past President Nancy Booking

24 24 New Board Member Orientation Board Member Manual Review

25 25 New Board Member Orientation Director Expectations Planning –Participate in setting goals and carrying out specific plans for your area (organizational goals) –Develop area objectives for the year (maintenance goals) Budgeting –Develop budget for area by December 15, 2012 (already complete for 2012!) –Operate responsibly within budget

26 26 New Board Member Orientation Director Expectations Bi-Monthly Board Meetings  Presence at bi-monthly meeting  Written report of progress submitted to VP 3 business days in advance of meeting  Submission of metrics to VP 3 business days in advance of meeting  Submit proposals in advance of meeting for presentation to the board at meetings, as needed  Submit items for agenda two days in advance of meeting

27 27 New Board Member Orientation Director Expectations Alternate Months: –Meet with Committees in person or via phone –Ensure Committee Chairs submit reports –Review and submit reports to VP –Coach Committee Chair in development of committee members, goal achievement –Solicit new committee members as needed

28 28 New Board Member Orientation SHRM’s Volunteer Leader Resource Center at Board Portal Address: Board Portal Password: dogwood11

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