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Armstrong & Huguenot High School Career Service Centers.

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1 Armstrong & Huguenot High School Career Service Centers

2 Mission Statement Ready-Or-Not is a communication platform designed to provide information and resources to teens in the Richmond area. Our purpose is to provide advice, information and statistics on teen pregnancy and healthy living.

3 Ready -or -Not Community Partners

4 Four Deep Multimedia and Radio One Richmond Support Ready- or- Not!


6 MARKETING Our plan is to utilize the resources available to introduce Ready-Or-Not to the Richmond communities through the following:  Y.M.C.A/Civic Groups  Church gatherings and youth programs  Radio/TV/ Social Media  High School and Family Life Education Classes.

7 Ready-Or-Not Radio Production Team

8 Ready-Or-Not CSC Radio!

9 Ready-Or-Not Community Outreach Team

10 APP LOGO CONCEPT Before Summer 2013After January 2014!

11 APP CONCEPT TO REALITY Thanks to Shandel Pitts of Black Cat Design for her guidance! Before Camp Ready 2013 After January 2014!

12 Ready-Or-Not App Team!

13 Business Model Development  Mission: To inform our generation and to make a difference.  Process: To departmentalize Ready-or-Not to achieve our goal. Ready- Or- Not divided into teams including Administrative/ Marketing/ Public Relations/Sales/Social Media/ Web Design/ Branding/Audio Visual Production and Community Outreach.  Vision: To inform and provide a valuable resource through collaborative work  Next,the evaluation phase and setting short and long term goals for the second semester.

14 Ready-Or-Not is Teamwork

15 APP FOUNDATION We wanted this app to be totally free to the public. We believe that this app is more of a necessity rather than an entertainment source. Our whole team thought it would be a good idea that the main source of revenue should be generated by promoting advertisements from numerous organizations on the app and website. This has taught us more about the world of marketing.

16 ORIGIN Ready-Or-Not was founded July 15, 2013. It will be registered in Richmond, Virginia. The concept was created by the students of the Armstrong and Huguenot High School Career Service Centers.

17 Add us on: Facebook –Readyornotcsc Twitter –@readyornotcsc Youtube –Ready or Not CSC Instagram –@readyornotcsc

18 Conclusion Ready-Or-Not is a communication platform designed to provide information and resources to teens in the Richmond area. We thought that this app could really help our generation. Teen pregnancy is a reality that we must all face together, not just adults, but the teens who see it, experience it and want to make a difference.

19 Participants & Special Thanks Anthony Seldon-Huguenot High Kevin Ford-George Wythe High Jaleel Byars-Armstrong High Christopher Reed-Graduate of Huguenot Jabor Davis-Huguenot High Shayla Dickerson-Huguenot Nyasia Taylor-Huguenot High Monique Anderson-Huguenot Jontae Green-Huguenot High Africa Wiliams-Armstrong High Tarshae McKeiver-Armstrong High Kaitlin Scott-Armstrong High Monica Deberry-Huguenot High Jessica Valencia-Huguenot High Jermond Billie-Graduate of Huguenot Treyvon Horn-Armstrong High Resource Youth Network Career Service Center RPS Superintendent & Staff RPS Board CSC Staff AES Staff All of Our Community Partners Ms. Cozette McIntyre Grants Manager RPS

20 Truth “ Sometimes I Need to Get Away!


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