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The VABLN Organization August, 2012. How can PWD talent drive your company’s success? Improve Your Bottom Line Human Capital Innovation MarketingDiversity.

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1 The VABLN Organization August, 2012

2 How can PWD talent drive your company’s success? Improve Your Bottom Line Human Capital Innovation MarketingDiversity Social Responsibility Recruiting Retention Cost/Benefit & Tax Incentives Workplace Innovation Product & Service Innovation Defining the Future Capitalize on new market opportunities Develop New Product & Services Diverse Workplace Diverse Marketplace Value in the Marketplace Value in the Workplace Increase Revenues Reduce Costs Enhance Shareholder Value Source: ODEP/EARN See Return on investment

3 People with disabilities = Diversity GBLT 4.1% American Indian/ Alaskan 1% Caucasian 74.3% Asian/ Pacific Islander 4.9% Hispanic 16% African American 13.5% People with Disabilities 20%  People with disabilities represent the largest minority group in the United States -- 54 million  People with disabilities are not race or ethnicity specific – disability touches all segments of the diversity spectrum  Just 17% of people with disabilities are born with their disability – the other 83% “acquire” their disability later in life. This makes disability the only minority group you can join.  Additionally, 96% of people have an invisible disability (e.g. Epilepsy, diabetes etc.) and only 4% have a visible disability (e.g. wheelchair user, assistive animal etc.) People with Disabilities Source: US Census, 2006-2008 American Community SurveySource: Diversity Inc, &

4 In July 2010, Kessler/NOD conducted the “gaps” survey that measured overall life satisfaction of people with disabilities vs. people without disabilities 4 2010 NOD/Kessler Gaps Survey Trend Qualify of Life IndicatorPWD %PWOD %Gap Size % Employment215938 Internet Access548531 Satisfaction with Life346127 Going to Restaurants487427 Financial Situation583424 Poverty341519 Transportation341618 Socializing799011 Health Care19109 Attendance at Religious Services50577 Education17116 Access to Mental Health Services734 Political Participation59 0 New Gap has been decreasing Gap has been increasing The Gap is unchanged

5 Our surveys also told us that….three in five companies have a diversity policy and half that number report having a diversity program. However, few companies have a disability specific policy or program 5 BASE: Employers (Total, n=411) (HR Mgrs, n=209) (Sr Exec, n=202) Q710 Does your company have a policy or program for employing a diverse workforce? Large and medium companies are more likely to have both a diversity and disability policies and programs. Diversity Policy/ProgramDisability Policy/Program

6 Disability programs are primarily focused on improving the accommodation process and disability awareness training. Only half of companies with disability programs are actively recruiting PWD 6 BASE: Has disability program (Total, n=57) (HR Mgrs, n=29) (Sr Exec, n=28) Q830 Which of the following does your disability program include? Please select all that apply.

7 7 Employees with disabilities are similar to those without disabilities when it comes to job skills and workplace behavior A third perceive employees with disabilities to be more dedicated and more likely to have a longer tenure. BASE: Employers (Total, n=411) (HR Mgrs, n=209) (Sr Exec, n=202) Q1000 For each of the following, please indicate if you think employees with disabilities have more, less, or about the same as compared to employees without disabilities.

8 Almost two-thirds say the cost of hiring a person with a disability is the same as hiring a person without a disability 8 BASE: Employers (Total, n=411) (HR Mgrs, n=209) (Sr Exec, n=202) Q915 Thinking about all related employment costs, including healthcare, accommodations, and general management costs, how do you think the cost of hiring a person with a disability compares to that of a person without a disability? 35% 2%

9 United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN®): History Originally established in 1994 through the President’s Committee on the Employment of People With Disabilities (PCEPD) –Based on the premise that business responds to their peers, and underscoring that employers should be recognized as valued customers of the vocational rehabilitation system PCEPD established a support system for BLNs in 1997 and began reaching out directly to businesses asking them to start up BLNs and serve as Lead Employer After the Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP ) was created in 2001, business leaders from BLN affiliates across the country met at the annual national conference of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 2002 and voted to establish a national organization known as the US Business Leadership Network® –The creation of the national organization was intended to assist the development and growth of BLN affiliates across the United States

10 United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN®): History In 2004, the USBLN® affiliates elected representatives from affiliates across the country to serve as the first USBLN® Board of Directors. In April 2007, the USBLN® secured John D. Kemp as its first Executive Director and General Counsel. In January 2010, the USBLN® launched the first and only third-party certification of disability-owned businesses, inclusive of service-disabled veterans.

11 United States Business Leadership Network (USBLN®): Today A national non-profit, non-partisan business to business network promoting workplaces, marketplaces, and supply chains where people with disabilities are included Serves as the collective voice of over 60 Business Leadership Network affiliates across the United States, representing over 5,000 businesses The USBLN® Disability Supplier Diversity Program® (DSDP) is the nation's leading third party certification program for disability-owned businesses, including service-disabled veterans. On November 1, 2011, Jill Houghton was named as Executive Director.

12 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our History In 1998, Crestar Bank became the BLN founder and Lead Employer as a natural progression of its disability friendly business approach. For four years, the Virginia Business Leadership Network operated within the bank, which had been acquired and assumed the name SunTrust Bank SunTrust Bank Mid-Atlantic established a stand alone department, Accessing Community Talent (ACT), which was responsible for the growth of the VABLN as well as the expansion of the bank’s focus on serving clients with disabilities and including individuals with disabilities in its workforce VABLN became a 501(c) 3 incorporated in Virginia in 2003 with SunTrust’s ACT Manager serving as the VABLN Board Chair, a position held by SunTrust until 2010 Debra Ruh, became the new VBLN Board Chair in October, 2010 and implemented extraordinary efforts to enhance the organization and re-brand and re-purpose the VABLN

13 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our Mission A business-to-business (B2B) organization dedicated to building awareness of and educating employers about the economic and business benefits of employing people with disabilities.

14 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our Vision Promote best practices for full inclusion of people with disabilities in the workforce and marketplace.

15 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our Goal Diversify and improve our VABLN Members’ workforce, enhance their shareholder value, and provide benefits to the communities in which they do business

16 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our Organization Development Committee Outreach Committee Executive Director Executive Committee Community Advisory Counsel Board of Directors

17 Our Board is represented by employers in a variety of industries

18 Community Advisory Council Provides guidance and consultation to help the VABLN Board achieve its goal of educating employers about the benefits of hiring persons with disabilities Assists VABLN members by –Providing advice, technical assistance, training, information and other resources –Increasing the number of businesses that successfully recruit, hire, and retain workers with disabilities thereby increasing the number of persons with disabilities gainfully employed throughout the Commonwealth.

19 Our Community Advisory Council is supported by a number of National and State agencies

20 Virginia Business Leadership Network: Our Committees enhance the organization’s brand Development Committee Outreach Committee  Responsible for the operational success of the organization’s fundraising, sponsorship and membership development to ensure long-term sustainability  Responsible for the operational success of the organization’s program, resources and marketing components including the delivery and quality control and evaluation to enhance the organization’s brand

21 Membership Value Proposition Expert forums for best practices and workforce solutions Opportunities to create productive and supportive partnerships among people with disabilities, private businesses, and governmental and community service agencies Diversity and recruiting opportunities Disability mentoring and unique diversity training programs Access to community and business resources that allow members to improve customer service skills, market penetration, and diversity recruiting efforts

22 How can you get involved? VABLN membership (currently at no charge) Board membership Committee membership Attend our expert forums and educational programs Arrange for a speaker to present to your organization on topics related to the inclusion of people with disabilities Keep up-to-date on breaking news and best practices via our website Friend us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin Sign up for our newsletter Sponsorship –Advertising –Events –In kind donations

23 Visit our new website at

24 Attend one of VABLN’s upcoming 2012 Programs and Events February 9: Website Accessibility and ADA Compliance under the New Regulations, 8:30-10:30, Altria headquarters May 10: Richmond SHRM/RADR/DRS/VABLN “Focus on Accessibility” August 1: Myth Busters: The “Real” Story about People with Disabilities in the Workforce November TBD: Hiring Veterans

25 Other Networking Opportunities US BLN, US Business Leadership Network, NOD, National Organization on Disability, VA DBVI, Virginia Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired, VA DDHH, Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, VA DRS, Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services, VA DVS, Virginia Department of Veterans Services, VBPD, VA Board for People with Disabilities,

26 Thank you If you have already registered for tomorrow’s VABLN program, you are welcome to bring a friend at no additional charge –We ask that your friend register and select “Pay at the Door” to facilitate this “no charge” offer as we need an accurate headcount and to facilitate the security process at Altria If you have not registered and would still like to attend, you are welcome to do so and we will waive your $25 registration fee –We ask that you also register and select “Pay at the Door” to facilitate this “no charge” offer as we need an accurate headcount and to facilitate the security process at Altria

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