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Virginia’s Capital Moves

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1 Virginia’s Capital Moves

2 Virginia's capital moved twice

3 In 1699, the capital was moved from Jamestown to Williamsburg.



6 There were many reasons for this move.
The drinking water was contaminated by salt water.  The dirty living conditions caused diseases.  Williamsburg was at a higher elevation which meant it was less likely to flood.  When fire destroyed the wooden buildings in1698 the final decision was made.

7 the capital of Virginia was moved again, this time from
Williamsburg to Richmond.







14 There were several reasons for this move.
The population was moving westward, and Richmond was west of Williamsburg. Richmond was a more central location for all the citizens of Virginia and nearby states. Richmond was a better location for trade. Moving the capital to Richmond increased the distance from attack by the English.

15 REVIEW What direction was the population of Virginia moving in 1780?
A. To the south B. To the north C. To the east D. To the west This city was Virginia’s first capital city. A. Williamsburg B. Jamestown C. Richmond D. Norfolk This city was Virginia’s third capital city. -A. Williamsburg -B. Jamestown -C. Richmond -D. Norfolk All of the following were reasons for the first move of the capital except: Drinking water wasn’t clean Dirty living conditions The ground wasn’t solid and at a low elevation People were farming tobacco

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