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By W. Verbrugge, MD certified Specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine Dir. I.R.O.M Foundation International Institute for Applied Research and Orthomolecular.

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1 By W. Verbrugge, MD certified Specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine Dir. I.R.O.M Foundation International Institute for Applied Research and Orthomolecular Medicine Member International Health Organisations: Alliance For Natural Health Dr. Rath Health Foundation HPCM – Health Professionals for Cellular Medicine Presentation ‘Killing you Softly’

2 I.R.O.M is formed out of a group of Orthomolecular practitioners with many years of experience. What we do: Medical and health related research, courses, workshops, lectures, educational presentations, TV-interviews and publications. Development of new treatment protocols, and private consultations. What I.R.O.M stands for

3 Your life You are at the point of learning about a number of important aspects which directly relate to your life. You are at the point of learning about a number of important aspects which directly relate to your life. To be able to enjoy life in optimum health we need to take special care of our body. To be able to enjoy life in optimum health we need to take special care of our body. Respect for the natural laws of life is of Respect for the natural laws of life is of utmost importance. utmost importance. This presentation explains one crucial aspect that is vital for reaching and maintaining optimum health. This presentation explains one crucial aspect that is vital for reaching and maintaining optimum health.

4 The reason for this presentation This presentation, as well as my column ‘Cellular medicine reviewed’ in the Dutch newspaper in Spain, is to provide you with the necessary information to help you make better choices for your health and well-being. Wim Verbrugge, Specialist orthomoleculaire geneeskunde Johannes Verbrugge, doctor from 1633-1682

5 Who, what, where are we, and what do we do? Who? We are human, formed and controlled by our DNA

6 What are we? A unique collection of biological cooperating parts

7 Where are we? We live on planet earth A wonderful place with many possibilities

8 What do we do? We live with the knowledge we have. The more we know about life conditions, the better we can live. Hippocrates Prof. L.Pauling Dr. M. Rath Prof. F. Muskiet Prof. S. Epstein

9 On a journey We start at the place where we are now

10 Water planet ‘earth’ Our planet exists for the most part out of water We have our life to thank because of this

11 Our drinking water originates out of these turbulent waves. How? Sea water converts to sweet water

12 Wind, storm, hurricanes Wind, and hurricanes, are the perfect transportation tool

13 Clouds contain sweet water Our floating water basins

14 No water = death

15 Water = life

16 Water = food

17  Is everything we eat healthy?  Do we really know what healthy food is?  We think that we know what healthy food is, but is it true?  Or do we sometimes unintentionally make huge mistakes?  The answer is, yes!  To begin with, we consume a lot of acidic foods  The result? What do you think?

18 Dangers of acidic foods ACID = AGEING = GOUT = OSTEOPOROSIS

19 A short review 1.The earth is a water planet 2.Wind and rain brings us sweet water 3.No water means death 4.Water is our primary nutritional source 5.Food is life 6.Acidic food is against life

20 How old do you think you are? We are as old as mankind, and even much older. We are as old as…

21 We are as old as our DNA You remember, the beautiful DNA ladder It contains our life code In fact we are our DNA Our DNA is old, very old That means something! Without DNA life can not exist Does our DNA demand something? As old as our DNA

22 What does our ‘old’ body demand from us?  Nutrients that are as old as our DNA  The most essential one is… water  Pure water!  Water exists out of molecules  2 water molecules and 1 oxygen molecule, H 2 0  These form clusters – all clusters combined = water  Ancient water (as old as our DNA) have clusters of approximately 5 to 8 molecules  This water fits perfectly in our body cells

23 Importance of small cluster-water  Pure water from small clusters is crucial for the metabolic processes of body cells  Cells can only eliminate waste products with this type of pure water  Not with water consisting out of a mixture of many (400!) harmful substances, which is the case with tap water and bottled water  In spite of drinking large amounts of this type of water our body cells suffer from dehydration  Our congested body cells are thereby not able to eliminate toxic waste products in our body

24 Huge clusters of water molecules saturate the chlorine and toxic molecules 2 Water molecules An Oxygen Molecule Toxins Chlorine

25 Pure water is therefore of outmost importance If our body cells demand proper hydration then If our body cells demand proper hydration then what about the hydration levels of our organs, muscles, bones, teeth, etc. This is explained in the following picture

26 How much water does our body contain?

27 Surprised?  The previous picture is for some an eye opener that our bodies are made up for the most part out of a lot of water.  Our brains are 85% water, our lungs 80%, our heart muscles 77%  To stay healthy, all our body parts continually demand pure, healthy, water.  Healthy water is ancient water, rich in minerals and made up of small clusters.  How did man obtain this water in pre-historic times?

28 Original ancient water, that fitted within our DNA flowed over rocks and ground and gathered an abundant amount of minerals with it Ancient water was rich in minerals


30 Tapwater Most water does not match with what our DNA demands from us WATERCOMPANY Cl= Chlorine

31 In some places in the world tap water is swimming pool water

32 That is why we buy… Bottled- water Oficially called PET- water

33 PET Water 1 PET- water does not contain Iodine, nor sufficient minerals Iodine is the building block of our thyroid gland hormones It is vital for growth, the development and maintenance of our nervous system, and… very important, the proper functioning of our metabolism

34 PET Water 2 Plastic bottles are made of thermoplasts. These are not-polymerised-monomers. This process is never 100% succesful. Therefore there is always a part of not- polymerised-monomers left over in the plastic. These are carcinogenic. This carcinogenic substance dissolves in the bottled water. The longer the water stays in the bottle the more of this carcinogenic substance is released. Is this all? Unfortunately not.

35 Minerals that used to be in our water Minerals that used to be in our water  SODIUM  CHLORINE  POTASSIUM  CALCIUM  PHOSPHORUS  MAGNESIUM  IRON  ZINC  IODINE What do we find in mineral water? Curious?

36 Mineral water? Sodium(none) Chlorine (None) Potassium(None) Calcium (Yes) Phosphorus(None) Magnesium(Yes) Iron(None) Zinc(None) () Iodine(None)

37 What do we learn from this?  That bottled water contains carcinogenic substances.  That bottled water, even though advertised as mineral water, contain very little or no minerals. It actually can be described as dead water.  It cannot be compared to the original ancient water that our body demands and utilizes. Does it get any worse? Is there a solution? On both questions the answer is: YES! One more thing about the plastic bottles…


39 Heidelberg: Uprecht-Karls University Prof. dr. William Shotyk: ‘The extreme dangerous carcinogenic substance called Antimonium has been found in practically all PET bottles in Europe. Antimonium is a metalloïd. It belongs in the group of heavy metals and is used in paints, rubber, ceramics, enamel, semiconductors, diodes, infrared detectors, hardener for lead in batteries, small arms, tracers, fire-resistant materials, fire coats, and… in PET-bottles. The United States and European authorities have declared Antimonium as a ‘Dangerous Substance’. The longer the water stays in the PET-bottles the more antimonium is released. Prof. dr. W. Shotyk

40 Health councIl in the netherlands (2-12-2012) To the State Secretary of Social Affairs and Employment Metallic chrome, antimony and antinome compounds are considered to be the cause of cancer in humans who get exposed to it during their work. The antimonium trioxide is ‘carcinogenic to the human race’ (category 2). prof. dr. L.J. Gunning-Schepers, President of the Health Council – The Netherlands

41 Hormones Our body produces a lot of different hormones. Very important for our life. As you know we have also sex hormones. The ladies a lot of oestrogen and the gentlemen a lot of testosteron. What do you think would happen if we get, without any warning, synthetic female sex hormes in our bodies? You can expect, male and female, hormonal problems. Is this what actually happens? Yes! every day you use PET-water.

42 Synthetic hormones Xeno oestrogens occupy the receptors BISFENOL A (BPA) BISFENOL A (BPA) Is released in the water. It is recognised as an ‘endorcrine disrupting chemical.’ It disrupts the hormonal balance and because of that it is damaging to our hormonal health.

43 Researchers Dr. M. Wagner and Dr. J. Oehlmann, found evidence of oestrogens in botteled water. They call it ‘a massive infection with powerful synthetic oestrogens released out of the plastic from the bottles’.

44 Conclusions of PET-water  It is factory water (osmosis water)  Contains no iodine  Contains little or no minerals  Contains carcinogenic not-polymerised- monomers  Contains the carcinogen antimonium  Contains powerful synthetic oestrogens

45 A few visible effects Gynecomastia Hirsutism Androgenic alopecie Thyroid Abnormality Infertility Diabetes Hormonal headaches

46 Are glass bottles the solution? Are glass bottles the solution? Water in glass contains more dangerous substances than tap water It contains only 33% less xeno-oestrogens than PET water So this is not the solution, but what is?

47 Are water filters the solution? Our foundation looked for the ideal water system

48 The solution! This system appeared to have extraordinary capabilities. It is more than a filter system, it is a medical appliance.

49 How it works in our body  Fresh melted glacier water, with its small clusters is very cel accessible.  Oxygen supply is needed in the body cell for energy production.  Lack of oxygen causes oxygen deficient conversion of carbohydrates.  Nobel Prize winner Prof. O.H. Warburg showed that replacement of oxygen supply to the cell causes cancer. It is confirmed by researchers from Universities of Jena and Potsdam.  Oxygen also gives a lot of free oxygen radicals, necessary for energy supply in the mitocondria (ATP).  Too many free radicals damage the cell, and also the DNA in the cell.

50 Oxidation Reduction Oxidation (Removal of electrons) Reduction (Assimilation of electrons) Electrons Antioxidant shield Oxidation Free radicals Cell core Mitochondrea Cell membrane Anti-oxidant shield

51 Biological food, minerals/vitamins reduce free electrons. To keep the cells healthy and to draw out the waste products in the cells, you need water with small clusters. Alkaline water is needed to neutralize the acidic waste products in the cells. To stop free radicals, an overload of electrons, or better said hydrogen atoms must be available. Reduction Reduction (Assimilation of electrons)

52 Now we encounter a special kind of water, reduced water With the help of electrolysis (the galvanic electricity flow to dissolved minerals) it is possible to naturally modify the water. Out of normal water anti-oxidant water is formed. Alkaline minerals are attracted to the –poles. (Cathodes) The acidic components get attracted to the +poles. (Anodes) The electric current separates the clusters and the molecules of the water. This creates alkaline water with an overbundance of electrons.

53 How antioxidative is this water, and how alkaline? The electrolysis process supplies a lot of electrons, in a physical measurable high Redox – (minus) value of approximately – (minus) 300 mV. Tap water approximately + (plus) 500 mV. The water that is filtered in the system gives anti- oxidative water, and has approximately 200 times more neutralised ions compared to tap water. The alkaline (pH=pondus hydrometric) and anti-oxidative water out of the system, has because of the exceptional high Redox value. (more then you can get out of a lot of oranges).

54 Are the results of drinking this water visible? Our electromagnetic field  Everything that lives has an electro magnetic field. So do we.  This is measurable with Kirlian photography.  Health gets visible by Kirlian photography.  Not healthy means a disrupted magnetic field.  The next pictures show that.

55 Left: disrupted electro- magnetic field Right: intact electro- magnetic field after drinking the water

56 Electro-magnetic field before drinking the water Recovered field after drinking the water Man, 45 years. Situation before drinking the water Spectacular improvement of the field after drinking the water

57 Everything that lives has an electromagnetic field Everything that lives has an electromagnetic field  The next slide shows a plant leaf  To the left a 'normal' leaf, to the right a healthy leaf  To the left a 'factory' mushroom and to the right a healthy one  Down below a healthy apple

58 The perfect energy solution is ancient water made up of small clusters, and containing strong anti-oxidant qualities ‘Unhealthy’ apples, steal from your energy, which may already be on the low side Leaf of a plantMushroom

59  Water is the most essential nutrient  Tapwater stands far apart from ancient water. It is adulterated and contains a lot of chlorine  PET water is dead water  PET water contains few or no minerals  PET water, is on various points carcinogenic  PET water contains unnatural hormones And... something new, PET-water damages Telomeres! What are these? They are our life clock. You live as long as the length of your telomeres.Review

60 Telomeres Our life is defined by the length of telomeres Telomere During our lives the telomeres get shorter. Our body has a system which slows down this process. This system is affected by... The end of the DNA string contains "little tails". Known as the telomeres

61 Telomeres are affected by  Unhealthy water  Food (acidification, additives, herbicides, pesticides, mineral deficiencies, synthetic hormones)  Illness  Medicines  Radiation, chemo, etc.

62 Solution  Do not drink PET water  Use tap water as ‘basic’ water  Use a superior water filter system  Do not use a osmosis water system, nor a cheap water filter system  Our medical advice is: choose the as best tested, medical system, with it’s unique health enhancing properties Which system is this?

63 To our opinion the best system on the market To our opinion the best system on the market It features: It features: * It produces water with 5 to 6 molecules of water per cluster * Harmful substances are eliminated * Delivers strong alkaline water * Features different types of pH value (pH to pH 9,5) * Delivers high numbers of antioxidants We highly recommend

64 ‘As medical professional I highly recommend this system’. Wim Verbrugge Wim Verbrugge Specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine Specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine

65 Interested in this unique water filter system? Please contact the representative: Luca C. Groenendyk E-mail:

66 I have tried to make this presentation as clear as possible, with many illustrations. To avoid any misunderstanding: I have no financial interest with the sales of pruducts from within and out of the foundation. I recommend this water, because it is highly necessary in our modern life to know which water we truly need. Wim Verbrugge Specialist in Orthomolecular Medicine Email: Skype: wimverbrugge

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