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Alpha Guidelines for New Joinees

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1 Alpha Guidelines for New Joinees

2 How to open Alpha Log on to click on Applications tab and select “Alpha”. See Fig . below. ( Note: It is advised to open the URL ( ) in Chrome instead of IE as IE as compatibility issues.

3 Form Filling Instructions
Once logged onto Alpha, click on the “Form” tab Form tab will show you 3 different types of employment and the forms to be filled therein. Based on the employment type of the new joinee, click on the appropriate link: Permanent Direct Contract Sub Contract/trainees

4 • For Permanent Employees (Joining – 10 forms, Statutory – 7 forms and Feedback forms – 5 forms)
• For Direct Contract Employees (3 forms) • For Sub Contract/Trainee (1 form)

5 Form filling for Permanent employees
Joining Forms Joining report Code of conduct Declaration Group Mediclaim Insurance PF Joint Declaration Felxi Pay Declaration Car fuel Sodexho pass application Income tax Declaration New Joinee IT orientation document DWM (Daily Work Management) Statutory Forms PF Nomination EPF & EPS PF form 11 Gratuity Fund Nomination Superannuation ( non participation) Full & final Settlement Nomination PF transfer Form 13 Click the first form for permanent employee fill it and then submit. You will see a “Thank you” note. Please click on the “next” button on the right side to go to the next form and follow the same steps until you have completed all the joining forms mentioned on left. Please follow the below steps to upload these forms: Download the form Save the form on your desktop Fill the form online Print the form and sign it manually and hand it over to your Location HR Also, upload the forms by clicking on “Submit Document” tab under the “Permanent” tab.

6 Form Filling instructions for Direct contract employee
There are 3 forms for Direct contract employees. Code of conduct declaration Non – Disclosure Agreement Group Mediclaim Insurance The forms needs to be filled online.

7 Form filling instructions for Sub contract/ Trainees
The form needs to be filled online Non – Disclosure Agreement

8 Contact Us Reach out zone has been shared under contact tab. This contains active IDs of all key people/Departments a new joinee may need to get in touch with in case of any query or ned.

9 Some important points:
Note: At the time of filling Statutory forms a message will be prompted: ‘This is a statutory form. After filling, take a print, sign it manually and submit it to your location HR’. Accordingly, post filling all the statutory forms the new joinee is suppose to take a print of the forms and submit them to location HR. Some important points: This is important to fill the Joining report and other related forms on the day of your joining When you start filling the forms you see a ‘Thank you’ note once you submit the form. You will see buttons on left and right take you to ‘Next’ or ‘Previous’ form. You can check your form filling status in ‘My Account’ tab on home page. If there is some incomplete information in any of your forms, the HR department will send you an pointing out the requirements and you have to fill it again. You will have to fill the required again at the earliest. Do not share your password with anybody Always logout properly after filling the forms.

10 QUIZ It will again ask you for the login ID & Password.

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