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Dynamic AI version 7 roadmap Carsten Sørensen CINTAC A/S

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2 Dynamic AI version 7 roadmap Carsten Sørensen CINTAC A/S

3 Current State Dynamic AI version 6 is stabile and relative effortless to operate DAI v6 still has a number of “vauw” / state-of-the-art features DAI v6 is capable of running small as well as enterprise level solutions DAI v6 delivers a basic “ok” interface on iOS

4 Version 6 limitations Different GUI on iOS and Desktops No content creation on tablets and phones Requires IE for creating fixed form layouts When integrating - IE8 meta-tag is required on IE9 “Flash” based maps Runs only 1 repository per site Requires “hacking” when changing features on e.g. charts and report presentation PDF solution is 3 rd party and expensive … mostly limitations that “we can live with” however not “outstanding!!”…

5 Version 7 goals All in one solution (use, create, admin - “studio and runtime”) All in one GUI (phone, tablet, desktop) consistent interface Improve developers ability to extend / overwrite Dynamic AI options, styling, methods Allow multi-repository solutions Eliminate required “sticky” server-side sessions HTML5 Ensure a platform to meet a number of specific requests e.g.: multi-line details, custom groupers, more intelligent / searchable / waterfall select combo’s etc.

6 iE8, 9, 10, FF, Chrome, iOS, Android Dynamic AI version 7 WIP preview

7 6 vs 7 Better separation of data, format and functionality Reduced server- round-trip’s Reduced frame use “online” functionality created client-side Easier to extend for developers Better user- experience on touch devices Client power vs. Server power shift

8 Version 7 compatibility Running “all” version 6 items A new “site” that can run side-by-side with version 6 (with a copy of migrated repository) Windows 2003/XP or newer IE8+, Chrome, FF, Safari on desktop clients Full featured on “Webkit” supported smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android (Chrome), BlackBerry..) and on Windows Phone. Will support running v6 TChart as PNG’s however will focus on HighChart/Stock charts Will support running v6 maps – but will include a new JS based solution for maps (final solution TBD) Includes PDF feature (final solution TBD)

9 v7 Dogma’s Own controls “left” side selects System dialogues are XML-js based The “phone” size is the lowest “target” – but shouldn’t make the GUI “clumsy” Elimination of server side session and application. “Everything” must be “undo”-able “Everything” must be a “script” of actions that can be recorded / re-played / re-used / stored for later use.

10 Data v7 architecture – online client Dynamic AI version 7 server ai7.css ai7.js ai7.xml ai7.htm repository Data Read only repository Read only repository Authentication, receive requests, response XML, html5, JSON, export formats Custom css Custom css Custom js Custom js Custom xml Custom xml Framework and functionality HTML, Ajax Data and structures HTML, Ajax Data and structures GUI

11 Framework and functionality GUI Authentication Static xml User xml Language js Styling css Gui functionality js

12 Let’s take a look at it…

13 Version 7.0 > New developers VB6 to C++ Allow IIS as well as Apache Long term eliminate dependency on Windows More freedom of choice and potentially a speed gain

14 When… Still some conceptual issues TBD Probably a “runtime” version late summer. C++ /ISAPI / Apache in parallel

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