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Lincoln, NE Cedar Rapids, IA Jenks, OK Wichita Falls, TX November 2010 SOCS User Group Meetings.

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1 Lincoln, NE Cedar Rapids, IA Jenks, OK Wichita Falls, TX November 2010 SOCS User Group Meetings

2 Welcome Name Affiliation How long with SOCS Expectation for Today

3 Enhancements New Templates Calendar Highlights EasyEdit ☺

4 SOCS User Definition Caching: The things people yell at their computers while waiting for their article to show up (sort of like cussing) Politically correct translation WHERE’S MY STUFF??! !####

5 New Templates  L-9 –More/bigger graphics –Visual impact –Calendar Highlights  Check these out! –Palmyra MOPalmyra MO –Indian Valley Voc CenterIndian Valley Voc Center  L-10 –One featured article –Cascading dropdowns –Calendar Highlights  Check these out! –Spring Valley, ILSpring Valley, IL –Central Plains, KSCentral Plains, KS –Elgin, NE ☺Elgin, NE ☺

6 What a Change!!!

7 Calendar Highlights  Several Views to Choose From –Month ViewMonth View –ListList –Week ViewWeek View ** Also available on L7 and L8 – Underwood, IA Underwood, IA –Allen-Bowden OKAllen-Bowden OK

8 Enhancements Batch Delete Articles BEFORE Batch Delete Articles AFTER BATCH DELETE REASSIGN ARTICLES/CORRESPONDENTS Until the following issues are addressed, the user cannot be deleted: Content Manager: User is the owner (editor) of one or more articles Content Manager: User has one or more assigned correspo ndents

9 And last……but not least EasyEdit Log in from your SOCS Home Page Search for an article or section you have access to create, edit, or delete Select the icons from the right-hand corner

10 Future Enhancements SOCS WIKI/NEW EDITOR Javascript WYSIWYG Editor NOT Java – no more waiting for it to load Browserfriendly - Mozilla, MSIE, FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome Video Streaming Text Messaging

11 1300 O Street

12 SOCS Classroom Tools Managing Your Teacher Pages Proper Set-up Access Privileges Teachers in Multiple Classrooms  Structuring Your Teacher Pages Consistent Look By Grade One-stop Shop

13 Teacher Site Examples Teacher Sites Examples Miss Fairall Mrs. Pierce Miss FairallMrs. Pierce Mr. PenningtonMs. Wilbanks Mr. PenningtonMs. Wilbanks Mrs. RowbothamMs. Brown Mrs. RowbothamMs. Brown Blogs Jacob Blum Mrs. T goes ‘bloggin And just a Little more bloggingLittle

14 WHY With SOCSlockers, teachers and students can easily store and share documents online in a central, secure location.

15 Show & Tell Show & Tell

16 Show and Tell Prepare for Changes Elgin, NE Lasara, TX Create Connections Hall of Fame Alumni and more Alumni Alumnimore Alumni Social Media

17 Show and Tell Address Important Issues Lisle, IL Farragut, IA Market Your Products Elgin, NE Bloomfield, NE

18 Show and Tell Share Information Podcasts Project Updates A Day in the Life And the video of the month is…. Manage Information Rumor Watch Questions to the Board Collect Information

19 Show and Tell  Employment Application Employment Application  PC Help Form PC Help Form

20 BEST PRACTICES School Home/Landing Pages Red Oak IA Clarke IA Separate School Identity Grand Island NW

21 BEST PRACTICES Organization Site Map Consistency Tables, frames Handling Consolidation Central Plains – USD112USD112 Prairie Hills – From USD 488 to 113488113

22 Developing a Site Map

23 Customizing Your Site Banners and Buttons and Mastheads….oh my! –KC StarrKC Starr –Lemont Bromberek, ILLemont Bromberek, –Fort BraggFort Bragg –Diamond MODiamond MO  Create Interest

24 More Questions for You Are you doing all the work? Do you know how much your site is accessed? And by whom?? Are you pushing information out? Are you inviting people in??

25 Join Us on Facebook A place to collaborate, share ideas, enhancements and general information You’ll find us at SOCS User Community

26 Discussion/Q & A ? SOCS 2-Day Conference ? Textcaster (text only) ? Questions for Us ? Suggestions for Us

27 Thanks for joining us… HOW DID WE DO??

28 DID YOU KNOW? You don’t have to know HTML to use SOCS --- but you can do more things if you do! Hello, my name is Joyce and I am HTML deficient ☺☺

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