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Staten Island, New York. SCORE Services for You 11,500 counselors nationwide Nearly 900 locations for counseling Email counseling through (

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1 Staten Island, New York

2 SCORE Services for You 11,500 counselors nationwide Nearly 900 locations for counseling Email counseling through ( - National ( - Staten Island, - US Small Business Administration HOMEHOME LEADERSHIP SCORE SERVICES RESOURCES LOOKING AHEADSERVICESRESOURCESLOOKING AHEAD

3 About SCORE Offer free and confidential advice for your business Experienced business owners and executives Experts who’ve seen both economic highs and lows Pros with expertise in professional disciplines SCORE business counselors are unpaid volunteers. HOMEHOME LEADERSHIP SCORE SERVICES RESOURCES LOOKING AHEADSERVICESRESOURCESLOOKING AHEAD

4 Locations For Business Help CHAMBER OF COMMERCE No Appointment Required. 130 Bay Street Staten Island, New York 10301 Wednesday 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Call 718 727-1221 ST. GEORGE LIBRARY Appointment Required 5 Central Ave. Staten Island, New York 10301 Saturday Morning 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon Call 718 442-8560. S.I. BANK & TRUST No Appointment Required Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 AM to 12:00 Noon 1550 Richmond Road Staten Island, New York 10304

5 SCORE SERVICES Business Counseling Business Plans Loans – Conventional & SBA Free Seminars & Workshops Marketing – Conventional & Internet Cyber Counseling Mentoring

6 Seminars and Workshops Learn to sell on ebay How to Prepare a Business Plan Marketing your Small Business Internet Marketing -Google Ad words and Adsense Writing a Grant Proposal Getting an SBA Loan Bringing a New Product to Market Buying a Franchise - Buying an Existing Business How to do Business with the Government Import/Export. 3

7 Presented by Milton Zlotnick Staten Island, New York SCORE476.ORG

8 Old Fashioned – 1950 Traveling Salesman Winning Traits Friendliness Knowledge of Product Establish Trust Solve Problems Educate Your Prospect Sense of Humor Not Afraid to Try

9 The Successful Blogger and Social Networker - 2010 The more things change the more they stay the same... Winning Traits Friendliness Knowledge of Product Establish Trust Solve Problems Educate Your Prospect Sense of Humor Not Afraid to Try Follow Me Tweetee

10 Storekeeper Waiting for a Customer Blogger Finding Customers

11 Why Bother with Social Media If someone offered to mention your business to 100 friends absolutely free of charge would you stop them? What if 100, 1,000 or even 10,000 customers and potential customers asked you to send them something of interest. Would you stop them?

12 New! Google Chrome now has extensions and bookmark sync extensions People Buy out of TRUST A friend of a friend…….

13 Where are the Advertsing $$$ Going ? $$


15 What is a Blog? It is a type of website Blog allows readers to post comments Easy to set up – could take less than 10 minutes Adding an article is like writing an e-mail. Easy to update – edit ADVICE First visit other blogs of mutual interest and study them before starting. Follow your passion – with the niche you love. A blog (a contraction of the term "web log}contraction

16 Why Should my Business Have a Blog? No Cost or small cost – Generates $$$ Adds to SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your Website – Fresh and Current Provides customer Feedback – Interactive Helps keeping up to date with consumer A blog is written in a personal voice You can have many Blogs for different niches Blogs are useful to interact to the Social Network It is your travelling salesman

17 Is Your Website Lost in Space?

18 Website or Blog or Both? Website Requires more expertise Need software/webmaster Takes more time & $$$ Have content that clients will refer back to frequently - Store More customizable – use HTML Blog Quick to start – Do it yourself Free and User Friendly Publish content yourself Must update very frequently and respond to readers Do only one at a time – Have BOTH

19 Making a Successful Blog Setting Goals Written Well – Don’t oversell Give value be SOCIAL Posting Frequently Important Interact and encourage comments – Learn how to handle comments Develop TRAFFIC – spread the word

20 Content is King Use a casual narrative voice Use “we” – “us” Focus on benefits to visitor Write in common, everyday language Get message across in less than 60 sec. Less is more 2 or 3 paragraphs per page Speak directly to the reader Video – YouTube perfect for Blog Short and to the point

21 Blog Survey of Internet Consultants Blogs increase SEO efforts. Key findings: 95% indicated blogs are used as part of their search engine optimization efforts. Blogging has successfully increased measurable SEO objectives by 85%

22 How can my Blog make money $$$ from Affiliate programs i.e $$$ from sale of e-books $$$ from sale of products or promote services $$$ Non Profit entities solicit contributions $$$ for advice – tutorials – provide content for others $$$ from Google Adsense – Ads Use PayPal as a choice – Buyer feels protected

23 Google gives a higher ranking for Blogger blogs because Google owns Blogger.

24 FREE http://yourname.com - $10 a Year Give careful thought choosing Internet Address (your URL)


26 Many to choose from – can change anytime you wish

27 The Blogger Template Designer makes it easy to customize the look and feel of your blog without knowing any HTML or CSS. Beautiful new templates to start from Custom blog layouts with one, two and three columns Hundreds of background images Customizable colors, fonts, and more... Learn more at CSS = CASCADING STYLE SHEETS

28 Dashboard To choose a new Template Click to enter Post Your Blog First attend to above Name of Blog is not your URL

29 Use Caps for Title and Use Key Words Click Publish My Advice Type first on your computer then copy and paste here. Make sure keywords are in your article Create a Hyperlink Add an Image or video – same link

30 You can always edit or delete a post

31 Takes you to the Dashorard

32 Readers Click to Post a Comment They can subscribe. Also (Feed) Phone Link Visitors subscribe to your blog - RSS. - stands for Really Simple Syndication RSS Alternative to Email Newsletters Not SPAM

33 Post a Comment Provides a Link



36 y?hl=en&answer=42448 You send a message - which can be a photo, some text, or both - to We take care of the rest. In other words, we auto- provision a new blog and publish the post. It's that simple. How to Post your Blog from a Mobile Phone

37 Dashboard


39 Become an Associate (Amazon's free affiliate marketing program), earn up to 15% in referrals advertising Amazon products.15% in referrals

40 New Blog Tool

41 Stay connected to the Associates Program by following us on Twitter and finding us on Facebook. following us on Twitter finding us on Facebook



44 Adwords - Adsense AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source of revenue ($21 billion in 2008). AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Adsense allows website owners to display Google ads on their websites, and receive money for any click- throughs the ads receive.

45 Adwords – Pay per Click Search Results based on Relevance and Page Rank The odds of your website or blog showing up

46 With Adsense you don’t choose your advertisers – but you get PPC

47 Link to Amazon Link to ebay ADDS IN ADDITION TO ADSENSE


49 NEW - You Have to Qualify To Use Google Adsense? They require web sites or blogs that have substantial content - that usually means sites that have been active for a few months, preferably about six, with dozens of original posts. Chat Sites – Will not Qualify Where the only Content is sale of products – will not qualify – Click farms.

50 You don’t have to use Google Adsense with your Blogger account to get Ads You can set up separate blogs focusing on separate products Have freedom to choose your own ads. Affilate programs –


52 A Blogger Should Play it Safe When necessary delete undesirable posts by others. See settings for solution. Do not post anything that could cause trouble later. (The boss may be looking) – (No trade secrets or stock tips) Don’t blog at work Don’t identify friends or family by name Don’t post information to invite identity theft Visit how to blog safely

53 Delete Comment Trash Can




57 Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme's HTML.theme


59 5 Steps to Increase your Google Page Rank. 1. Join forums – Social Media 2. Submit to search engine directories 3. Using newsletters – Constant Contact 4. Creating and publishing articles – Using Keyword focused articles 5. Links from related websites – backlinks.

60 Write an original article about something. Then submit the article to When your articles get picked up for reprints, you will often get a surge of traffic as your articles are introduced to their email list members or audience. EZINEARCTICLES.COM

61 Join Blogexplosion A Community of Bloggers Helps expand the number of people reading your Blog

62 List Your Blog in Blog Directories Add your blog link to the many free blog directories Directories build traffic as visitors click on directory links and find your blog. Many bloggers use the listings in the directories to find very related link exchange partners. To find a listing visit -

63 They submit your Blog to Blog directories. No. 1 Directory

64 Essentially, Technorati can index your blogsTechnorati Technorati enables people looking for your service to find you. Search a Blog – see all it’s posts and links. People who search Technorati are looking for good information – good tags bring you to top You are one giant step closer to getting a customer, client or subscriber.


66 Trackbacks You can automatically post a comment on another blog - some with their permission They reciprocate – you are now seen on other blogs and receive content for your blog Physical Therapy Trackback

67 After I a make a comment on their blog a link to my blog or website appears Trackback Permitted

68 Join a Group or Make a Group Select pictures, colors and styles to give your group its own distinct look.


70 Create an e-Book Offer Free ebook if client registers and subscribes to your blog. Opt-in. You could sell e-book at nominal price. My recent purchase - $7.00 45 page ebook Called “You Can Write Articles” e-books can be sold on Every e-book that's being sold via the internet is now in the form of PDF files (Portable Document Format) One of the best PDF writer or creator available in the internet is from CutePDF (

71 How can an ebook be used as a tool for viral marketing? Your niche is dog training. Offer a free ebook from your Web or Blog on Training dogs With a Clicker And you happen to sell clickers, your sales will probably go up... If the free ebook you give away on your site is good, informative, funny, or contains timely information, the public will pass that information along to their friends and family and thereby, generate a lot more traffic on your site.

72 The Easy Way To Convert Office Documents To You will need Adobe Acrobat Full Version and Word (or any Microsoft Office Application) installed on your machine.Adobe Acrobat After Acrobat is installed, it will embed itself to the Word Toolbar. Just open any Word document and click the PDF icon to create a PDF of the Word document you are viewing. One of the big advantages of creating PDF eBooks with Adobe Acrobat is that the hyperlinks will actually work.hyperlinks


74 Government publications are not copyrighted Covers any conceivable subject. You can copy word-for-word You can extract portions of the copy, express the ideas in your own words Add some of your own ideas and thoughts to enhance the subject and provide the reader with additional information.


76 Write to the Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009. Request to be placed on their mailing list to receive the "Consumer Information Catalog" which is issued periodically during each year. Also request to receive "Selected U.S. Government Publications" from: Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

77 Most Popular Topics “How to” Make Money *** Be Safe & Secure *** Have Fun & Enjoyment Save Money *** Eliminate Problems *** Find Out Where to Get Save Time & Effort *** Be Popular *** Something Beneficial Enjoy Comfort *** Do Things Better *** Something Useful Enjoy Health *** Gain Success




81 Types of Articles For your Blog How to Articles The Tips List – Articles News – Articles Personal Experiences Inspirational Interviews Historical Humorous Advice Reviews Personalities

82 Choose the article type that best suits your writing style The three 'types' that appear to be the most popular with online writers at the moment are: 1. The how-to 2. The tips list 3. Reviews If you are a beginner writer, it is recommended that you stick to one of those three type for your first few articles as they are the easiest to write.

83 The Ghost Speaks Some of the best ghostbloggers come out of the shadows to talk about how they work, what they charge and who their clients are. a website for business freelancers, demand for ghostwriters surged last year: They have a separate category for ghostwriters called Writing & Translation. You can also simply do an internet search--use the terms ghostblogger,




87 Excellent Blog for Fundraisers

88 Nonprofit Program Does your organization have a compelling story to tell? Do you want to connect with your supporters, volunteers, and donors but don't have the funds to launch expensive outreach campaigns? YouTube can help. Video is a powerful way to show your organization's impact and needs, and with a designated "Nonprofit" channel on YouTube, you can deliver your message to the world's largest online video community.

89 Posting a video opportunity on the YouTube Video Volunteers platform to find a skilled YouTube user to create a video for your cause.YouTube Video Volunteers platform

90 Social Media BLOGGER

91 The Successful Blogger and Social Networker The more things change the more they stay the same... Winning Traits Friendliness Knowledge of Product Establish Trust Solve Problems Educate Your Prospect Sense of Humor Not Afraid to Try Follow Me Tweetee

92 The Successful Blogger and Social Networker Viral Networking – Love in Cyberspace Follow Me Tweetee

93 Staten Island, New York

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