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V701 Series Venturi Seat Valve Notes:.

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1 V701 Series Venturi Seat Valve Notes:

2 V701 Series Size range: 1” – 16” ANSI Class 150 – 600
Class 1500 & 2500 also available Body Materials: CS, SS, CM End Connection: Flanged (retains seat ring) Trim 17-4PH and 316SS available Chrome-Iron for severe services As hard as tool steel, HRC 53 (min.)

3 V701 Design Designed for erosive services
Slurries: Alumina Bauxite Flashing services: power plants prior to anti-cavitation trims Expanded body reduces fluid velocity by 50% Large diameter stem and long guide engagement

4 Venturi Seat Flow over design
Venturi seat reduces outlet velocity as it enters downstream pipe or vessel. Often connected directly to vessel or sacrificial pipe. Reduced trim is standard Full may be available

5 V701 Bonnets 1” – 8” 10” – 16” Clamp bonnet Bolted bonnet Union nut
Pressure seal Holds plate for bonnet mount Bolted bonnet Integral actuator mounting pad 1” – 8” 10” – 16”

6 Actuator Selection Flow over and high seat load require stiff high thrust actuators. Perfect application for REXA Historically used Pnuematic pistons (Conoflow) Hydraulic pistons (Ortman) Rotomotor (Hammel Dahl) Some small units have used S/D

7 Rotomotor All pneumatic Heavy duty Gear driven Integral positioner
High thrust / torque Long stroke Once state of the art now long obsolete

8 Rotomotor Operation Pneumatic positioning system 4-way pilot valve
Reversible air driven motor Gear drive

9 Rotomotors on 14” V701 in Louisiana

10 Bayer Process To turn bauxite into alumina;
Grind the ore & mix it with lime and caustic soda Pump mix into high-pressure containers & heat The aluminum oxide is dissolved by the caustic soda, then precipitated out of this solution, washed, and heated to drive off water. What’s left is the white powder called alumina, which is transformed into aluminum metal in the smelting process.

11 Bauxite Processing Digestion Clarification Precipitation Calcincation

12 Voith Hydro Needle Valves, 8” – 16”
Bypass / start-up for Main control valve



15 Valtek - Survivor This is what Valtek does Optional PSZ ceramic trim
Unbalanced Flow over Piston Optional PSZ ceramic trim Fisher – 461 Caldera Eng.

16 Industrias Controlpro S.A. de C.V.
Blvd. Antonio L. Rodríguez No Desp. 404-B Plaza Delphi Col. Santa Maria, Monterrey Nuevo León C.P Teléfonos: (81) , (81) , (81)

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